Suite 100 Restaurant Bar & Lounge

1000 E Dimond Blvd #100, Anchorage
(907) 341-1000

Recent Reviews

Joe Giancoli

great service and good food

Kaitlin Marie

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! Amazing staff!! Amazing owner!! Amazing food!! Amazing drinks!!! Amazing atmosphere!!!

Jarad Meek

First time back in a while. Top notch

Ch Ris

Beautiful presentation on the plate.. Food was fenomenale service wasn't the best. The server recommended ribs?? wow BBQ ribs not what I had come there for

Meysio S.

Nice place, love the lighting but food was ok. Came here for our dinner date and was let down a little. We were seated quickly but I think they could've taken a few more minutes to put some silverware and flowers (it was on everyone else's table except ours) before grabbing us. (I wanted to feel special too ) Let's start with the appetizers, we ordered Baked oysters instead of raw and the Korean Nachos. I wouldn't recommend getting the oysters baked since the bacon and veggies was a little over powering...I love bacon but it was a bit much. But if you try it, squeeze a lot of lemon on it haha made it so much better. The Nachos?!!!! Omg that was delicious, the wonton didn't crack or break like I thought it would and flavor was on point!! 5 stars on that! For our Entrees, I ordered the prime rib and Thee hubby ordered the Ravioli. The Prime rib was super moist but def needed to be eaten with A1 sauce, not flavorful at all. Also the veggies needed to be steamed a bit more and seasoned?? Something...I would say it was giving off diner food vibes. The ravioli was really disappointing unfortunately, no flavor and sauce was a bit runny, I had better from a Microwaveable. Overall it was a good night just because we enjoyed our time together and the service. I'm giving them 3 stars for the service, the Nachos and drinks but I wouldn't go back.

Maranna Horn

Great food. Service was slow..but it was packed on a Saturday night, so understandable.

Matthew Matta

Chicken noki was borderline rancid. Sangria was watered down house cab. NY steak was tough. But.....Service was excellent.Wet there for my 53rd birthday, with so many restaurants (Haute Quarter Grill), we will probably never be back. Sorry.

Kennedy A.

Dinner here is always wonderful! Staff is super fun and friendly. We got drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert! Their mushroom appetizer is truly scrumptious and their seasonal berry dessert is a must!

Maggie Garritson

Great service and excellent food!


Suite 100 with friends was a very pleasant experience. The atmosphere was decent. The food was delicious. The dinner salad was fresh and crisp, personally I enjoy a little extra dressing, but knowing that I had more glorious food and flavors on the way, I was fine with taking only a few bites. My filet mignon was exquisite, exceptionally tender and juicy, exactly what I’d want or expect when ordering it, the mushroom risotto was right up my ally, flavorful and cooked perfectly. The steamed vegetables where right on. I tasted my husbands prime rib and it was also cooked perfectly, it had grated horseradish sprinkled on top. Personally I prefer some creamy horseradish mixed with extra hot to dip in the au Ju but to be fair, we didn’t even ask them if they had any. I also tasted my friends lamb, and although I’ve never been much of a lamb person, it was delicious and cooked beautifully, nice and tender melt in your mouth with a nice BBQ glaze , not gamy at all. I was sold! Although I’m not a “salad for dinner type person , I tasted the dressing for the steak salad and it was delicious as well. We shared a few desserts, the crisp, the chocolate pie, and the creme brûlée, I’ll defenatly stick to the creme brûlée! It was so smooth and perfect! The old fashions were spot on, which is unusual for a restaurant to actually put together a nice sophisticated old fashion for you ! It was a delightful experience and I will be back, I’m in the process of trying to figure out when… as we speak ! AA++

Teresa Boddy

Everything was delicious

Rose Brady

Great food and cocktails!

David Partridge

Suite 100 was highly recommended by a local so we were looking forward to it. Elegant layout, decent crowd for a weekday dinner. Their Signature Drink menu is extensive and the one I tried was delicious.However on the food, not as good. They were out of the dish we both wanted to try. I got scallops and shrimp and my friend had the prime rib. My seafood was bland and us coming from California, not up to par. My friend's prime rib was tough, not sure how you do that. They grudgingly comped my friend a $6 drink for his meal...

Michelle Crane

Great atmosphere and service! The bread is amazing and the desserts… UGH SO GOOD

Richard Dickawicz

Very elegant atmosphere. Food was awesome. Very crowded. Waited a while. But well worth it.

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