Bluff Park Ice Cream Shoppe

815 Shades Crest Rd, Birmingham
(205) 423-5055

Recent Reviews

Jessica Kersey

Came here for the first time on October 2, 2022 during a birthday weekend trip. Craved their unique flavors ever since. Now I stop by every time I drive through Birmingham. So delicious and it comes with a reusable spoon!

Jeanie Shea Realtor

Chocolate chip cookie dough was to die for. And the friendly young gentleman that served us was simply delightful. I love the quaint feel of the decor.

Shannon Betton

Seemed as if it would have been great but it's definitely in the hood. I was scared as I pulled up. Thugs were beside the buliding gathered around and leading to the front door and hardly any parking space .

Paige M.

Service is great! Friendly staff. Great neighborhood ice cream shop! Will definitely visit often!

Alondra O.

10/10 very friendly and great atmosphere in a nice spot been here twice and been satisfied each time.

Bob Gibson

We stopped here for dessert after having dinner at the Electric. It is definitely a Bluff Park favorite and I can see why. It was very clean and the ice cream choices made it difficult to decide. However, we arrived at 8:30 pm which I now realize was a mistake. After choosing our ice cream, paying, and finding a seat the staff politely informs us that they will be closing soon and we can enjoy our ice cream outside. The time was now 8:49 pm and we were fully aware they closed at 9 pm even without being told by the staff. In the future I know to show up earlier or in the event it is near their closing time another option is the Whole Scoop which is open until 10 pm.


Ice cream was very good and many different flavors to choose from. All hard ice cream, no soft serve available. The ice cream is not cheap, but the portions are very generous.

Logan Skinner

Amazing ice cream! For my fellow diabetic people there are no sugar free options at the time of this review.

Christina Kirtley-Duffy

Really good ice cream. Nit every flavor is a win/win.

Sharon Jones

I love the taste of their ice cream. My work hours today we're 3am til 12 pm. I wanted some ice cream so bad. I stop by on my way home but there register was messed up and the owner had to come fix it. I could not wait for them to come and fix. I had stopped and got a frozen dinner it was to hot to wait that long. I just finished working in the yard and would have loved that cool taste.

Rie Plum

? I'm very selective about my ice cream. This is the best in town! Just make sure you check the store hours before you get all excited and in Bluff Park!

Lathan B.

I stumbled across this ice cream shop after hiking Red Mountain on a Sunday afternoon and I must say I did not know what to the expect. I ordered a peanut butter cookie waffle cone and I really enjoyed it. I will be back again!

Luke L.

Ah... What more can I say. It has some more of the generic flavors, but hey I had the Superman and I can't say I wasn't pleased.

Jody T.

Hands-down the best flavors if ice cream in Birmingham! Super fresh and delicious. Their waffle cones are so yummy! Lots of variety but you can likely find the classics too. Beautiful mural on the side if tge building by the parking lot fir instagram worthy shots too.

Chuck Taylor

Nice old fashioned type shop with friendly service. Good stuff.

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