Bizarre The Coffee Bar

217 22nd St N, Birmingham
(205) 538-7100

Recent Reviews

Taleah Tait-Powell

Amazing Atmosphere! Hilarious Podcast!!

Sky Jett

I came by for coffee this morning but no one was there (during business hours, super disappointing). But I will be back because I've heard great things.

Gabby C Nation

The coffee was great! The barista was fast and professional!

Pat Walker

love this place. great service and atmosphere . great for special occasions and social gatherings

ryan ernst

Great addition to the community. Lot of potential here.

Angela N. Blount, Author

A gem of a hole-in-the-wall. I'm so glad we popped in! The coffee is better than Starbucks in my opinion, and better priced in fact. There is also a modest alcohol selection. And the new owner is an excellent conversationist.

Darryl Thomas

Marsha and I visited this week and it was an enjoyable experience. Great desserts, hospitality was excellent. We will be coming back to visit and establish a strategic partnership. You must visit.

Jakeno Crenshaw

Good food, good drinks, and good conversation. One of the best atmospheres in the city.

Spencer Clay

Great overall experience.

Dione Hubbars

Great coffee, drinks and service.

jason nalls

Very nice and relaxing environment. Worth checking out.

Julia Juarez

Wonderfully woke establishment with thhe best people and drinks.

Dalena Norman

My first experience was a good one. It's a great place to study or gather with friends. Nice atmosphere, good vibe, and great customer service! I recommend the chai tea, it is amazing! I will definitely return....Bizarre The Coffee Bar has a bright future!

Mike J.

Nice cozy coffee spot, with plenty of room for a business meeting or event. Great people and amazing salads!

Mike James

Nice and cozy place. Great people there and good service!

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