Lloyd's Patty Plus

255 28 St SE, Calgary
(403) 207-4455

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Yyc foodie

Let be start off with the good stuff, the ox tail with rice and peas is tasty, very flavourful. It's as best as it's gonna get around that price range. I been eating jerk and oxtail for well over 20 years in Toronto. However, I ordered 1 lb of jerk chicken, it was so dry,it seem like it was 2 days out and been left outside. It probably wasn't but that was how dry it was. The only moist part of the chicken was the skin and a few dark meat. I threw away the white meat because it was too dry and beyond edible. Hopefully the owner see this and do something about it. You guys been operating for a very very long time.


What happened to the friendly staff?I have been coming here for years and loved going because the staff was so friendly and fun.Now all I get is sour faces and the product almost thrown at me. They act like they are doing me a favour serving me..I asked if the ownership changed and all I got was blank stares, no response.I gave them a five cause the Patty's are still excellent.Really sad!!!

Vladimir Tabelev

Their product is well priced and appetizing. I just wish they would stop having this constant attitude of indifference toward customers, and maybe pick up the pace a bit.


Always great service.Love the oxtail, pea and rice, patty with coco bread. They actually got me eating oxtail now that I didn't prior, it's that good.They also do half dozen of patties if you can't get a whole dozen.

Alexis Chang-Powless

I've been going here my whole life and they are consistently delicious. We usually order to-go patties (spicy beef is my favourite).

T Smith

The staff are so friendly! The beef patties are delicious if you like a soft filling. The jerk sauce is very tasty! The chicken just needs more seasoning.

Bi L

The service was sufficient for a take out place. We ordered the spicy chicken and spicy beef patty, and the patty crust was amazing! Flaky and not dry - it was just perfect. However, the consistency of the filling way too mashed/mushy. The beef had like a refried bean texture and didn’t really taste like much other than spicy. The chicken had a bit more flavour but it was still just alright. Unsure if we’ll come back for the patties, but I’d be interested to try some other items.

Mandy Patchin

I just heard about this place on Virgin Radio 98.5, because it's International Jamaica patty Day. They were delicious ? and the staff were very nice and even threw in some coconut bread Mmmmmm. So you're supposed to wrapp the coconut bread around the patty and eat it! Definitely recommend ?

Sarah Le

Always the best Jamaican Patties! Been here for years and never disappoints.

Paul Smith

No complaints about the food. Review about the customer service after they messed up my order. Won't be going back.


Friendly staff, and amazing food. Delicious patties (had spicy beef and spicy chicken), the oxtail was so good, fall off the bone ? and the curried goat is so tender with fantastic flavours. Definitely coming back often

Roger Walker

I enjoy going here for the freshly baked patties and jerk chicken.


Exceptional customer service from the lady at the front. Food is top notch and affordable as well.This is my #1 spot for Jamaican food.

Rahul Parakkat

Best Jamaican Patti's that I ever ate in Alberta. Service was also friendly and welcoming.

Brittney Edge (briae)

Staff was so kind and the food was amazing. 10/10 worth the trip! Thank you so much!

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