Tokyo Express

516 Old Steese Hwy, Fairbanks
(907) 374-5664

Recent Reviews

Den Yanine

I’m not even exaggerating when I say is the best sushi I’ve ever had. I order the ‘007 Roll’ (photo) and my husband ordered ‘Waikiki’ and they were both so delicious and different, worth every penny, yet is not an expensive place either.The owner mention they will retire next year so don’t even think about visiting twice and go right now, before is too late (literally)!The only bad thing about here, is that I won’t be able to rate any other Japanese place 5/5

Kauai B

Tokyo Express always meet our expectations. The owners are wonderful and their service is pleasant. Tiny place, but great for a quick lunch or take out. Food is always prepared so neatly and ready to be picked up on time. Check them out!

This Man

Everytime, I try something new, and I am always pleased. Consistency and Excellence are rare, treasure your time with this place.

Ariel Cunningham

Best selection in town of sushi rolls without raw fish, well marked on the menu. The couple running it is so nice. Always clean. Fast service.

Krystal Curry

Service was great, rolls were delicious.


I have had this sushi so many times and nothing compares. Today when I ordered and took a bite I was teleported straight to heaven. It was like that scene from ratatouille with the shapes and colors of goodness. So good y’all should definitely get some.

Priyansha Rohrbough

I just LOVE this restaurant. Their Baby Lobster Crunch Roll and Viva Las Vegas Roll are to die for. Absolute best sushi in town! Will keep going back there whenever I have a sushi craving! Charlie and Sue, the owners, are the nicest hosts! They also have three adorable puppies (2 poodles and 1 yorkie) that sit there in one corner and look adorable!!

Chris Schaus

We loved this little sushi restaurant! The owners are a Japanese couple who have been in the states over 30 years, and running this restaurant in Fairbanks for 10 years. The sushi was very good. Generous portions of melt in your mouth tender fish. The rice is perfect... Sweet and just a little bit chewy. We loved the combination of flavors and textures in their "Wow Roll" (pictured below). Highly recommend this place if you are looking for really great sushi and sashimi.

Abram K

Miss you guys so much. Hands down one the hidden gems of fairbanks. Don't over look this one. Small but the owners are amazing. Treat you right. taste and everything for the price. Amazing. I would rather go there. Then any other place in fairbanks.Message for the owners btw our son is 2 now. If you would like to reach out to us on Facebook feel free. Seriously miss you guys. You held my baby when he was so new. Young couple.

40below K9 (Shelby & Trooper)

Best sushi and service around!

40below K9

Best sushi and service around!

Allison Akootchook Warden

First time here, totally cute comfy and clean atmosphere with class and character. Unexpected for a small strip mall. I ordered to go and had a great small table to wait at while my order was being made. Fresh sushi specials. Family owned restaurant, great vibe. One of Fairbanks’ hidden gems. Could easily dine with a family of 12 and four seats at the sushi bar. Will post about the food soon.

Christopher Moulton

Nice little spot with the owners serving up the food. Stopped in for a couple late lunch rolls (Waikiki and the Fairbanks Roll). Quick, tasty and nice folks.

Tyler Cunningham

Opps I ate my entire roll before I thought of Google Maps! Had the Waikiki roll, so delicious with the topped mango. This place has been in Fairbanks long time, they do it right! Worth coming back for.

Jenniferr Youssef

Best sushi in Fairbanks thus far!!! Seriously, the best I've found around regarding taste & price!

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