C&J's Drive In

2233 S Cushman St, Fairbanks
(907) 456-6869

Recent Reviews

Christopher S

A throw back to a simpler time. Food is simple, reliable and easy to eat. A perfect treat for yourself or the whole family. Build your burger however you want with their new hand pressed patties or pick from any one of their tasty single or double quarter pounder burgers.Service is always fast and the food is by far the fastest I've ever had in Fairbanks to get to my table. Rival only by the drive thru, which they also have if you're picking up.A certain go-to for those looking for a fast sit down, or quick take-home. Always reliable and quick to serve.

jose rodriguez

Every time we've gone to this place, I find it hard to pick what I want to eat. Everything I have had has been delicious, but their sloppy Joe's are my favorite. They are the best sloppy Joe's I've ever had. The wait staff has always been extremely friendly to my two boys as well, and they can be a handful. Their burgers are great, so are their sandwiches. Over all, this is a great place to get something to eat.

Damian Norwest

The food was great ! The service was great ! The portions were small for the price. The milkshake was good but again, it was small for the price. Will I go back ? Sure I will but I won't order the large shake or the fish and chips.

Robert Bendistis

Had such a great experience!! Went there to grab some grub Waitress greeted me within a couple minutes took my order gave me a menu I’d say I waited 25 30 minutes. “They were pretty busy”When she brought me my food she said it was on the house!! sorry for the long wait???The food was fire/amazing! Highly recommend

Brandon Montemayor

I would post a picture but as I’m writing this there’s nothing left. I demolished the burger and fries. Delicious, every time I eat there. Nice diner that reminds me of a home cooked burger, priced better than Fast Food. 10/10 would recommend. And while your there get yourself a milkshake. My favorite burger in the Interior.

Jillian Frost

Great food, exceptional service that was quick. Food was delicious and quick, and made exactly to order. Carolyn, our waitress, was great from start to finish too! Drive in restaurant so can wait in your car if you dont want to go in.

Megan R.

Classic diner experience....milkshakes, burgers and fries. Love that they even have a Jukebox

Kutelu Khemzy Ayomide

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Kira H

We went through the drive in. The waitress was attentive and came out as soon as we pulled in with menus ready for us. We got the "double bow wow" which is a foot long hot dog as opposed to the "bow wow" which I assume is a regular sized hot dog. We also got fries and onion rings.Everything we ordered was made fresh, the fries and onion rings were hot and crispy. Hot dog was nice and hot too.I really enjoyed my experience here and thought the service was kind. I thought it was cool that you could see them cook your food from outside.

Jan Lighthill

Made the mistake of going to Wendy's first and spent more than a half hour without even getting my order in. On the way to the appoint.ent I had to leave for, I came to CJ', and pulled in on impulse because I was starving. I was walking around the outside of the building because I'd pulled up on the opposite side of the building. The waitress met me at the door. She'd seen me and was coming to get me. As she was telling me I could sit anywhere and handing me a menu. I explained my plight and my hurry. She took my order and offered to bring it to my truck for. In less than 10 minutes, I had my food and was on my way. The food was excellent, and hot, reasonably priced and ervice was above and beyond!

Chris Pijuan

I like coming here for the retro 50's aesthetic.They use the good kind of mozzarella sticks, not the weird crumbly kind that taste like cardboard.The menu is relatively simple, but still varied enough that nobody should have an issue finding something they like.If you're in Fairbanks, I recommend stopping by.Wait times are low because it's a small establishment, and I only went there the first time because there was a line to get into Hometown next door.

zachary mcgee

I love this place. The service is always great! The atmosphere is pretty neat. I can't wait until the drive-in opens up again in the spring! That's always a nice lunch or dinner on a sunny low bug day. Emphasis on low bugs! The club sandwich is great!

Mariah P.

Loved the burgers and fries here! I'm on vacation and trying a ton of random restaurants so I gave C&J a shot. Their food was delicious! Ordered the Alaska burger and fries and they hit the spot. They were a little pricey for the quality of food, but still very good. I would go back!

Rachel C.

Wanted to try somewhere new , which led us to C&Js ! According to online , it was a drive thru. When I got there I was surprised to see it is not a drive thru, more of a drive up. You read a menu on the side of the building & call a phone number when ready to place your order. The menu is easy to read, except there are no prices. So if your in a tight budget this would be a tricky place to eat at. After ordering, it took 26 minutes for the food to be brought to the car. I felt that was really long considering I ordered a cheesesteak and a salad. Your options to pay are cash or they bring a machine to run your card outside. We ordered a cheesesteak , just meat & cheese with extra cheese and fries. The cheesesteak was $13. Extra cheese was $2 and sub fries instead of chips was $3. So $18 in total. I was disappointed with the lack of cheese. If this was extra, I would be surprised to see what normal cheese would be? The fries were seasoned well and crispy. Cheesesteak all in all was ok, nothing to write home about. We also ordered a salad. The options were chef or lettuce salad. So I opted for the lettuce salad and asked if they could add chicken. Was given the option of grilled or crispy. Choose grilled. The lettuce salad was $6. The addition of grilled chicken was $5. It was a salad, nothing special. But it was the saddest $11 salad I have ever received. The food was ok. Service was ok. Prices were ok. But that's just it, everything was ok. Would I come back ? Maybe but it wouldn't be my suggestion or at the top of my list.

Jane Lee

Juicy burgers were just right, and the onion rings were crispy and honestly perfect. The chili cheese fries were nothing special. The supreme burgers come on hoagies which I thought was pretty cool, didn’t try it though. We wanted to get milkshakes but the machine was down, so we opted for Coke floats, loved the iced mugs. I think updates on social media would be great when the machines are down. It’s spacious with fast service. All in all really solid burger joint.

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