535 2nd Ave # 106, Fairbanks
(907) 460-7622

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Nancy D'Andrea

Excellent restaurant with fresh ingredients! And a menu marked with both vegan and gluten free options. We had a wonderful meal!


Such a pleasant, accidental find. I’m glad I stumbled across this place. It has so many exceptional reviews and after eating there I know why. The food is authentic and delicious, the service was quick and friendly, and the atmosphere is cozy and warm.

Doina P

Best Moldovan food I had in the United States. It tasted amazing. Both the food and the decor was authentic. The staff was extremely nice. I am so glad I stumbled across the place. I would 100% recommend.

Mark Patterson

Excellent and unusual find. A Moldovan restaurant in Fairbanks, who knew. The borscht was excellent, full of flavor and vegetables. Served with a slice of sunflower seed bread.

Shealey Imgarten

Hands down the best restaurant and atmosphere I’ve been to in a while. The staff and energy feels incredibly authentic. We even stayed for desert; the ice cream and coffee pairing was fabulous. Try the compot. We even went back the next day for a glass!

Wendy Kwok

I was so delighted to have found this Moldovan restaurant in Fairbanks! I don't know how authentic the flavor was but I loved the food here! We ordered the Mamalinga (the pork smothered in garlic sauce was divine! I don't usually eat that much garlic) , dumplings (my favorite! A little morsel of pork wrapped in dough just thick enough for a satisfying chew) and the cabbage rolls (I have always liked its Polish equivalent). We were so full that we had to take the dessert to go. Service was excellent!P.S. The crepe wrapped cherry dessert was very good!

Jessica Shiroff

authentic and delicious Moldovan food!

Lovely Mr. Fox

I've lived here for four years and this was our first time eating here. It was an absolutely wonderful experience. The food was phenomenal and I would definitely like to come back. I think the only dish I wasn't a fan of was the Zrazy, but everything else, from the appetizers to the entrée was full of flavor. The service was wonderful and they were very accommodating with our squirmy toddler.

Kris Knupp Yoder

My first time at SOBA. after many recommendations. It was the perfect comfort food for a Friday after a long week. Service was excellent and homey. I’m so full I could bust.


Our family tried this restaurant because we are from the same area originally. The service seemed friendly enough. Food was okay but not as expected. Cabbage rolls were dry. Seasoning was parse. The one star is because we got food poisoning. That evening our whole family got sick. Being from out of town and the whole family getting sick was horrid. It was terrible.

Catherine J

We at lunch here one day. We have never had Moldovan food. We had cabbage rolls and they were good. Service was fine.

Dave M

Who would have expected Moldovian food in Alaska ? Not us. We are glad we found it. Good hearty and warm food on a cold Alaskan day. Excellent variety of options on the menu, with great friendly service.


This place is located at the back of the art gallery shops. Across from the Springhill Suites. We were seated quickly. No problem with space. Order taken. Then the food. Not at all what the other reviews rave about!!! Now when I searched for places to eat in Fairbanks, this place on Tripadvisor said it was a Michelin recipient. I believed it then after we sat down I clicked on the link and it goes to a restaurant in Oakland!!!!! Not Fairbanks, Alaska. What a deception! Now the food, absolutely no flavor. My salmon was extremely dry, overcooked. I tried to squeezed lemon juice on it but no success. Now after all of this I was just so puzzled as to why do they have that Michelin stamped on their page when it belongs to another restaurant. Thats plain false advertisement. Still puzzled especially after having a horrible meal. Such deception.

Josh Rasmussen

This was the best place we ate in all our time in Alaska. The staff were amazing. Food was authentic and incredibly delicious. I recommend the traditional crepes for dessert - so good. The live music was really good as well.

Michael Sewell

The only thing better than the food at Soba is the friendly and attentive staff. The pork chop is juicy and delicious every time, seasoned to perfection. Crepe dessert... My words could never convey how good Soba is and how much I look forward to eating there every week.

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