MISO Japanese sushi & bar

1111E E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage
(907) 344-0980

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chris whiskers

Pretty great sushi! Dine in is always a threat, nice staff and good zen. Ordering out? sometimes a hit or miss, sometimes forgetful to put all items ordered in the bag. (could be an order receipt issue from the 3rd party ordering company, during one order noticed only one of the drinks we ordered was marked on the receipt when the online list showed 2 drinks. Then another order had two bento's, where one was missing from the bag, yet the Receipt said 2 bento's.)


Had a great first visit. The 907 roll was incredible! I think this place is a strong contender for top sushi restaurant in Anchorage.

Anna Howell

Service was good, even though she was the only waitress with a restaurant full of people she still was very attentive. Bless her heart, I wish she had gotten more help.But… probably some of the worst sushi I’ve had in Anchorage so far. I ordered the Alligator roll. I thought I was crazy and even had my husband try a bite and it ruined his appetite as well. Not fresh at all, the “soft shell” crab that was inside was more like hard shelled and gray in color. It felt I was chewing on a shrimp tail, I had to keep spitting out pieces of shell. Overall taste was so unappetizing. I was scared to get food poisoning as I’m pregnant. Probably won’t be back ☹️

Elyzabeth Marie

absolutely phenomenal! recommend 100%


Everything is delicious! I recommend Baked mussels, Beef yakisobe, and Garlic Edaname. It’s so good!!! I’ve ordered dinner three times via Uber so far since I’mStaying at a Hotel. Prices are reasonable compared to Sushi Ya! I paid $94.00 for just 4 mimosa drinks and a roll! At miso I paid 56.00 for miso soup, beef yakisobe, garlic edaname, and a roll. 12 stars!!!! My favourite new sushi place!!!!

milo eakins

Very delicious! Gyoza, spider, and rock and roll are the ones I got.

Cha Eunhae

I visited here for the first time and absolutely horrible, first as soon as entered the restaurant no one greeted and they made clear eye contact because sushi bar is right front of entrance door, second they just pointed and said any table and there were only few with clean table. Third, the waitress didn’t even look write down the order and never came to check on us. I clearly stated as starter i want this from appetizer didn’t get it until i finish my food then i had to ask but still waitress never came back for apology nor share me the status but passed my table multiple times. However she stopped by other table to see how is food. The food wasn’t great either. I was hungry so ate it and you know the feeling you get full after you eat food because you hungry not you had good meal and satisfied i had the same feeling. Don’t be fool by 4.5 review which i am not agreeing with at all

Robert Gransbury

Real sushi. Say at the counter, the sushi chefs were amiable and carried on good conversation while they efficiently did their work.

Jane Lee

The last few times I’ve been here it’s been pretty great, while previously it was hit or miss. They forgot to bring something we ordered but our food was great and tasted fresh, tempura was still warm. Not sure why they included wasabi and ginger with the sakedon but we just took it off. The amount of fish wasn’t tiny so we were pleasantly surprised, I’ll order from here again. ✌︎

Forty Niner

Came here today for my birthday. It is the worst sushi I have ever had. Nothing like the normal sushi restaurants in town. Old ingredients, gross sauces, small portions, and presentation was unappetizing. Yikes- never again.

Jennifer Flores

Only one other sushi place I recommend in anchorage other than this place. Back to Miso sushi I love this place it's pretty expensive but man not disappointed at all. I can't wait to go back.

Gabriel Broida

Good quality, great service. Love Miso Sushi.

Jacqueline Schell

Love this restaurant dine in or carry out, it is always excellent. Wonderful staff and delicious food, constantly. It’s a family favorite

Elise Veatch

waitress served us very well and friendly communication access with us ! foods so good ! enjoy our time peace ? rate 4.0 will come back soon for take daughter birthday !! ????

Elise Parker-Veatch

waitress served us very well and friendly communication access with us ! foods so good ! enjoy our time peace

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