Sparta Pizza

1005 E Dimond Blvd #4, Anchorage
(907) 561-6000

Recent Reviews

Melissa Rappleye

We used to love Spartan pizza. We just moved back to Anchorage and went to order tonight. We couldn't believe their prices and how expensive they were. Several small pizzas were between $17-$24... for a small! I don't know if they are still good, but they are not that good. It was going to cost us $50 to buy two small pizzas for our family. We didn't and went with another place.

Liberty Nunez

I called 1 & half hours after ordering because Food was never delivered. when I called the person that answered said that the food was never made and kind of laughed about it, this is not the first time ordering, but because I'm not sure if they'd retaliate and do something to my food, I wont order again and we ordered often from Sparta. Food is actually good there, maybe going in would be good, it maybe harder to miss making an order?

Nicolas Caudell

I have been a repeat customer of Sparta Pizza of over the years, but I don’t know if I can support them after this. I placed an order online for a pizza and it said it would arrive by 8:00pm. By 8:15pm, the pizza did not arrive. I called and asked what was going on and the nice lady at the front said they did not see my order come through and no food was prepared. ?Not sure if I trust these guys enough to place another order with them.

Robin Scott Segovia

delicious food, easy online ordering and customizing, fast friendly delivery. the delivery people are super friendly.

Max Power

Want that good this time, but maybe was my choice of items. Their chefs mistake is awesome (not what I got this time).

Steve Padrick

Called to order a pizza. Was told to order online and get a discount. Did that. 2 hours and 15 min later still no pizza. Called again. “Oh we see it but nobody wrote the order up” in a cheerful voice with no apology. Now I get to hassle through a credit for my card. And skip dinner. Very disappointed.

Jake Tyner

Great pizza, plain and simple the best pizza you can get in Anchorage. Not that extra fancy pizza, this is real pizza. Moosestooth gets all the praise for the best pizza in AK, but Sparta is better.

Chantel Shouse

Delivery is fast and good is great. Chicken strips are best in town.

Megan Main

I love there chicken Caesar salad. I get it with extra chicken and extra dressing it is so good I recommended I give it a 10.

Patrick D. Foster

paying attention to online orders. waited hour and a half. called. said they never processed the order. family meal. had to cook afterall. used to be a good customer.

Georgene Sink

The tables are clean but the people are not. It was only after I ordered my pizza (with no other customers around) inside the tiny eatery that I realized no employees were wearing facemasks while working elbow to elbow, despite emergency conditions at local hospitals. Then a bunch of customers, all maskless, crowded in, and the attendant ignored me when I asked her to help me get out the door with my bundle without having to pass within one foot of them (I am obviously 70 years old). All this for a pizza that was mediocre at best. Will never return!

Cassie A

Best pizza in town. I have never like pineapple on my pizza, but this place changed my mind! I've tried most of their food and have never been disappointed.

Bruce Kempen

Awesome philly cheese steak. The spaghetti sauce was way too watery, nothing stuck to the pasta.

Rob Moriarty

I have had nothing but excellent pizza and friendly service from Sparta. Thanks for always being awesome!

Sarah Jaramillo

It's really good food but they like to wait to see if you have an order in the same area... So it'll take about an hour and a half to two hours to get the food and that's just outrageous especially being only 9 minutes away from me it's even worse if you call an hour and a half before closing time because they will literally wait untill closing time to deliver your food.

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