Club Soda

1855 Van Horn Rd, Fairbanks
(907) 451-7519

Recent Reviews

cjani misrasi

Hit up club soda if you're looking for that laid back experience! Great bartenders, nice pool table!

heather matumeak

Love the astopmhere there

Julie Davis (Jewels)

What a refreshing place. Not at all what it used to be very relaxing after work drink. And Tuesdays they have free tacos and they are really good. The bartenders and everyone are very friendly. It gives me the feeling of like a Cheers. But I really go there to see Blue ?

Carol Canter

Very busy

Erin Eacker-Gilligan

Quaint lil bar without big crowds and drama that offers good drinks, delicious and affordable burgers and steaks and awesome bartenders. Enjoy a game of pool, some cornhole on the patio, darts, or just some good tunes and conversations. They have a variety of pull tab games as well. Also every Tuesday they serve ? tacos for the low price of your drinks!!!!

Jesse Moore

If you have to deal with "kate" good luck!!

Mauricio Cardona

No short no shoes no problem

Paul O Brien

Great Atmosphere go check it out.

Alfredo Valencia

Amazing service especially angie

JL Skeptic

This is a great little bar that really takes care of its customers. At least twice a week you can stop in and have some free dinner with your cocktails. (YES for Taco Tuesday!)They have big screens for sports and a covered seating area outside for tossing some bean bags (NO, I won't say Corn holing!) or for bringing your drink while you have a smoke.You can also enjoy their specific/limited cook it yourself foods like burgers and steaks. They provide the heat, you put your grilling skills to the test!

Roy Conley

Wide variety of alcohol and the Personnel was very helpful

Ashley Carrick

Friendly service and relaxed atmosphere ?

Mariia Ktitorova

Great atmosphere, cheep drinks and pleasant people.

Tim Bennett

have been a customer for quite a while until the bartender tonight. it's amazing I can come in there every night for 4 months without a problem until this blond bartender is working... not going to get into details but I don't put up with racism... the rest of the crew is fantastic but this bartender was atrocious

Troy Kessinger

? Local Bar, get the Pull Tabs going

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