Lucky Wok

959 Gilbert Ferry Rd SE D, Attalla
(256) 538-9668

Recent Reviews

Steven B.

I think they have closed I've tried now for 3 weeks and it seem they are closed They were great. Hate they closed

Kyle P.

Basic traditional Chinese food. The inside looks like 1995, and that's a positive thing.

Cynthia Squibb

The pepper steak,beef chow mein ,egg drop soup,egg rolls,sweet & sour chicken & triple crown are awesome he deserves a tip every time you visit!

Groucho Starx (Groucho Starx)

I've eaten from here many times back when they participated in DoorDash. They are no longer on DoorDash, so I didn't eat here again for a long time. Today, however, I ate here and it's just as good as I remember it! The man made our food right in front of us just after we ordered. I personally give zero cares about what the negative reviews say because I've eaten from here many times and never once had a problem. The portions are big and satisfying to the eye. Yes, the prices change with inflation, just as ALL OTHER BUSINESSES do. Regardless, it is still far more affordable to eat here than anywhere else. My husband and I paid $20 and some change for both of our meals today, and that included the extra item we ordered. I will start eating here more often again! Support local businesses!

Juan Martinez

They take too long to take u order and only to go. Only one person in kitchen. So expect too be there for awhile. Good food but lots of time invested in waiting for it

Jennifer Stovall

Since it has changed owners, it is pricey.

James Meyer

The food is great the people are very friendly and it's not expensive

Claudia Kilgore

I love everything I have ever got there!

lifeonthehill smith

I ordered a combo with an egg roll. When I got home with my order, no egg roll. Also the food didn't taste good. The fried rice had very little flavor.

Miriam Villarreal

They finally opened again!!! This is one of my favorite restaurants. Highly recommend and food is always made fresh. I used to come here often before the pandemic and I will be coming back a lot again now that they're open.

Randall Gober

Great consistent food, Always friendly and fast.

Brian Woods

Place is very good. Service was quick and polite. Great food. The dumplings were amazing. Will return

Jody Brown

Fast service and great food! They even have delivery available through Gadsden2Go!

Braydon Cooper

The review by pure bliss saying there was cats and saying the “chips” were expired in incorrect, lucky wok doesn’t have chips or snacks to buy and they’ve been closed for 3 weeks due to the owner being in the hospital

Pure Bliss

I use to eat food there until I saw cats running in and out the back door of the restaurant. The back door is in the kitchen. Each time I've gotten chips or snacks, they were 1 month to 9 months past the expiration date. I have told the male owner and female. They just said "ok". The food tastes good from there but their practices make me not want to eat there. Makes me think they might be serving old or expired food from the kitchen too.

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