Geraldo's Italian Restaurant

701 College Rd, Fairbanks
(907) 452-2299

Recent Reviews

Sharjeel Ansari

Food here is kinda alright. Nothing special about them. Though, the French Onion soup is *chef's kiss*.Good ambience, friendly and informative staff, and a full bar. Cost of food was on the average side. Definitely not cheap.

Angela Conley

Leaving a one star because I couldn’t figure out how to do zero. The restaurant is dirty for one. We were sat down at a table where the silverware was on the BARE table. The table was sticky. And my silverware had crusted food on it. You pay 23-30$ per meal just to have to get up and make your own salad at a dirty salad bar. I would rather eat salad from the pizza buffets. You can taste the uncleaned ice maker from the ice in the water. I ordered eggplant parmigiana which was mush and the noodles that came with it tasted like they boiled noodles and put it on the plate. They had a nasty taste to them. The “homemade” garlic bread tasted like bread with oil on it. The food was not hot. I sent my food back. We ended up paying 57$ for one meal and a bread appetizer which was only $3 which my husband did not eat because it was nasty and he felt bad for sending it back. I will never eat here ever again.

Isolde Winters

Food was eh. Waited 1hour to get the food, it probably would have been longer but we were forgotten about. Only reason they remembered was because they came by to ask if we wanted dessert.... Before we even had our appetizers let alone actual dish. Salad bar was gross, I couldn't even finish the salad I got it was that bad. The dish was eh. Only thing my husband liked was the garlic bread, same with me. Definitely wouldn't go again. It wasn't busy and it was dirty.

Jason Heim

Close to the worst dining experience I’ve ever had. The food took literally 3 hours. A server almost spilled soup on me. That same server was obviously mad about being at work as rude as she was. The saving grace was our main server. She was amazing and took the front line of angry patrons with a great attitude. Felt bad that the other server and the rest of the place was putting her through. She deserved a raise. But I’ll never go back. Don’t think they cared.

Andrew Dietzold

Waitress was amazingly attentive and polite. My son's food was fine, but my daughter and I did not enjoy it at all. I got the chicken parm and she had the spaghetti and meatballs. We are both feeling sick to our stomachs today, and I have a pretty iron stomach. It may have been a one off, but I don't think we will be going back.

Sharla K

The restaurant is beautiful with very clean restrooms. The service was great and the food was delicious. Not sure why it had any negative reviews, my meal was delicious. We got sauteed mushrooms as an appetizer. When it came out I was hesitant because it looked like a lot, but we demolished it, it was so good. I ordered stuffed shells and my husband ordered the halibut scampi. Both dishes were delicious. 10/10 would come here again and I highly recommend.

Paul Hodge

The food and the staff have been excellent every time we have gone. The onion soup is amazing and you should always choose it over the salad bar option. Just don't go in expecting the best Italian food you have ever had in your life.Also for those instrested it is one of the few places with Spumoni ice cream!

amanda c.

There was a bit of mixed reviews which stopped me from coming here for dinner the night before. I'm a tourist and have never been to Fairbanks. I was traveling by foot without a car and this was near my hotel. I ordered the lasagna for $16.99 and it was extremely hot, cooked perfectly and came out in a reasonable amount of time. I don't know if I'll be in Fairbanks ever again, but I'd definitely recommend this spot. Nearby tables also seemed happy with their food. Excellent customer service from host and waitress too.


On our Alaskan vacation we ran across Geraldo's and decided to give it a try. We had the fried halibut as an appetizer and the Frank Sinatra pizza. Both were excellent. The service was excellent and friendly. Definitely was a good decision to stop. If you are in Fairbanks and stay at the Bear Lodge, it is just a short walk.

kali h.

Average Italian food. Not bad, but I've definitely had better and for a way better price. We got the bruschetta as an appetizer which was good. We also got calamari, but it almost looked as if it was warmed up out of a bag. For dinner I got the baked lasagna and it came with a serving at the salad bar which was a really nice surprise.

Mark C.

Had dinner here yesterday with the family. Started off bad from the start. Took 10 minutes for anyone to even come to the table to ask for drinks. It took another forty-five minutes to get our food. They missed our order of spaghetti and meatballs. After fifteen minutes it came out when we almost finished with our meal. The server was great and it was obviously an issue in the kitchen. Our group had the Lasagna, spaghetti, manicotti Alfredo pasta and pizza. Except for the pizza which was excellent all the other dishes were overwhelmed by garlic you couldn't eat it. We're Italians and love garlic, but this was crazy. Whole garlic bulbs where in each of the dishes. For the prices they charge, the food was a high disappointment.

JaNat D.

We went here in the afternoon. They do have an afternoon lunch buffet until 2 or 3pm, if we're not mistaken, but we had just missed it. It looked like a good option at a good price, but we were happy to try their regular menu. The ambience was cozy and Italian. It felt like a homey, local version of Olive Garden, a bit more authentic and not as commercial. It would be a nice family restaurant or even date spot. They have an outdoor patio as well. The mozzarella sticks we got were the best we've ever had. The cheese is stringy perfection and the breading is seasoned well, very tasty. The breading didn't slide off the cheese. The outer shell was crispy and the cheese inside was soft. The marinara was a lovely complement. 10/10 would get again. The garlic fries were only good to one of us. They were crisp and nicely salted but the garlic was pretty much raw minced garlic. The garlic flavour wasn't incorporated into the seasoning so it wasn't a consistent taste, but it was quite strong when you got a little heap. We've had better elsewhere so it wasn't someone we'd get again. The pizza was delicious. One of our favourite flavours are arugula and prosciutto. They did this very well. The pizza was a little greasy when it came, but the grease was really oil and it was flavourful. It didn't feel overly heavy. This is the first place we've found in Fairbanks that has this pizza flavour. We would get this again. All in all, we had a great time here and do plan to visit again.

Mark A.

Cold food, terrible waitress, and overpriced. What more can I say. Spend your hard earned dollars somewhere else!

KeKe Baby

Lovely Atmosphere, staff friendly, and patient. Food was amazing, hot, and Very filling. More than enough food, so much so I had to take rest home. Last but not least the coffee is so very tasty!!!!

David B.

We came here since we were hungry for Italian food. The restaurant boasts a charming interior, a pleasant ambiance, and delicious food. The personnel was courteous and efficient. The chicken Alfredo and lasagna with garlic toast were both delicious. The garlic bread was very delicious! This restaurant was a hidden gem, and I will return!

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