Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

419 Mehar Street C, Fairbanks
(907) 452-7272

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Trina Wilson

I received the BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER from Jenn & Austin. They was both patient and helpful, giving me tips because I’m picky. I’m coming back just for them?. I felt like I was talking with family

David Mccain

I walked in with my wife to get a couple family size pizzas and rather than being welcomed with a "hello" or a "how may I help you" I was awkwardedly stared at and bombarded with questions about my tattoos by these childish employees to the point I walked out. I couldn't have a conversation with my wife about what to order because the employees were enamored with my small, innocuous face tattoo and would not stop interrupting with "did it hurt", "where'd you get it", "how much", etc... No, I don't owe you any explanation regarding my tattoos, but I am owed a certain degree of customer service as a papa murphy's patron. Retraining in customer service would be a great.

Trent Mason-gilligan

Orderd one family pizza. Was told no longer then 20 mins. Sat there for about an hour lady came in with a kid got three pizzas watched the guy make it and they left. Don't understand why we got treated like this but first and last time we order here

Denaeuh Davis

Overall great. Pizza was delicious. My boyfriend and I got half all meat and the other half all veggie. I don't eat meat and was so thankful and impressed at how well they did at keeping the ingredients separated. We showed up before our pick up time and the staff greeted us and had our pizza ready early. I found a coupon online for 5$ off which made our large pizza only 15$.

Dan Bergeron

Best of the pizzas to be bought in town. Take and bake. Been out families choice for as long as they’ve been here. But they no longer will make the pizza I got here for many years. I have to go across town to the University Center store now for that one.

Arlo Bell

Custom made pizza what's not to love

sonny rae

I wasn't impressed with the all around vibe at this location. One of the employees making the pizza was kinda rude

Scott Bidwell

Always good!

J Breezy

Timely with the orders, often ready before the posted time. Stuffed Chicago Pizza with Creamy Garlic sauce is great.

Brian Williams

Absolutely delicious pizza made to order. Order - take home - cook it and nothing but smiles

Joshua Kugler

The pizza is always yummy, and the orders are always correct!

Nickie Flanders

Great food, great deals. Better than frozen pizza

Luen C

Great pizza and good price. The location showed wrong so I submitted an update to google to fix the address. It should show Merhar Ave, NOT merhar street. The location is right next to sportsman's warehouse. Good luck and good eats! Enjoy!

Paxton Tufford

I worked at a papa murphys when I was 18 and still to this day even though you bake it yourself it's the best pizza you can get dint sleep on this!

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Papa Murphy's | Take 'N' Bake Pizza

419 Mehar Street C, Fairbanks, AK 99701
(907) 452-7272