Krab Kingz

960 Gilbert Ferry Rd SE, Attalla
(256) 344-2129

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Molly Morgan

I placed my last order with this place tonight and the reason i say last is because my order was messed up and i went back in to tell them and they wanted to argue about it even though i showed my receipt. The lady was rude to my husband picking up the order then was rude when we went back in to tell them. They went ahead and corrected but clearly didn't want to. Acted as if it was an inconvenience. I have placed so many orders with y'all and the quality of the crab seems to get smaller and smaller and the prices continue to go up. I am disappointed. The lady working the front doesn't need to be there if she can't fix her attitude. That alone is enough to make someone not want to return. DO NOT EAT HERE UNLESS YOUR WANTING TO BE RIPPED OFF AND TREATED POORLY!!!

Wyndncr T.

I wanted to try krab kings for a while so today was the day. I ordered #4 regular butter and old bay. I could not stop eating; it was so delicious. Crab legs were perfect, way more than I expected. Shrimp was delicious. Sausage very good. The egg and potatoes just added to the meal. Meals for three days. I'll be back. Not too salty in my opinion. Delicious!

Wendi Hallmark

I have never been more disappointed in a meal. Ever. Paid $75 for a meal that we could not even eat. Fries tasted like they had been sitting in grease all day. Fried shrimp and fried catfish were greasy and not crispy. Crab legs were tasteless and chewy. Ended up eating a sandwich for dinner.

Taylor Befort

Can not wait to go back!! Excellent service, excellent food!! Everything was great!! There was PLENTY of food. I had to bring some home. Prices were fair and we didn’t go to look at the walls. So glad to have this place within 30 minutes from home. Thank you for everything!

Susan Lawson

My husband and I had the crab legs and lobster platters. The food was excellent! Compared to other seafood restaurants, the portions were much larger. The atmosphere is not great, but if you are looking for really good food, this is the place to go!

Baylee Garrison Dollar

I’ll start about by saying the food was great but this place is extremely pricy. Also, not very much to look at inside the restaurant except the blue walls. Would have expected a little more to look at for those prices. Like I said, food was great but very expensive for the overall experience.

Frank Thomas

Ordered small fried shrimp platter.... Shrimp done well.. nice breading.. not to thin or thick... Good flavor... Platter suppose to come with both Fries and Cloe slaw... Fries were hot and crispy.. could use a bit more salt.. did not get my CLOE SLAW... Paying $17 for a lunch I should get what the menu says I should get... First trip here.. maybe just an oversight... Tea was ok.. could use a bit more sugar...

morris elizabeth

No way people are rating this place low unless it came from a competitor “The Crab Shack”! Check out Facebook’s ratings for this place. It’s absolutely delicious! If you’re used to eating good crab legs…this is the place! I ordered the #5 Boiled Just Snow crab platter. They make it fresh to order. Meaning…It’s made fresh AFTER you order it. Try cooking it fresh at home and see how long it takes you. NOW…..TIME TO TALK ABOUT THE FOOD!Crab legs are big and juicy. I had 2 clusters of legs, a hard boiled egg, sausage, corn and nice soft red potatoes. I had the Cajun Spicy. I’ve been looking for this taste since I moved from NY 28 years ago!!!! I’m glad I took it home because I did some ungodly, un-feminine things to this plate!! For now on….I’m going EVERY 2 weeks to reward myself for all the hard work I do. THIS PLACE IS OFF THE CHAIN!!!! Calling my girlfriends now to tell them to try it!!!!!!!!!

Toni Allen

It’s my Top Favorite local crab place to eat. The food is amazing.


I’ve been to seafood places at many beaches, cruises and in New York… which is where I’m from originally. This place just made my top place to go for crab legs. Reminds me of New Orleans. I purchased the #5 Just Snow Crab platter with spicy Cajun seasoning. It came with two large sexy clusters of large juicy crab legs, corn, sausage, a boiled egg and soft red potatoes. The customer service was great. The guy at the counter took his time to break down the menu for me making my experience pleasurable. Thank goodness I took it home to eat because I DID SOME UNGODLY UN-LADY LIKE things to that platter! Called the restaurant and told them it was BUSSIN, called my boss and my friends to hit this place up! I’m going to treat myself every other week for the hard work I do to reward myself. Gadsden/Attalla should consider this place a blessing to have!!!!!!!

Liz Beth

I did some ungodly, un-feminine things to my plate. Great customer service and they will break down the menu so you will get the best experience. LOVED IT ?! By the way….it’s made fresh to order! Gadsden/Attalla is lucky to have this place. I purchased the #5 which came with 2 clusters of large sexy crab legs, a hard boiled egg, sausage, red soft potatoes and corn. I went with the Cajun buttery spicy seasoning. Thank goodness I went home to eat it because I smashed so hard, licked my fingers and called the restaurant up with creasy fingers and told them it was BUSSIN! For now on I’m going back AT LEAST every other week! I’m from NY, traveled to several beaches and places…..THIS IS THE BEST I’VE TASTED IN 20 YEARS!


I literally did some ungodly, un-feminine things to my plate! Definitely going back again and again and again! I’ve been looking for this flavor since I left NY 25+ years ago. Thank goodness I took a plate to go (#5 no shrimp, 2 cluster of large crabs sexy legs, a hard boiled egg, corn and soft red potatoes. I smashed so hard I forgot my name….lol.

Penny Mason

I am one that usually reads reviews prior and THANK GOODNESS I did not or I probably would not have tried this! My coworkers have raved about the food so my husband and I ordered and picked up… we were pleasantly surprised!! The food was very good and nothing we had was GREASY as reviews are saying nor was it over priced!! Good food Good prices order online very easy pay online and pick up.. easy as that! This is now a GO TO for us!!

Charles Law

Sofa king nasty. Everything we tried was really so bad. And expensive too. Really really bad food, in a gross atmosphere at really high prices. Buyer be ware. Any review that claims they were anything other than awful have to have been posted by someone that has money tied up in this business.

Karen Davis

Awful customer service!!! Visited on March 10, 2022. I ordered it to go. It was late ordered at 8pm. Was told 15 minutes... at 830 I was being told it was almost done 5 more minutes. At 845 was asking for a refund and they refused kept telling me 5 more minutes. Finally my husband came in still they would not give a refund since I spent 72.00 dollars there. Then they didn't want to give us our food! I asked for garlic season got Cajun and it was ice cold!!! Finally left with our cold expensive food at 9m. Will not return again and plan on telling everyone what terrible service it was!!!

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