2161 Mill Bay Rd, Kodiak
(907) 486-2408

Recent Reviews

Heidi Roberson

Great pizza.

David Pestrikoff

Nice little store, a difference from the same ol' , same ol'.

Danielle Christescu

Mini Costco with the pizza place in the back as a bonus!

Charity Hauck

I love cost savers they always have fresh produce and have sales every Friday

Wade Walla

Good pizza at a reasonable price.

Glory Ebeling

It's like a mini Costco!

Oscar Christiansen Jr.

Buy in bulk and save

Samantha Peterson

Great customer and community service. Cost savers is my favorite store on the island for produce as well. Highly recommend Cost Savers and Big Al's.

Jim S.

I went here for the first time today. The prices for everything is probably two times the price of Walmart or Safeway. About 25% of the items don't even have a price on them. Big Al's Take and Bake Pizza is also in the store, same thing. It's $14-$16 for a medium frozen pizza. You can get an extra large at Walmart for $9.

Kiara B.

I shop here frequently and I really want to give them 5 stars. I love that they offer value sizes and help make living here more affordable and they get in a few items that I can't get anywhere else and aren't feasible to order online. The cashiers have always been polite and some are very friendly. My biggest problem is that so many items are not marked with prices. I try looking around on the shelf and reading all the tags in the same bay but no matter how much I look there are always so many things that I cannot find prices for. I've tried asking the employees but they can't find prices either so they just have to go check at the registers. There are so many times that I want to buy something but I have no idea what it costs and it's too much of a pain to stop employees all the time to ask them so I usually end up leaving without any of the unmarked items that I was interested in buying. My other frustration is that I will buy something from them that I liked and then I won't be able to find it again for weeks or months. This just happened with some "bake at home" bread. I had stopped in looking for it a few times and couldn't find it so I finally asked an employee if it was stocked in another location. They didn't know and told me that it would probably just be up front. I checked back each week and never saw them. They finally showed up 2 months after I had asked about them. I've since learned to keep an ongoing list of things that I get from them and then I look for each item every time I go in. I would easily give them 5 stars if they would put prices on all items and if they would be more reliable about having items in stock.

Brytni Camp

I enjoy the wonderful service that Al & Barb provide to the community. So very understanding and caring. They like to know that their customers go home happy with what they need.