Boardwalk Fries Burger And shakes

11070 100 Ave #103, Grande Prairie
(780) 897-9197

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Alona Estacio

The food quality became worst. Good thing they refunded my food because the burger bun was so soggy I cant eat it. They packed the burger in the same take away box together with the hot fries. The burger is not even wrapped. Cashier that’s how they do it for combo with small fries. Hoping they can do something about the food quality.


Excellent service, friendly staff! The line moved very quickly and we were very happy with the quality of the food. Will definitely be back! Highly suggest the Chocolate shake!

Heather John

Definitely worth the hype. The chicken is incredibly cooked to perfection. The fries have the real potato taste and are perfectly salted. Their sauces are equally good


Our tables were sanitized before dining by a kind lady. The food arrived within 3 minutes and its taste was exceptional! Kudos to the cooks! It was my first time but will not be the last, will definitely come back!

J Ball

Milkshakes always amazing. Their food was a massive disappointment and caused me a large level of discomfort. The meat was dry.... very dry, ordered my burger with extra sauce and this burger was a desert. My poutine was slime 5 minutes after getting it. Milkshakes 10/10. Food MAYBE 2/10, and that's being generous. Will order Milkshakes again, never food. Have eaten here twice now, never again.

Angela Kincaid

This place is phenomenal. Quality burgers and amazing poutine and shakes. Wow every single time. The staff is also very kind and friendly. ??? 5 stars for sure ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Zeiss Tunke

Not half bad, good price, food is good. But of a construction zone right now. Wouldn't get the chicken burger again most likely. Anyone can make a beef patty good. Chicken breast was a bit dry, under seasoned and didn't get my gravy that I requested.

Raja Rastogi

I purchased their lunch special and received a burger w/ extra cheese, fries, and an Oreo milkshake, all for under 10 bucks. Their counter man was extremely cheerful and did an excellent job expediting my meal. Amazing food! Great value!

SanjAy Topo

We decided to give it a shot and really enjoyed it!So refreshing to be in a clean and tidy fast food joint! Really good shakes, decent burgers and yummy jalapeno cheese fires. It was on the pricey said though.

Sourav Kumar

The owner is extremely friendly and made us feel at home. my burger was one of the best burgers i’ve ever had. i just wished they had some where i live! I very highly recommended it.

Moth Stone

Super Impressed. The food was amazing. Best fries in the city. The milkshakes were SO GOOD. The place was spotless and the staff were so friendly and so patient. Definitely going back. Had a great experience.

Justin Hollingworth

Had the classic burger, fries, and a strawberry milkshake. Drive through took over 20 minutes for 2 cars and my burger was half raw. Tried calling the number on the website and on google and went right to voicemail. Hopefully I don’t get food poisoning. Won’t eat there again.

Shawna Goulding

Terrible. We ordered ahead and asked for the food to be ready for a specific time. When we came to pick it up the food was sitting on a counter. Everything was cold. The burgers had no taste and we’re definitely not fresh. I ordered yam fries at an extra charge and was given about 20 sad looking, limp yam fries. 45 dollars for cold tasteless burgers and soggy fries. We ended up just throwing most of it out. Definitely not worth it.

Anhel Leigh

One of the worst burgers I’ve had in a long time, it was a beyond burger but I’ve never had one so dry and loveless lol. And the onion was overkill, there was way too much it was the only thing I could taste. Fries were overdone and not good, my boyfriends chipotle burger was also dry. All in all, it was just not good. We had also waited quite a while despite there being no one else there. Would not recommend.

Sidney Quenneville

The best burgers in town by far. If you want to wait 2-3 minutes it's worth the wait in gold. Great staff and all round fantastic people. A must for anyone to try.

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