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Eli Brooks

Always messing up to go orders. Today gave us the completely wrong food. Had to go back. Meanwhile left our order just sitting out getting cold. Then have to go back a 3rd time due to not receiving my broth. Then they want to charge me for broth that clearly states on the menu it comes with my meal. Meanwhile my lunch is officially sitting out getting cold for a hour. In order to properly cook the meat for pho the broth needs to be hot. So basically couldn't heat up our meat, our rice entree that clearly comes with broth they want to charge you for it. Ridiculous. Won't be back.

Jamie V

I called to place an order for pickup and was told it's going to take an hour. (I totally understand since it's Friday night, dinner)I said, politely, "oh okay, we'll just order next time thank --- "The man who answered the phone didn't let me finished and just hang up. ? Both my boyfriend and I were surprised.**Told couple friends about what happened, and one said "they didn't even let me order, and just said "we're busy" YIKES.

Cody Peck

Let me tell you this place earned it. After a not receiving a good experience the first visit. Tony the owner made it his mission to make sure that didn't happen again. This locally owned business goes out of there way to make sure every customer has the best visit possible. Great food over all, oxtail is amazing and so is the egg rolls and rare steak pho as well. I would recommend this to anyone locally or here just for a visit. Put it on your list to stop by.

Matt Waychoff

This was one of my family's more popular spots to go to for a while. Then one time I picked up some pho to go and when I got home and started eating I found something extremely hard and chewy. When I pulled the object out of my mouth, it was the ring part of the rubber glove that wraps around the wrist. I was disgusted! I threw all of our food away and vowed that we would never go there again.

Lolo Moses

Excellent tender beef stew. And great price $9


This place is usually busy and one of the more popular pho restaurants. The popularity is probably due to how they have successfully made it a modern & trendy place to dine.The menu is short and concise, which makes it easy to decide on what to get. Other pho places have 50+ items on their menus.Flavors are pretty mild and good for people who are new to Vietnamese cuisine. They appear to have a successful business model but what matters most is the flavor.The pho broth tastes watered down. It is pretty clear. Adding condiments & garnishes is a must or your will have a bland bowl of noodles. Speaking of condiments... there are not a lot to choose from. Maybe it is due to covid that they just don't want to provide all the additional condiments that just about every other pho shop provides? Less surfaces to touch, less germs? Where is the fish sauce When? The sugar to balance with the lime? When you do ask for certain traditional condiments the servers seem surprised but usually friendly & accommodating.What they seem to do best is the banh mi. There are different types of meats to choose from. You can add and egg & Wasabi mayo to spice it up. The veggies are great. The meat is flavorful. The bun is the perfect texture. I've had banh mi that has been too crunchy & the roof of my mouth has been cut up from eating them. They do a very good job with this. The bread, meat, veggie ratio is spot on. What is missing is that it would be nice to get a traditional banh mi with head cheese.

Dr. Julia Kroener

Everything on their menu is really delicious. Love the broth of their pho!

Evelyn Blandino (DesertButterfly)

We have eaten here many times. The soup is always phenomenal! Now that they've opened up for dine in I look forward to date nights galore. On top of serving incredible soup, they have an amazing lychee Jasmine ice tea that I could live on for life.

Ryan Chow

Pho is quality and you get a lot of it. Nice modern environment and friendly staff. Pricing is pretty fair, I'd recommend it over most other options.

Breanna Broiles

I was most excited to try the varied spring rolls but honestly the rare steak pho is where this restaurant really shines. That's the best I've had in a long while. Wholesome, buttery cuts of steak, and a nice tang from the veggies.

Lee wally

Great food except the service was super slow. Just don't be starving and go to the place. Even a beer we ordered was forgotten and some people who were behind us got their food first.

Diana Bavilla

was good food and i enjoyed every bit of the food that we ate.

Tallblackchick 1984

Loved it. Best pho I've had in a long time. Oxtail was tender. Noodles perfect. This place gets packed fast. But you can get on the waiting list before you head out the house and you will not wait too long.

Shae Williams

This food amazing new to me, and freshest I have ever had and thank you for the most caring servers and making us all laugh, I recommend everyone to give this place a try for the beer sake shots. That was an amazing experience.

Jason C.

Place is hands down delicious. If you want good phó please come here. I'm not saying this light heartily. I rarely enjoy phó and prefer ramen, but their beef broth is way too good. I wish this placed served boba inside, instead of going to the bakery two doors down, but oh well.

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PHOnatik Vietnamese Cuisine & Lounge

901 E Dimond Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99515
(907) 336-8880