Peace River Brewing

10028 101 St, Peace River

Recent Reviews

Jeremy Thorp

Great baked pretzel and Boat Launch beer today. Always good food and atmosphere.

Melissa Alexandruk

Great beer, friendly staff, yummy fries.. place is busy busy so be patient! The staff do their absolute best to give you quick friendly service. My grandma goes often and they know her by name and what she likes to drink which she adores. It's always a must go when I'm in town visiting.

United Floors

Peace River Brewing has the most welcoming staff amazing food and a great variety of drinks. The best atmosphere, definitely worth checking out.

shelley fleming

I wasn't able to stay but I picked up 2 4packs and an amazing BBQ sauce. The girl helping me was enthusiastic and so helpful I wanted to get everything ? so far I have only tried the ipa which is delicious and I can't wait to work through the sampler!!

Carole Dziedzic

Bingo night! I WON 25% off my bill for both myself & my date! Fun place to visit friends, enjoy tasty finger food & unique brews AND STILL get home early!!! You've gotta try this place!

Jim Kerr

Peace River Brewing has amazing staff and amazing beer. Definitely worth checking out. Great atmosphere and the best brewery merch in the province, hands down!

Mike Googleguide

I went to this place with a fairly large group of people I was a designated driver I also do not drink and when I asked for tea or coffee was told they don't serve that jokingly asked for a Budweiser prohibition and the waitress was extremely rude I'm not even going to answer that, I realize this is a brewery but when you go as a group and you're trying to be responsible you should have more options than pop or kombucha for people who don't drink there was also people in the group who couldn't drink carbonated beverages yet you have nothing to offer other than water and pop, your product is good your location is nice the waitress was rude this place could be so much more.

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