Phở Lena

137 W 5th Ave, Anchorage
(907) 276-7746

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Tim Hennick

Stopped her for a quick bowl of pho for a Tuesday (usually pho is very fast because the way its cooked) came in at exactly 12:03 pm and didn’t get my pho until 12:48 with only 4-5 people in restaurant I almost walked out not only cause the wait, but the Terrible Jesus music that repeats itself over and over again!! Pho was extremely salty and not authentic broth it was definitely from a spice packet BS from an Asian market. Dirty table, other tables that came In 15 minutes after me got served before me. Nope never again yuck.

Rebecca Martz

We absolutely loved this place. Small and unassuming with great food. The Mee Kah The was warm and flavorful and a great medium spicy, the yellow curry was good, the Brisket Pho was awesome (even as a leftover) and the potstickers were nice and crunchy. We'll be back next time we're in the area for sure.

Fraya Montoya

Enjoyed every bite! The spicy noodles were delicious. Compliments to the chefs & shoutout to our server who was running the floor by herself. Thank you for good service.

Pam Koepf

Great little pop up restaurant for dinners. I believe it's a deli by days but they are trying out having a restaurant for dinner. Food was creative and delicious. It was not crowded although it should have been based on the food quality. Try it out!


Very tasty, big portions and kind waiter!

K K.

Really good curry and vegetarian choices. I ordered spicy and it was delicious. The only downside was there was a christian radio station blaring. Besides being not being considerate of those who don't want to be preached to at lunch, it made it difficult to have a conversation over the noise.

Terry M.

I have dined in and out from Pho Lena Downtown and the service is the best. Kimye is great and she takes care of all her customers, I have had several different dishes and they were all delicious. Service is fast and Kimye remembers her customers. She is very personable and exciting to talk with. I will continue to dine at this location. If you haven't tried it you need to, you are seriously missing out.

Miriam Cirne

The pad Thai was delicious! Our waitress was also very attentive and lovely.

Shayenne T.

I ordered the drunken noodles, I was pleasantly surprised. The boba ruined my smoothie. It was dense and hard (not chewy) and tasted like nothing. My disappointment is immeasurable day is ruined.

Kimberly G.

I ordered the Panang Curry with added chicken. The texture is watery and the only thing in the Panang curry dish was bell peppers. If I didn't order chicken I would've been so upset. I don't think I'll ever order from here again!! Disappointing

thomas lee

Had the pad pak, man was this ever delicious. Definitely recommend.

Grace P.

Don't order doordash here. I was waiting for over an hour in the restaurant for them to finish a small order before I could even start delivering it


Came in to order Boba smoothie mango and coconut was delish price was too steep for not even having whip cream as the topping like it shows... ?

Mike P.

Ordered duck platter for wife yellow curry seafood for my self eggs rolls and pot stickers will say arrived packaged well but that was it! Egg rolls hard over cooked my curry had one piece of potato one shrimp no carrots and shredded I believe imatation crab and looked like yellow dish water. My wife's duck platter had 4 pieces over so much rice I could have feed 4 people her pot stickers where unateble won't ever order from them again

Manda Panda

Good food and great service!

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