Bamboo on 2nd

2212 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 703-0551

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Mrs. Clark Williams

We had such high hopes but unfortunately….Food was okay but we didn’t feel very welcomed at all. This was red flag number one. The owners or co-owners should move away from the door and hire a host or hostess. Their facial expressions were not pleasant when we entered. I’m sure the staff would appreciate them not hovering around all of the time, as well.Also, the staff wasn’t diverse or very friendly at all. This was red flag number two. Once we were done eating, the server brought the check assuming we didn’t want dessert. That is a no. You’re supposed to always ask the guests if they want any dessert or anything else prior to closing out their tab. There was a feeling of being rushed.Overall, we definitely won’t be returning. The atmosphere was not upbeat or welcoming. There’s obviously a “certain crowd,” this establishment prefers. We’ll find another spot for Ramen.***As you can see from the response below and other reviews, no lies were told from our honest review.

Laronica Conway

So far, every item I’ve tried has been excellent! And the prices aren’t outrageous. My favs so far include the tempura fried green beans, the Thai salad add shrimp and ribs. And I love the bartenders!The only thing I would caution everyone about is that they don’t take reservations and they don’t seat incomplete parties and seating is limited for more than two people. The host is major sticker for following the seating rule which is fine, but I just wish he would loosen up just a bit. I had a party of four, but only three of us were there at that time. I KNEW my fourth person was coming, I just didn’t know when because they were coming from work. The host told us we would need to stay seated at the bar until my friend got there ok that’s fine If there were more tables to accommodate more than two people. BUT…there are only two tables that can accommodate three people and there was one table open for four. He didn’t want to give the three of us the four top because he felt that we would be “tying up his table” and he couldn’t do that. Even though I KNEW my friend was coming and it wasn’t going to be a long time. I could understand if I was tying up a table of 8.Anyway, the host takes his role “very” seriously and I can’t say that I’ve ever seen him smile in the times that I’ve been there. He’s just really strict. Maybe next time I’m there I can get him to smile. Lol

Das Token E30

NEVER RETURNING! first impressions are lasting impressions! i drove all the way down from podunk Huntsville AL to this establishment to see what all the fuss was about. i was not impressed! i worked in food from 15-23yo and used to work at Rosie’s Cantina on University Dr in Huntsville. we had a rule that within the first 45secs of the customer arriving there needs to be some level of acknowledgment whether it’s a “hello” or a water ; there needs to be acknowledgement of some Bamboo i was sitting at the bar for 3min without any level of acknowledgment. finally the blonde bartender (she never introduced herself) brought me a water, but that was certainly the only grace that would be extended from her or her other 2 colleagues behind the bar. she almost walked away before i could spout off my drink order though she didnt even ask me what i wanted to drink. i put in my food order with her when she finally delivered my this point it was slow, inconsiderate service, but things got weird when my drink glass went empty for about 5 minutes and 3 otherwise unoccupied bartenders were apparently too busy to notice my empty glass. at that point i found what looked to be a manager (Adam) and asked him what i had to do to get a refill. he promptly instructed the male bartender to refill my beer.i was going to leave and go somewhere else, but i thought i’d at least give their food a try. the sushi was ok, but the wait staff hostility left a most bitter taste in my mouth.Adam walked by again and asked if everything was ok. i told him ‘we’re at the same place we were before’…me with an empty glass and a hostile bartender who was unwilling to simply do her job.he asked her to get me a refill and at that point i was just ready to finish what was left of my food so i could goat one point during this visit i asked the male bartender his name and he told me (Jeff). suddenly, the blonde female bartender sharply questioned “is there a problem? is there a problem?” i’m not sure if it was directed at myself or someone else but she clearly has no idea how to talk to paying customersive had better service at fast food joints and i very seldom eat fast foodi hate to be that guy but the bartenders seemed to give a fine amount of attention to the non-Black patrons sitting at the barultimately, i spent $51 on food and drink and very reluctantly left a $4 tip. i will never return to this place because the service was just that bad. i’ll probably make a video later about this experience and put it on other social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and Youtube.if i could give this place a Zero rating i wouldNEVER AGAIN!

Mar Cord

3.5 stars for this restaurant. I got the Japanese hornet to drink then Korean BBQ chicken skewers, Vulcan roll and Fire roll for dinner. The skewers were ok but the chicken needed more seasoning. The rolls were just very bland, and lacking texture and flavor. I wouldn’t come back for rolls.

Kyle Patterson

The food was absolutely fantastic!! Alejaudra walked us through the menu and provided excellent service!

Rach Joyce

Food was delicious and our server was amazing! I didn’t get photos of the sushi before we devoured them, but we got the New Moon and the Godzilla Rolls. Both were incredible! The fried green beans and beef skewers were awesome too. Can’t wait to be back!

BlazedCameron Sides

I proposed to my girlfriend for our first time here and it was great! The staff were exceptionally helpful in that proposal also, but the lemongrass skewers and dumplings were AMAZING! the drinks are delicious & the atmosphere is beautiful. 10/10 recommend

Jordan P.

Wonderful service, even better food! Try the red mountain roll, it was absolutely delicious.

Jasmine M.

Will always be a staple in Bham! The vibe is great and the food is even better! I love to recommend this place to friends who are visiting Bham. P.S make a reservation in advance!

Pamela W.

Been 4years since my last review & my have things changed to begin the apps were hands down the best I had the momos & egg rolls I also ordered the Caesar salad but our waitress forgot & it wasn't a big deal she was rather sweet & my daughter got the red mountain roll & we all had ramen bowls with our choice of a protein beautiful presentation but the food really lacked flavor we tried adding siracha & soy & it just didn't help we were very disappointed because it was so good when we previously visited


Our evening at Bamboo started on a decidedly awful footing; our party of five (plus an infant) was not even greeted but told: we don't have booster seats or high chairs. Well, way to make us feel welcome! When we were seated we asked specifically not to sit at the stools at the high top tables (two members of our party have back problems) and were told how inconvenient it was going to be to seat us elsewhere. Seriously, the place was nearly empty. After some huffing and puffing the host seated us at a booth near the back. (Honestly it is a wonder we did not leave at this point). After ordering some (delicious!) appetizers, one of the hosts bustled up to the table to remove our laminated menus because some of our plates were covering them (he stated that he wanted to keep them neat and clean-- really???) (When he did this to our neighboring table, the guests there looked so offended). We went on to have delicious sushi served by a wonderful waitress who was fun and attentive. But am certain we will not return, because who needs the attitude!

Blake C.

We were there on a Thursday and got in right away. We had a Lumpia appetizer and then shared three rolls. The Lumpia was very good... light flaky spring roll A+. The sushi was good but nothing spectacular, just a real solid sushi. Service there was awesome. Waitress was on top of it and very friendly. Seating was a little different with one long bench on one side and moveable tables and chairs on the other side. This made seating a little tight with the table next to you but we didn't mind. Price wise I think this was our cheapest meal of the whole week that we were there, coming in under $50 for the 2 of us. Next time I would defiantly try the other menu items. Roman and skewers looked awesome.

Kristy Harris

This was my first time there and all I can say is wow. Our waitress was so awesome. The food was marvelous.

Bethany Hunter

I would love to get this restaurant 5 stars but first impressions are everything. The host was beyond rude and condescending (You will see this commend trend in other reviews).If you want a table without a 1 hour plus wait; you MUST have your total party standing outside the building at 4:45pm.The drinks are good but small and pricey. Sushi is okay.Go somewhere else the atmosphere isn’t worth it.

Kareen O.

Food is fresh, beautiful presentation, great service at the bar, grilled edamame is delicious. Ambience is comfortable, hip and trendy. I enjoyed my experience and will revisit when in town again.

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