Casa Fiesta Inverness

110 Inverness Plaza, Birmingham
(205) 739-2154

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This place is a joke. The food was decent but the service/management wasn't. Server was inattentive at best. Slow to get drinks and order and didn't check in really at all. Mostly was playing on her phone or flirting with another server. We ordered 2 large house margaritas, which has little to no tequila in them. After drinking half or so we asked if they had any in them and basically they said you drank some already so it's not our problem and we can't do anything about it. Lol ok you're only going to rip me off once. Won't be back, this was our second and last trip here

Ryan Jones

We love going to casa fiesta. It’s our early dinner date night at least once a month. My wife usually gets the taco salad with grilled chicken, and I usually get the grilled chicken quesadilla or the grilled chicken burrito, all of which are great!

June “Jun” Smith

RECOMMEND this restaurant if you’re looking at trying Mexican food for the first time, and would like it to be hearty as well as delicious and affordable. They have a mass variety of dishes to choose from as well as drinks. They have some tasty looking desserts I will be trying the next time I return. I’ve been here twice in one week and believe when I state this, there’s a valid reason why you must try this location.


Omg, GO!Food was hot and everything tasted fresh. The drinks were mixed very well and the atmosphere was awesome. Typically I travel downtown for mex- but I will be a regular here soon.

Paige Edwards

The food was great here! Just the right amount of seasoning, generous portions, fair prices, and fast service.

EZ Duzzit (EZDuzzit5280)

Friendly staff, fast, and everything bursting with flavor! Well earned 5 stars and I’m a Mexican food connoisseur!

Vu D.

Love this secret Mexican place. Food and service was amazing . Margaritas was great . I often eat here for lunch and portions are the right amount.

Jules B.

Had dinner here in our way to FL. Awesome place, great outdoor dinning. Had trouble with finding it with google maps, it's behind Regions Bank, but worth coming! Great food and service, had Daniela as our waitress.

Larry S.

The food is good on occasion but the preparation is not consistent. I still eat there but not as often. They do have different drink specials daily.

Aakarshan S.

Really great food! Came with some friends from school after our finals and had a great time.

Colby Dobbins

The wife and I stopped by this Gem. Holy cow. Friday night, it was pretty busy at 6 pm. But i got the fiesta bowl, it's basically a fajita in a bowl covered in cheese dip. On Friday they have a house Margarita special. 32 oz margs for I think it was $9. I can't remember the exact price but the margarita was great! The food was great. The guac, cheese and salsa dips are all great.

Whitney H.

This was a good meal, but nothing really special to write home about. They have the typical chips and salsa to munch on while waiting for your food. The wait for our meals was a little long and the restaurant was not especially crowded, but I'm sure that's due to being understaffed because of COVID. The margaritas were great. Nice and strong with a good flavor. Our meals were delicious as well.

Brian C.

I've been eating Tex Mex my entire life and authentic regional Mexican food for over twenty years. Casa Fiesta is among the laziest attempts at Mexican food I've ever tried. There was zero flavor in anything. This is the perfect place for people who think Taco Bell is super spicy and who believe that real tacos come in crunchy shells. I had enchiladas topped with Mexican pork. The menu described the dish as served with lettuce, guacamole and sour cream. The guacamole was just avocado pulp and the sour cream was not even true crema but american style sour cream. The Mexican pork was just a mess of flavorless meat, onion and bell pepper. On a scale of 1-10, the plating was in the negative range. It was just bad, and ugly food. The star of an enchilada should be a fresh corn tortilla and great ingredients. Instead it was just a pile of food. Who gives a damn if the portions are huge if the food is just SOS?

Jonathan B.

I got the Fiesta Bowl and my daughter got the nachos supremos. Amazing! Incredible food and great friendly service, highly recommend.

Michelle Oberheim

The food was delicious and our server was friendly and attentive. They have the best tortilla chips I have ever ate!

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