Burger King

5961 Chalkville Mountain Ln Hwy, Birmingham
(205) 508-5152

Recent Reviews

Deborah Fendley

Told they dont have vanilla shakes any more!!! Dont believe.

George Osborne

Very friendly nice service.. and one of the few places I feel clean enough to trust.. and if not satisfied I have never had a problem with them making it right..a special recognition to manager Leslie.. thank you!

D Virden

Ordered 2 FRESH whoppers cut in half, extra pickles and onion rings. Woman said “so 2 Whoppers and onion rings”? I then repeated...”2 FRESH whoppers cut in half, extra pickles and onion rings”. She asked if I wanted small or large onion rings? I said large, please. WHOPPER SANDWICHES WERE NOT FRESH, NOT CUT IN HALF AND GOT LIKE 8 ONION RINGS! Didn’t get charged correctly and they didn’t give me a receipt. RIDICULOUS! Maybe that’s why nobody was there. Other businesses were busy, now I know why. Do not bother going there!!!!!!!!!!!


My whopper had no onion, and barely any lettuce. The whopper is why I come to Burger King. No salt on the fries, but they were hot. Dine-in service was quick and courteous. Clean restaurant.

Tara Flowers

I ordered two whoppers. One extra onion and pickle. The other no mayo. I watched the cashier punch in only pickle and onion as soI corrected him. He supposedly changed it. Well guess what I get home and the sandwich had only pickle onion and lettuce nothing else. I was so disappointed:(

T. F.

The staff were great and the cashier, Tatiana was very inviting, friendly and did her job very well. Great job!

Andrea Mattson

Hot food and friendly staff

Darrell Allen

This place is a craptastic as you can do better than visiting here.

Preston Holloway

They all have Bad attitudes and make everyone pull up to stop their timer. 4 cars pull up with nobody in the drive through so that they can take their time with our order and look good.

Kristi F.

Really nice staff here. We all know how the staff at fast food restaurants can be very unfriendly. I knowwhat to expect when you buy fast food but this staff was very friendly. Some burger kings have I have scratched off my list bc the staff is so ugly tothe customers or just dirty and nasty inside.

Yvette Truss

They got me hooked on their onion rings. Two days in a row I had to have them. Freshly cooked each time I ordered them.

Erica Hampton

Ordered breakfast and it was not at all appetizing. Chicken biscuit was burnt to a crisp and my croissant was mushy

Theresa Jordan

Good food very nice staff clean store

Samuel P.

This location never tends to disappoint. Ever time I used the drive thru, I always encounter a friendly employee and the food be alright, but hey, it's fast food so what do you expect. They now added the Impossible Whopper on the 2 for $6 which is good because the Impossible Whopper by itself is expensive.

P Lewis Hoomes

THIS Burger King, on Chalkville Road, is a JOKE .. The food .. service .. establishment .. and Manger are frauds .. Not of any substance or quality .. The lights on the outside were off .. Eventually, someone must have noticed that the lights were off and turned them on around 6:30pm .. There was a backup in the drive through .. There were 3 cars ahead of me .. They were waiting for their orders to be brought out .. I ordered ONLY a fish sandwich with cheese .. I, finally

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