Waffle House

802 Cleveland Ave, Attalla
(256) 538-3278

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Penny Burkett

The service is always great and if for some reason my food isn't right they fix it with out a problem. I really enjoy eating there it is so relaxed and friendly. I go as often as I can.Food: 5/5

Jay Bird

Great atmosphere on Christmas Day! Very well organized and staffed. Well done to that team.Food: 5/5

Prentice Simmons (PR)

Love the place and it was Great food for the stop.??Food: 4/5

Sheila Hill

It was fairly dirty, table had syrup on it, my eggs weren't cooked correctly, coffee was cold, waitress let our food sit on the counter while she took another order then went and messed around with the coffee pot again. When I said something about my eggs they fixed me some more but I was about through by the time I got them. Will not go there again.

Daniel Caudle

Friday night, on a date.Late. Need coffee. Low rent.Waffle House, obviously.Pull up. Police in gas station across street. Many.Man with bandana and beard outside smoking. Small dog waiting by door. People inside gathered by window watching cops.Parked.Another car pulls up beside me. Woman gets out and starts dancing.She knows smoking man. She dances at him. The dog acknowledges us. We learn he belongs to a man named Roadkill.She leaves.Go inside.There has been a shooting at the gas station.Order Patty Melt, hash browns smothered covered and chunked. She has bacon and eggs. Coffee. Diet Coke and unsweet tea.The waitress is friendly, but a little shaken. She heard it.Sometimes heard the shooting. From the motel. He just moved here from Minnesota.Food comes, and is great.The kitchen is in full swing… most tables filled — aside from the ones on the side of the restaurant facing the shooting. The staff have tactfully blocked those with chairs by now.Our waitress is quick with refills and frequently checks in, despite the kitchen running full steam behind her. And the shooting.A man comes in looking for Roadkill. He is there. The man needs his motorcycle light fixed. Roadkill seems irritated.We pay our bill and leave.The police are almost done.Wonderful evening.

DeAndrae Mosley

Awesome third shift staff. I'm bad with names but one guys name was was Christian the other guys was a younger stocky guy who was the cook and my waitress can't recall her name but she's pregnant at the moment.. any who all three were AWESOME. Great suggestions, conversation and atmosphere. They made me feel more than welcomed. The restaurant was very clean and the food was even better. Visiting again soon

Kris Harper

Food was good and staff were awesome. There was a leak in the ceiling which made one table unavailable and that kept other people waiting. I came in with 7 family members and we all a nice breakfast together.

Calvin Brown

Food was good server was very nice I didn't feel I was putting her out when I asked for something but that she was there for me. Case in point was on my motorcycle and asked about getting cup of coffee to go, she said "go out and get your cup I'll make a fresh pot.

Christena King

Ordered a special dietary needs meal for my daughter while heading home. This location we stopped at went above and beyond to serve us. I tipped the waitress the same amount as the check just for being extremely awesome!

Roger Autwell

cook was blowed out his mind eggs over cooked food was just nasty but the server was taking orders and checking people out all others was outside


It was great! The staff are friendly, the food is good, the bathrooms are sanitary (believe it or not). One small thing was that the silverware was a bit dirty, but other than that it was a really good experience!

Cynthia Ogle

Horrible! All i ordered for my granddaughter was bacon and they left them out and left all the pickles off my pattymelt when I even ask for extra pickles. We had to be at the hospital at 10 so ended up not eating the pattymelt and had to leave it in the car at hospital and my granddaughter had no food and will have to go back by after our 10am visit. Very big inconvenience and starving and will have to wait at least another hour and a half before we can get back there to make them make it right. Real big inconvenience! I would give 0 stars if it would let me.

Jennifer Stewart

Went again the other day to Attalla Cleveland Ave location. The service was great and the food was perfectly cooked. I highly recommend this location. Thanks to the employees for your hard work. BTW,,everyone was washing and hands and the cook had gloves on while preparing our meal.

Nancy McLeroy

Manager was the cook and he couldn't keep his orders in line. Our server was very nice and apologetic. She even took 1 of our meals off. The toast had sat on my husbands plate waiting on the rest of the food that it was cold. I was shorted a piece of bacon. The grits were very thick and lumpy. I understand short staff but when the manager can't keep things together maybe it is time for another career choice.

Hollie Moon

Always friendly, helpful staff...whether it is dine in or take out, i know the food will be cooked to order and served quickly by a friendly staff member

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