215 3rd St NW, Attalla
(256) 538-5632

Recent Reviews

Bob K.

Great chicken dinners in fast food place but has fireplace in dining area Priced very reasonable with good searvice

Jay Bird

Fried chicken was so good had the mac and cheese and Cole slaw as well. Very comfortable place for the family. Staff was very welcoming and knowledgeable.Food: 5/5

Unsimply Us

Love me some Jack's. Jack's comeback sauce is amazing. Their fries are awesome. They are generally fast in the drive thru as well.Food: 5/5

Tiffany Lynn

I'll never order online again! Waited so long I went to drive thru.. food was cold!! Ordered large Hashbrowns got regular size. Guy in window not friendly!Food: 2/5

Janet G Hughes

Thank you so much for your donation of food coupons to help make the Fall Fest at Ivalee School such a great success!! We really appreciate it, tons!!

Leida Jimenez

Friendly service and fresh food - I know it’s a fast food restaurant but you can tell when the food has been sitting or is recently fried.

Scott Parkhurst

A lunchtime train wreck!!! See my reviews about other Jacks restaurants. Then give them a call. I waited about 10 minutes to order. Then my food took another 15 minutes to get to me. Guess what? It wasn’t correct. So more waiting…. Lobby had no sweet tea, no napkins, no straws, and wasn’t real clean. So, more delays while I go stand and get the things I’m supposed to get myself. Maybe short handed? Maybe lack of training? Y’all are failing. When I left 40 minutes later, there was still a line inside, and 10 cars in the drive through. Bless your heart. Two stars is generous!!

Anthony shane Malone

Another fab place fellas .You would be pleasantly surprised how many new best buds you meet in the parking g lot

Victor Fox

Went inside to eat. Stayed at counter waiting for someone to take my order. Three people working the drive through window. Each making eye contact with me 3-4 times each within a ten minute window, all without once taking my order. Sad experience!One of the persons finally spoke to me, saying someone will be with me soon. I asked him if it would be faster service if I go through the drive through … but, I wasn’t able to do so because I went to Jacks in a power chair from my house a few blocks away. I was willing to go through the drive through in my power chair, but he said it wouldn’t be any faster for service.Sad they had 3 people working the drive through and no one working the counter on the inside! I ended up leaving to go home and make a grilled cheese sandwich.Jacks commercials say “it’s all about the south” but forgot all about the southern hospitality that’s supposed to go “hand to hand” with the south! Disrespectful hillbillies working there. Not sure if all Jacks are just as bad, but this location in Attalla, Alabama on 3rd Street definitely left a bad taste in my mouth … without even eating there! Won’t be any second chances at that location, that’s for dammed sure, that location can’t say that it’s all about the south, when they neglect having the southern hospitality that should always come with it. I think Jacks needs to discontinue saying “it’s all about the south” in their commercials until they’ve learned what that details in those words used in their commercials! Walk the walk, and talk the talk … and quit falling short in the meaning of those words!“ALL ABOUT THE SOUTH” …? “Prove It” !!!!!!!

Marti Mathews

Seriously ya'll, their milk shakes are unbeatable and you won't find French fries that good at any other fast food. Most Jack's restaurants have truck parking also as this one does.

Buba Rides

Didn't actually eat here. I stopped by after hours due to a flat and the manager helped me out getting it changed. Super nice staff.

Brenda Bone

We wanted our fries extra crispy and a special hamburger, they got everything right and everything was fresh. Very friendly staff.

Lori Dixon

It's much better than it use to be. Food is warm and doesn't taste like it had been sitting out for hours. I give them a 10

Mikey B

Just stopped by for 2 quick shakes, chocolate expresso....could have been mixed better....lots of yummy chunks at the bottom....but it was really goooooddd...??Food: 5/5

Tonia Mann

First Timer and will be back! From Atlanta and we don't have Jack's which is a shame. Biscuits good enough to make you wanna slap your Mama!

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