The Crepery

523 2nd Ave, Fairbanks
(907) 450-9192

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Gretchen Burch

Oh my gosh, this place was amazing! First it is super clean which is always super important to me, and then the employees were super friendly and offered lots of helpful suggestions, and it was organized and speedy! I came with a group and we each ordered a different savory and a different dessert crepe and then we all shared! It was a really fun experience and everything was so freaking good!! My favorite was the crab melt crepe and the turtle crepe! Soooo yummy!

Jimmy Johnson

Yummy food and a great staff.


You'd think the culinary scene in Fairbanks would be meh, right? Hardly. We ate in some really, really great places. The Crepery, though, is my absolute favorite. We went here twice during our four day stay, and went there a 3rd time but it was closed (sadness). I got the creme brule dessert crepe both times, and the Prosciutto Bleu Fig (the flavor bursts!!!), while my partner raved about the stuffed avocado. I'd like to go back to Fairbanks just to go here again. Drool.


I loved the cuban and the creme brulee crepes. Friendly service. Big portions. Convenient when you're walking around downtown.


Absolutely awesome! The food is very good, and has a wide variety of both savory and sweet crepes. The service was excellent and very friendly. Can’t recommend this place highly enough. We will probably be back in the next few days before heading home.


The food was amazing and everyone was friendly and knew their product. We went two time on our 5 day trip it was so good. The crapes were the best I’ve ever eaten and the variety from savory to sweet was available.

Dave M

A huge selection of different sweet and savory crepes. The Alaskan crepe with reindeer sausage was excellent.


So we actually went here multiple times during our trip. First time it was okay. The coffee fresh the crepes were done in a timely fashion- nothing to complain. Went again and first the order was wrong. Things happen - it was fixed, but then we were sadly disappointed with the quality once we got the order fixed. The crepe was all mushy- it was nasty. Not cooked all the way. By this time, the place started getting more busy and the line of people were waiting quite a bit to get their orders completed. So we didn't bother with getting a new crepe. It was disappointing and frustrating. The consistency was not there. Not sure what happened between the first time we went and the second, but not coming again.


The atmosphere was relaxed and clean. The best crepes I’ve ever had was the crème brûlée. You have to try this one. Absolutely amazing.


This was a really fun place to go. Their menu was huge and such a variety of crepes. It took quite a while because they were extremely busy but that was okay because we are on vacation and not in a hurry. The smoke gouda and him crepe was really good. The fresh fruit and cream one was delicious! They were a little skimpy with the fresh fruit but what was there was really really good. We would recommend going back again if you wanted something kind of light


Unbelievable. I got the Cuban crepe and it was honestly one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time. The staff is also super friendly and welcoming.

Shirley Nobrega

Great food . Very friendly staff.


This place offers a nice selection of both savory and sweet crepes. We had the Mediterranean with black olives, feta and roasted peppers, another with prosciutto, blue cheese and fig and a third crepe with brie, figs and honey. All three were great. I asked for an iced cafe latte not offered on the menu and they obliged. Nice and friendly staff. This is a great place for lunch. Highly recommend.

Jen CE

I asked if they could do their Crab Melt crepe, but without the onions and peppers, and they said sure. Later, when going to eat my crepe, they apparently forgot the crab... it was just cheese. If there was any crab, it was literally undetectable by taste or sight. So, that was pretty disappointing. My dining companion, however, got the Chicken Caprese crepe, and that was totally delicious!

Robert Smith

Simply fantastic! Great selection, fantastic crepes (I had the Mediterranean with added chicken) and a latte with honey (yes they certainly do have honey). Stop by for sure.

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