Bizarre The Coffee Bar

217 22nd St N, Birmingham
(205) 538-7100

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Nesha Rae

Nice vibe. Great low key spot for a business meeting or drinks and conversations with friends, the music is low so you don't have to scream to talk.

Rita Paul

The bariata/bartender was very unprofessional and couldn't make a simple Frappuccino. Although after I asked if they served them she commented "this is a coffee bar" I had to ask for additional sweetners and she was completely confused. DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!!

Olivia K

Bizarre is a great word for it — coffee, cocktails, and hookah all in one place plus rap music videos. Service was slow but friendly!My one request is please close your bathroom off from the public if it's gonna be that busted up. Or at the very least take the full body mirror out of there so folks don't have to watch themselves pee. ?

Precious Sneed-Caldwell

Very nice chill spot! My Hennessy margarita was the best I’ve ever had. Can’t wait to go back.

Hunter Bell

Awesome vibe. Kind people and great service. Cold beer and spirits, coffee, hookah, and love.


amazing coffee shop. the country western line dancing each night is the best in the west. put on your boots and come downtown


Tumeric Lemonade was just tumeric with iced water. Revolting. Place is dirty and falling apart. Staff vaping inside.

Angie M.

I LOVE YOU A LATTE! For what ever reason, down town Birmingham does not have a lot of little boutique coffee shops. Everywhere else you go there are tons of small boutique style coffee shops, but in downtown, there are maybe two. When I got off work early today, I knew I needed a bit of a pick me up before heading home. Winded up walking aimlessly around parts of downtown I had yet to explore and found Bizarre: The Coffee Bar. What an exciting environment I walked into. When we first came in there was jazz music playing. On the walls are gorgeous paintings of famous African American artists. Everything about this place screams black owned business as well as hidden gem. There is a full coffee menu as well as a full bar. Seems as though they are open for coffee from 8am up to happy hour time. Once happy hour time rolls around they change courses a bit and their bar is opened. Every week night is something different. But karaoke is one of their biggest nights. After looking at the coffee menu for some time, I decided on ordering the frozen caramel macchiato. It was super delicious. I thought of the one thing to make it even better would be to add a shot (or two) of baileys. I made the suggestion to the girl working behind the bar and she said that that is in fact one of their evening drinks. She shrugged it off in a sense and then said "Yea we're bizarre like that" I can definatley picture this spot as a great environment for students to come to in the morning or mid afternoon for some studying. But needing to flee when the afternoon rolls into the early evening. If you have yet to check out this small hidden gem, you defiantly need to. It is a great way to stay cool on these hot summer days. Cool off in their air conditioned hole in the wall while enjoying some delicious coffee or cocktails, up to you.

Corey Phillips

Great atmosphere, awesome art work as well. The service is TOP SHELF!!! Had the best MUD Slide Ever without ice ? can't believe it. Highly Recommend

Zee A.

One of the many Alabama Black owned businesses that doesn't stay open as posted times on Yelp .... Went out of my way to support.

Kushal Pradhan

Tried the espresso but wasn’t even strong ?

Seals Q

Went in for a frozen mocha and a frozen white mocha, the frozen mocha was watered down, no flavor no coffee. The frozen white mocha tasted good but watered down and no coffee. I guess I caught them at a bad time.

Michy Loo

Sad to say it was a bit disappointing when the reviews sounded so good. Ordered coffee to-go and the coffee was burnt with no whipped cream in either cup. The cinnamon roll tasted like only black coffee, not espresso, with cinnamon sprinkled on top. And the oh la la tasted like just black coffee. Neither cup had the add ins that were advertised on the menu. Unfortunately, being from out of town, my friend and I already got on the road.

Gigi Talley

Always laid back. Coffee and Kahlua? No problem! Sweet piece of cake? They got it! DJ in the corner? Yep! Not your average coffee place. This is a coffee joint.


The staff is great, and this place has all of the things you want. Definitely recommend, especially if you just trying to kick it with a few friends.

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