Chilkoot Charlie's

2435 Spenard Rd, Anchorage
(907) 272-1010

Recent Reviews

Scott Agathluk

Your reading the reviews, I would show up and see for your self why koots makes everyone happy.

rory joey

Classic Alaska nightclub! Quaffable selection of drinks and foods. Recommend for sure. Three pool tables.

Amber Norlin

First time there. Danced , enjoyed ourselves until we went to the restroom then a women worker stood there with the women’s bathroom door open accompanied by other staff that insisted we leave. Completely unprovoked and no explanation. I’ve never been so singled out in my life. Garbage. I will never recommend to anyone ever.

Daniella A.

This place was very interesting. I spent 4 years of my life in Anchorage before visiting koots. I feel like Koots is somewhat of an institution to the town so I was definitely curious about the bar. I'm glad I went to check it out, but outside of going there for a show I don't see myself going back. Seriously gave me college bar/frat house basement party vibes. Considering I went to a Big 10 school in the middle of Illinois I'm very well versed in that type of establishment/vibe. It's not exactly the kind of place I want to go to as a 30 something year old. I went there for a burlesque show. Shout out to Pulse Dance Company! The show was amazing and tons of fun. The bar itself I don't think has had any updates since like maybe 1995, and that estimate is probably generous. This bar was probably the place to be when it first opened, but now it's kind of just tired and sad. It could probably be better if they took the time & money to renovate it, but they don't really have an incentive since people go there regardless. Koot's kind of just exists, but considering Anchorage is the biggest metropolitan area Alaska has it's a confusing type of establishment to find here. If you're looking to party though it seems to be the spot!

Brian Baldonado

Checks all the boxes of a good dive bar and they have a Russian memorabilia room upstairs that is almost impossible to find. Also the brassiere room....

Michael Brewer

Just had a drink during the day. Very unique place, four stages and seven bars. Only one bar was open. Needed to be cleaned up and was very cluttered in spots.Looked as though it had seen it's better days. Fun place to visit though.

Adamo Stivala

One of the more interesting places to visit in anchorage, essentially a museum/ time capsule. Probably a fire hazard too. But worth going in for at least a drink just to walk around and see all the interesting rooms and history.

Aaron Polasky

Chilkoot Charlie’s is an Anchorage institution and is a must visit place! I’m a local Alaskan and after my first visit there the other night I’m happy to say that it stands up to its reputation. Great history, wonderful staff, affordable, and lots of fun things to do!

Colin Hodge

I don't even live in the state and this is honestly my favorite dive bar anywhere. I always try to come here when I'm in Anchorage. It's huge, weird, has a fun history, and has really cool staff.

Cher'i Smith-Berg

great place for live bands, comedy shows and private parties bartenders are awesome!

Juan Jose Saldarriaga Ramirez

Muy buen ambiente personal exelente ambiente de maravilla ni que decir totalmente recomendable

Alex F.

Kurt and Becca made sure that I was not allowed back inside the establishment after I had been encouraged cocaine and molly by Darron, who way running the event aggressively encouraged the use of Schedule 1 drugs. This is an unsafe bar.

Brandon C.

The place is a great dive bar but the my dad and I ended up getting drugged with fentanyl in our beer from being an out of towner I'm assuming. After finding out the bartender did help us get to safety in a Lyft to our hotel without being robbed or worse.

Dale Okpik

What an awesome place to meet with friends, see live entertainment and have a few drinks to celebrate the night away. Great establishment, great staff and always welcoming.

Suzanne LaBelle

The best bartenders, security, and the place full of all nice people. Koots is probably by far the most amazing place I've been too since I turned 21 lol. Forget about all the other bars in Anchorage. You can't turn down good live music, DJ's, karaoke nights, comedy shows at any other bars in Anchorage. Definitely my place to be if I wanna go out...and the drinks are actually good.

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