Burger King

5961 Chalkville Mountain Rd Hwy, Birmingham
(205) 508-5152

Recent Reviews

James Baldwin

I ordered food on the app. 4 large orders of onion rings, 2large fries, customized burgers. Paid on the app. Got to the restaurant. Oh sorry we are out of onion rings. Seriously!! But you took my money didn't you. Then the burgers were wrong. Didn't recieve large fries. EVERYTHING WAS WRONG!!!

Michael Battey

Drink machine out of most of the syrups. I guess the lazy darkie night crew was leaving all the side work for the morning shift. Not a bad chicken sandwich. Got about half the usual french fry order, likely because the millenials don't like older, polite white men.

David Fadule

Do not let the area fool you. My family and I ordered the food here and they were very speedy and courteous. The space was clean and comfortable as well.

Brian Woods

Their tacos are probably the best I have ever had.

brandi peek

Love this place and the people who work here

James Huckelberry

Best Nuggets ever for a very good price.

Nikki Reese

Good food ppl and prices

Meena C.

We have stopped here twice over the past few months (on our way to church looking for some protein before service), and while the food I decent, the wait times are ridiculous. We don't order anything complex (usually two burritos), but even if there aren't cars ahead of us, they make us pull forward to wait. That's my biggest pet peeve with fast food places... if you're slow, own it! Stop trying to deceive corporate because I will write about it on Yelp!

Rebecca Martin

Both times I went to this location. I had to wait and both times the order was wrong. The first time I realized it and went in but the second I was in a rush since I had to wait. They asked if I wanted to customize my order (2 biscuits and 2 croissant deal) and I told her all biscuits would be great if possible. She changed it then said they couldnt alter the meal. Ok fine. What I got was 4 croissants. We dont even really care for them. Apparrently they could alter if giving you what you dont want. They also failed to give me a receipt. I called the store with no answer.

Emily Littrell

I took my toddler to the bathroom & when we came out we almost slipped & fell from them mopping the floors & not putting a "wet floor" sign in the area. As we ate I saw SEVERAL people almost fall as well. 3 other people warned me about the slippery floor & told me they had almost fallen. This was around 12 PM (during lunch hour rush.) Just an accident waiting to happen..but other than that everything was good.

Chip C.

Until recently, I haven't been to a Burger King in years. Not due to any fault of their own, it's just that other options always seem better. However, we've recently started stopping by this location on our way to church on Sunday mornings to grab a bite of breakfast. They have a decent breakfast burrito. It's not as good as a crunch crap from Taco Bell, but it's good. This location's staff are always nice, but they almost always have us and other cars pull up so as to not affect their numbers, and to go ahead and take the cash from the next customer. It can be a little frustrating having to wait on the order each time. We'll see if we keep coming or if we move on to other options. If the service doesn't improve, I'm definitely leaning towards the latter.

Joseph Morrison

I was already late. The fries were hot but, the sandwich was not right. I ordered the chicken sandwich with cheese and when I got to my destination there was no cheese. And the order took 10 minutes to get. I tried to call the place and no one would answer the phone.

Shane Adkins

Employees weren't friendly . Prepared whoppers wrong but this wasn't the problem. The problem was that , We spoke and they never spoke. Just when we ordered is the only time. When remaking whoppers , They still were incorrect . They had no name tags on uniforms and no name on receipt . Horrible experience.

Quentin Davis

Great service and great food, definitely will return

Jerie H.

I love burger king , and now that they have the new plant based whopper , I have a feeling we will be going more. Love the whopper. The chicken sandwich is amazing and there shakes are great! This place is great food and great selection of food.

Jacob Chandler

Always great to join a line of cars waiting for their food in the parking lot. Wth is going on in there?

Cody Doyle

Playground was dirty for the kids. Girl taking the order didn't know the difference in decaf and regular coffee. The manager was nice, however the men's bathroom had no paper towels and toilet was disgusting. Food was decent but had to go and get the order fixed.

Dawn K

Don't order anything special. I was asked if I wanted to wait for a special order because they had to go get something out of the cooler. I said "No problem." After waiting I was given the wrong order. I told the manager at the counter and she said they gave me the wrong order by accident. Then she gave me what was suppose to be the correct order but it wasn't. When I told her it was still incorrect she looked me in the eye, started talking into her headset and walked away. Ridiculous!

Ashley Bayles-Robinson

If I could rate this place no stars I would based off of the experience tonight. To start all fountain drink options were HORRIBLE. We as for our order to be freshly made and it wasn't. The nuggets and the onion rings had to be cooked yesterday. Very bad night experience.

Adam Thorn

Terrible service. 20 minutes to get food in the drive- thru. I thought it would be fresh. Ha!!!! 2 chicken sandwiches were burned and dry. Never will i go there again. Did not receive a reciept either

Bo Dement

I went through the drive through window. Ordered chicken sandwich and whopper hamburger. Both were burnt and wet breaded buns. I took it in and ask for them to make it correct and freash .and the manager never said I am sorry we will make it right .she was clearly mad because there were other PEOPLE standing watching as I told her the chicken was burnt and dryed out.and the bun was wet.and the whopper was wrong and it had wet lettuce and hard hamburger meat and wet and hard bun with sour smelling tomatoes. It was bad ...they made it over and when I walked out to my truck and started driving out .I opened it up and man the new was bad and burnt chicken ..I turn around and went back in sit the bag down and said this is a new store and 2 times you have given me the worst food. 2 ti.es .the manager was very rude mad and never said I am sorry ..she has a craptastic personality and so I said I want my money back and she called a young girl fro. The back and toldexher forgive him his MONEY and walked away ..I will not be looked at that again that manager looked like she could kill me . With such hate .she did not like those other people see or hear what was going on .

Brandon E.

This place sucks and it starts it starts with the management. She is rude to customers, her employees and all around $&@?!. They really need to consider revamping their management and get some control over the front of the house and back of the house.

Michael Garrett

Their flame brouled burgers really are better than most. Used to love their onion rings but I think they changed the recipe a while back. Still good but not as good. They offer free refills, which is nice. It's your basic Burger King. Decent fiod at a good price. The store was clean and the staff was friendly.

Valencia Hill

They gave good customer service. You donâ??t have repeat the order several times before they get. SO I GUESS HERE AT THIS BURGER KING YOU CAN HAVE IT YOUR WAY !!!

Fan Damner

Absolutely positively without a doubt the slowest Burger King service in the state. Staff I'd nice and can be accommodating for the sluggishness of the staff.

Will Parks

Don't bother. People just stop working the drive-thru whenever they feel like it and lie about being closed, as if the website, app, and sign on the door don't say how late they're open.

Sam Corvin

You just can't go wrong with a whopper!

Catherine Jones

Service was awful/ slow. Sandwich was good.

Randy Davis

Food was correct as ordered and delocious!

Olivia P.

The people there a rude and they didn't even give us a receipt or all of our food. They also didn't even greet us.

Katelynn Bryant

It took 10 minutes to get two sandwiches, which ended up wrong from the beginning because we ordered three. It was also nothing like we would usually expect and tasted very plain/ rushed. The staff was very friendly though and can't be to blame for low staffing!

Adrianna Batch

They sound med like they had a bad attitude with us. I ordered a stack burger with nothing on it and it had another sauce on it and I asked for a sprite but got a Pepsi and it wasnâ??t even full.

Taylen & Alissa

The chicken fries that I got had a barbecue taste and they upset my stomach. The sweet tea I got had an alcohol taste and a strong smell. The fries were the only thing that was good. Everything had a weird smell. The ranch tasted like it was old.

Ian H.

The only good fast food in place in Pinson. Amazing people doing an amazing job. Here is to hoping they'll put McDonald's out of business!

Sheryl Calder-Morrow

everything was hot and good. friendly staff. clean restaurant

Beneva Nelson

Burger King is good any day...any time. Service is good most times and better at other times. Great place to grab a quick bite late at night

April Michelle Farrand

rude n dont want to help customers n ignores customers. crappy service. icee machine not working. dont want to ring up customers lady kept looking at me so i just left. too cold in there too. i could keep going.

Jessica Speights

Rude employees, order was wrong, hair in our drink, and was asked to pull up while the three cars behind us got their order first. When I asked for a receipt the lady rolled her eyes and said the machine is broken. Worst customer service ever

Jaquerian Savannah Moon Horton

1:00 on 11/25/18 The drive thru service was horrible. Woman on the speakers was completely and utterly disgusted with her job. If she wasn't - she sure sound like it. I just drove off. Went to DQ

Aimee G.

horrible rude ppl! need to learn some customer service!