The Wheelhouse

100 N Harbor Dr, Valdez
(907) 835-9111

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Ron TazMan (OTazMan)

Great food from restaurant and drinks from the Wheelhouse bar. For some reason the bartenders serve the drink and the food wait staff comes to you for the food. You receive two bills, strange but I guess it works... Try the cioppino, fantastic. Great view of the marina out the bar window, sorry no picture.

Lindsey Rising

EXCELLENT food overall, with a nice view of the harbor. I highly recommend the bread appetizer, the calamari, the Carnival and the seafood risotto. For dessert, get the berry cobbler. Only lost one star because they overcooked my Father in laws steak, both times ? they did give us complimentary dessert for it, but it was a bummer.Overall still a great experience!!

Bob Roest

We ate last week at this restaurant. At first we had to wait for at least 30 minutes before we could get a table. However, half of all tables were empty and we got a table that was already empty when we arrived. Mistakes were made with our drinks since we ordered an IPA and received an Sour beer, which is a complete different style. The waitress said we ordered the sour instead of the IPA. The food itself was so/so. We ordered the new york steak, which couldn't be prepared medium rare. The waitress told is that the steak should be at least medium. The hailbot fish & chips and salmon were really dry as well. Would not recommend.

Martijn Madern

So we (party of 5) learned there arent many places to eat in Valdez and this was one of the 'best options'. Well we had a mediocre experience at best dining here.I advise eating elsewhere f.e. the foodtrucks.Firstly, prices are 5-10 dollar more expensive compared to similar dishes in lets say Skagway or Tok.Secondly, we had to wait 20 minutes to be seated at a table that was all that time empty. There were about 12 tables occupied (half the restaurant) with half the serving personel doing nothing.After we were seated most of those 12 soon left.There was also great confusion about the drinks. They have a huge drinksmenu, with a ton of beer. What we orderd was out, so we decided on a Ipa, we received an entirely different style (Sour) while they did have ipa s but only from other breweries. The waitress claimed she told us, but she didnt.And the food was 'meh' too.2 of the 3 pieces of fish & chips were dry.The salmon (grilled) was dry.They claimed the cook on the 8 oz NY steak they couldnt do better than medium.Add-on charge for chicken and steak-bites for pasta Alfredo was like 50-60%. Steak-bites was cooked well-done..... tiny pieces of rubber....The burger was a little bit on the dry side.So all in all the food was not terrible but not great either, for insane prices.190 dollar for party of 5, with not a single meal flawless. That cant be real.They charge 18% extra fee for groups of 6 and over.TLDR: eat somewhere else, foodtrucks f.e.Oh and btw, we had a boattour the next morning next to the restaurant. When we came back around 4 pm-ish, they still had all breakfast garbage sitting in the middle of the dining room

Qauluq AK

Great service, fast seating, tasty food on a busy Friday night

Jeremy Landreth

Came to Valdez to celebrate my 40th birthday with a sea kayaking excursion. Finished the night have drinks and tasty eats at the bar. The bar staff were top notch, heard it was my birthday and gave me a free birthday shot and the server gave me a birthday candle on my desert, it was very special!


First the positives - the Wheelhouse has a pretty spot right on the boat docks you can enjoy from a window seat. Our server was good, and she very appropriately addressed an issue we had when it arose. The negatives - everywhere in Alaska has expensive food. BUT, everywhere else, the quality of the ingredients and preparation helped make it worth it. That was not the case here - the food was average at best and terrible at worst. We would not return and cannot in good conscience recommend to others.

olivia w

Ordered a filet mignon (medium) and was presented with a top sirloin. When I questioned it the server agreed and took it back to the chef who insisted it was a filet… not one to complain (although I know my meat cuts) I cut into the steak which was over cooked, sending it back a second time I was presented with a new steak cooked to medium… although once again… still top sirloin and not a filet mignon. Either you need to send your chef back to culinary school to learn his meat cuts, change your menu to display the correct cut or just tell the customer when you’re out of something rather than try and deceive them serving a sub par cut and charge top price for the pleasure. As you can see from the pictures, this is not a filet mignon - a filet mignon will have minimal marbling and not have huge grizzly bit of fat running through it. As the most expensive place in town, shame on you.


Overpriced due to the location i guess. Ordered two steaks and had to send one back being the wrong cut and overdone . Some incredible food trucks in the harbour so save some money and leave this out you wont regret it

Robert Blake

We had a wonderful dinner here. The blackened halibut was very good and the service was excellent. Our window seat had relaxing views of the marina and mountains.

Lisa Mills

Had a nice dinner was glad they were open late, since we arrived later. Good prices, nice view over the Harbor. They could use a sign to let people know where they are...there is nothing over the doors with their name.

Pete D.

Meh - that's all you can say. Service is average, the food is average, and the prices are awful, and you can do better. Everything in Valdez is stupid expensive, but that's expected in a tourist town in small town Alaska, it's not easy to get materials and ingredients quickly. However, you would think paying $30 for a burger would yield something really good and tasty, well you're wrong. You get basic, simple, average bar food here for luxury restaurant prices. For two people you're gonna drop an easy $70 for average and uninspired food you could find at Applebees, but not even as thrilling. The only advantage here is that it's open till 10pm, so if you're kind of a late diner or night owl you can still get in to eat. I wouldn't recommend unless you had no other options. Valdez is one of the most beautiful natural sights in the world, but the food leaves a lot to be desired to be honest.

Paul Sprtel

I had the crab legs 1 lb well worth the money my girlfriend had the salmon outstanding definitely going back

Germaly F.

This is one of the best restaurants at Valdez. 1. The food is wonderful! They made a simple BLT taste like a gourmet sandwich!!!! Honestly I was never more surprised a sandwich could taste that good. Also, the desert we got.. Out of this world! It was so good and absolutely worth getting. 2. The server was very sweet and attentive, the restaurant and bar were very beautiful, and the outside view of the docks are very nice. Go here now, you won't regret it!

Michael Vanhorne

Excellent food. Fresh seafood.

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