A&W Restaurant

3428 Airport Way, Fairbanks
(907) 452-1010

Recent Reviews

Davin Harryman

I arrived that the kfc/A&W at 8:50 pm after seeing on google that they closed at 10pm I tried to go inside the lobby and it was already locked up. Then I pulled around to the first menu display and decided to move up to the order kiosk and look at the more detailed menu. It was pushing 8:58 pm at this point. The nice young lady came over the monitor to politely take my order, I informed her that we needed a minute to decide on what we were going to get and she of course told me to order when I was ready. Abruptly after she went off the monitor a male came over the monitor and very firmly told me “WE CLOSE IN 2 MINUTES SIR” I have never had an experience like this at any fast food restaurant and after working fast food for 2 years I’m honestly appalled at the disrespect and rush that was thrown at me. I then drove away and called the store. Another man answered the phone and I asked if there is any way I can contact the store owner. I was then faced with even more disrespect and told that he was NOT going to give me any kind of contact information. I asked if the owner comes into the store at all and he said that they should be in tomorrow but he’s not sure when. I’m disgusted with the service at this restaurant and I sincerely hope that this isn’t a daily occurrence


This A&W doesn't even offer root beer in the glass Mug, the best thing about A&W. Burgers are sub-par to say the least, cheeseburger had nothing on it except an excessive amount of ketchup and mustard.

Alice Sweet

Been there a couple times for the KFC side and the service isn't the greatest but the chicken was okay. Tonight I went there for a burger and asked what sauces came on it and was told, in a tone that implied I was stupid, that there was ketchup, mustard, and pickles. When I got the burger there was also mayo which was what I was trying to avoid. The drink that came with it was filled completely with ice and very little drink so not worth the added charge. For how long it took for them to give me my order I wish it had been better.

Desirey Martinez-Tiller

Good experience food was hot, also connected to a KFC

Geoffrey Eble

It was fine. I Iove A&W Root Beer so there's that. With creamy shakes and of course, root beer floats. But it's also a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, not just A&W.

James Clyde

Although the A&Ws in Canada offer more variety this combination with KFC still provides great tasting food

Kim Garcia

It's a little pricey but the deep fried cheese is to die for....


I've been to this location multiple times since I have moved here and the quality has always been on point. I'd say it's definitely one of the best, if not the best fast food restaurants in Fairbanks.

Trademark Lady

Gene was super professional! The food came out hot and fresh!! Will be back!


I've been to this location multiple times since I have moved here and the quality has always been on point. I'd say it's definitely one of the best, if not the best fast food restaurants in Fairbanks.

Jacob Clinton

Wonderful associates helped a southerner out great and made the experience well beyond a great fast food joint in south Mississippi. Whoever was work the drive thru and kitchen that night truly deserves recognition. Great experience and great meal!

Ibrahim Makina

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Arturo Vasquez

Absolutely horrible service and no care taken when packaging food. I ordered fries and got onion rings after sitting in the drive thru for 17 minutes. My burger was improperly wrapped and the wrapper had a hole in it and lettuce/sauce leaked out as soon as I picked it up. I will never go back and will implore my friends/family to choose alternatives for our outings in the future.

Carl Erhart

One of my favorite places

Normal Nienah

Fast service, never seem to be too busy. Visited 2 times both I had to circle back around due to to a mishap. Was greeted nicely and issues were fixed promptly.

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