Fu Kung Chinese Restaurant

207 Kobuk Dr, Valdez
(907) 835-5255

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Ahmedullah Aziz

Great food! Best part is that they remain open till late at night. We ordered takeout.

Crystalyn Lemieux

The chicken fried rice is delicious and the hot and sour soup! The staff is friendly! The bathroom is clean. It can be a long wait but it’s so worth it if you have been out fishing and are starving ;) a tip would be to order sushi and then have your food. It tastes pretty decent the next day too.

Alexandra Harbour

This is the best place we’ve eaten so far in Valdez! Service was prompt, food was good and portions were really big! The sushi was a little over our budget, but I got the Sweet and Sour chicken which came with rice and it filled me right up! Definitely recommend!

Stxlli Spirit

Give me back my partial cash refund. I just ordered food from you all. Pad Thai and Sushi. I’m 5 minutes away and heating bags exist. The House Pad Thai was cold had no seasoning and is mainly noodles and egg with a couple pieces of meat for $35. You all gave me cold soup and stale unwrapped fortune cookies loose in the bag as well?. I paid $50 and waited for food I didn’t eat and had to get elsewhere and have someone else deliver it to me. I sincerely regret paying in cash.Update: They are THIEVES and LIARS! Woman played crazy on the phone, “We don’t do deliveries….” As if my food magically teleported to me and I hadn’t just handed my money to the same person. As if her voice isn’t recognizable! Then there was literally a guy in the background explaining my order that he fulfilled. Owner refused to give me a rightful refund. Then switched the story to she was going to redo my order and redeliver it but I waited the rest of the day and she never came! Nobody to take this food back now so I’m throwing it away. Just lie after blatant lie was told. Terrible customer service, complete lack of integrity and complete lack of accountability.

Lynn Ellis

Friendly staff. Food was good and plentiful. My husband and I split a meal thank God, because we couldn't finish it

Bryce Gavitt

Good place for hot for after a long day of fishing! Also seems to be the only place in Valdez open past 10pm which came in clutch. They had Stella on tap, bottles of Tsingtao and sake which helps warm you up after a cold rainy day on the boat. The staff was friendly and attentive. Honestly one of the best Chinese restaurants I've been to!

Ïg Wëñdly

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While visiting in Valdez we ate dinner in this Chinese restaurant. Food was good, staff was very friendly, place is clean. Very good option while in Valdez.

Tim Haight

Definitely a nice spot in Valdez to eat. Hot and sour soup was tasty. Sushi was fresh and well made. Tong’s chicken portion was also generous and well made. Service was good. Menu pictures attached.

Daniel Ruffino

The food was good but the sushi menu they gave me didn’t have prices so I looked them up on their website menu. When I got my bill the sushi roll that I ordered was five dollars more than what their online menu showed. I showed them that and then they showed me a menu that had the prices and it was five dollars more. The owner was rude and argued with me that all of their menus have all the prices and wouldn’t just give me the price that they had on their online menu. I probably will never be back to Alaska but if I am I will never go back here. If five dollar is going to break them instead of just giving me good customer service and honoring what they have on their online menu then they don’t deserve to be in business anymore.

marvin aviles

Pretty good food with large portions. My picky eater ordered the orange chicken and she loved it, my son ordered the sushi and he too loved it. Based on where it’s located it gets 5 stars

Germaly F.

Like one of the comment I saw, I'm surprised Fu Kung has 3 stars. Valdez is a fairly small town with a couple of restaurants, we don't come here often, but eating in these restaurants always take us back to past memories. I got the chicken friend rice and sushi, (don't remember the name), and it was delicious!! Our waiter was absolutely nice and it was his first day so he was very attentive and caring. The food was also brought quickly to our table so that's a bonus. Come here if you have the chance!!


Not impressed with their Lo Mein. Over priced. Service was 'meh'. What's saving this review from being a 1 star was the steamed potstickers were good. She also forgot to bring our beer because she was too busy talking on her phone

ej ej

Somewhat limited menu. Food was of average quality. Portions were substantial which made the price for each dish very fair. Service was prompt and efficient. I would not hesitate to eat there again, but I also would not describe it as " not to be missed".

Jim Brown

I ordered Mongolian Beef...It was the best i ever had in my life!Nice pieces of steak and the taste of the Wok was perfect. I would have given 5 stars easily, if my egg roll wasn't cold and saturated with oil on the inside. The fried rice was not good at all, cool to the touch and very bland.

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Fu Kung Chinese Restaurant

207 Kobuk Dr, Valdez, AK 99686
(907) 835-5255