492 Merhar Ave, Fairbanks
(907) 328-2263

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Damian Norwest

This Arby's was quick and to the point ! I ordered, I paid, I got my food. The cashier was friendly and did her job. The food was good and hot !

Joyce DeCarufel

I ordered 3 piece chicken strips they were hard and over cooked. The fries were fine, bad experience....hubby had chicken nuggets and fries they were okay.Definatly not as good as when they first opened.

Roman Watson

I'm still sitting in the drive through that's how slow the service is. 20+ mins.

Danielle Lynn

I have always not liked arby’s but I must say, pretty good food! I’m giving 5 stars because yes, the drive-thru is a long wait, and yes there’s not a lot of people working there but please keep this in mind and be kind. They are very very short staffed from the looks of it. Lots of reviews stating how customer service is rude and wait time is long. They’re pretty stretched thin. JR at the front counter did amazing despite being bombarded by a flood of people asking him questions left and right and running food and handling the register. If I had customers telling me all day about things I couldn’t control I’d get pretty upset myself and wouldn’t have that get up and go customer service attitude. Kindness goes a long way and they all deserve it. No one deserves the rudeness they experience, it’s appalling. Good job guys!!! Keep it up!!

Juan Cabaleiro Jr

Spent 20 minutes in drive thruAnd they tell me we do not have anything on the menu and we cannot close or we get fired.Wow, I wasted my time in drive through

Mead, Clara

Thank you Sarah for the heads up. With that kind of actions, like the hang-up calls, just not willing to pay for it. Even gro store deli can beat it.

Caleb Hayen

Food is good, but very poor customer service. The one on the other side of town is better

Juan Rivera

Trash customer service. I got a wonderful a beautiful autistic kid and he just eat cheesebreadsticks from PH. They don't let us eat there because we bring the inside the restaurant they preferred to lose a customer who maybe gonna expense $50-$60 just because of that. Don't know nothing about customer service, very rude and no empathy at all.

Madyline Walker

The customer service here is an absolute joke. Why was it necessary for the girl to tell me to have a nice day and when I say “you too” cheerfully, she laughs at me? Literally no reason, comes off rude. Someone needs a little better customer service training (:

francis simms

Pretty good fries and amazing customer service will come again

Sarah Cottrell

I never write reviews and I wish this was a joke, But my husband went to Arby’s over by Walmart this evening. let me tell you how rude the customer service was from the get-go. my husband ordered me a beef and cheddar sandwich add mayo onion lettuce when when we got home to my surprise I’ve noticed there was no meat or cheese on the sandwich at all … I felt like I was being punked. So my husband and I decided to call and the manager was so rude and said we can come back in and pay for a new order but they would not be replacing our sandwich or giving us a refund after spending 56 dollars there. And hung up on us twice this completely unprofessional and Rude towards us asking for them to fix there mistake, I will never be eating at this arbys location again. So just Bewear before going to this location here in Fairbanks . HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE AND the owners will be contacted

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