Franklin Ferry Marina

520 Marina Rd, Adger
(205) 686-7601

Recent Reviews

Heather Lanphere

Wow! This place is a hidden gem in Alabama!

Franz Stranninger

Before Carona, coffee and cake were served on weekend afternoons. now - presently anymore, it was nice to relax and enjoy the day. Even the food is not anymore cooked as before .

Dustin Is Cooking

Great place to live and eat, but just a btw, the sweet tea is made using the river water. And the water you're drinking? Pumped straight from the river. And all of the silver ware and dishes are cleaned with the river water

DeOnna Holt

This is a very clean and “yummy”place to eat… this is off the beaten path, but worth the drive… Franklin Ferry Marina has a nice view of the River, and outdoor seating.. great service, good southern food, and other choice as well.

Kim Tomberlin

Really good food and service

Benjamin Hester

Great atmosphere and good food!

Johnathan Moore

Very very nice area

Topher Farris

Love this place . I will be back alot this summer!

Christopher Farris

Love this place . I will be back alot this summer!

Jessica Weigel

Cozy atmosphere, excellent service and huge burgers. Right on the water with nice outdoor covered seating.

sherry hill

Nineteen for lunch today no problem ? delicious

Tracey Little

Didn't really enjoy the fish basket.Crust was dark and crunchy while the inside wasn't completely done.

Brad St John

Good food Good people....nice dining area and outside dining overlooking thr beautiful Warrior River....

madonna love

Pretty good food, view is amazing! It's a little pricey but doable.

Richard Jayne

A great place to eat food is great

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