Gus's Hot Dogs

1915 4th Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 251-4540

Recent Reviews

Eric Hudson

Best Chili dog this side of the Mississippi. Very friendly place and you feel welcome when you walk in the door. Highly recommend for locals or if you were a guy swinging through town like me.

Santino Laboy

This place is the definition of a hole in the wall. It’s probably 400 square feet max. 2 cooks behind the grill taking and making orders.The hotdogs are delicious as was the double cheeseburgers. The hotdogs are small you will want to get 2-3 of them, but the food is Fairly priced and cheap.As a Hispanic man, I love supporting minority owned businesses which makes this place even better. If I am ever driving through Alabama, il definitely stop by again.

Talisha Cannon

I wasn't that impressed with my hot dogs. The bread wasn't fresh and the variety of chips were not that good.Food: 3/5

Christyana Reynard

Amazing! Food was great and many people kept coming in to eat. The service was so friendly also

Patrick Rigney

This "hole in the wall" has amazing dogs and a great burger. The fellas behind the counter were energetic and hilarious and very patient with these first-time customers figuring out what to order. Our order of combos, Specials and a burger (wife can't eat cured meats and sausage) were up fast, and devoured enthusiastically. The place is small and a tight squeeze when busy, but that just adds to the vibe. We fed four people lunch for under $20 (less tip). A serious winner we tripped upon, and we'll be back.

Kristen W.

Great service! Burger was really good. The chili on my hot dog was a little salty, but still good.


I love this place. The best hotdogs hands down. Friendly staff

Jazlynn Pederson

For starters, it’s easy to miss as it’s a very small place but wow was it worth stopping in for! I walked in and told them I’m from SD and I travelled 1,100 so I just simply want to be impressed. I got the chili cheese dogs without onions and it was DELICIOUS! Both men were polite gentleman and made my first meal in Birmingham one to remember. Definitely recommend!

Tony Hume

Varsity in Atlanta has NOTHING on Gus' slaw dogs all the way. I just and two and wanna run back over just to drop more money in your tip jar. way to go! Slaw dogs all the way for the win!

Rosalind Lewis

The special sauce on Gus Hot dogs is what makes those loving hot dogs enjoy. The BLT sandwich and the variety of beverages is my reason.

Angie M.

FRANK YOU VERY MUCH! Saturday afternoon (around 12:15ish). Needing to go somewhere to pick up some fast and easy lunch. Don't want to waste time standing in line at the Pizitz, Gus's is located in the perfect spot in downtown. It is in the heart, but is still yet, hidden. Not a lot of people know about this location, I only knew of the franchise because I stumbled upon it when I was in Mountain Brook one day. Came in with a friend on her lunch break. It was an easy walk for us as I had met her at McWane Science Center and we walked together. The inside is basically what you would assume a hole in the wall looks like. Might be the size of a small closet. There is a line where the workers cook food, behind them is a wall of chips and a small soda fridge in the back as well. We cae in ordered our dogs and were on our way. She got a chili dog, a very simple order, a hot dog with chili and cheese. NOTHING else. I on the other hand have a questionable hot dog order, but it works for me. I got two hot dogs both with ketchup and relish. I know how it sounds, but don't knock it till you try it. I have been a little tight on my spending lately, but this meal barely cost me anything. Two hot dogs and a bag of chips only cost me $5.50 which I am not complaining about one bit. I will definitely be coming back to Gus's Hot dogs. The staff is welcoming and the food is great too. Simple and easy. You go in you order and you are out very quickly. If you have yet to stop in, it is worth your while.

Willie Gossom

Best Hot dog I've had in years!

wesley hutchins

The ownership of the restaurant may have changed but the atmosphere and the hotdogs are still fantastic! My go to for a good hot dog.

Michael Barcelona

LA is super nice & helpful. Best hot dog in town. The spicy ketchup is so good.

Stella White

A city Icon!! I ordered a Plant based hot dog topped with sauerkraut. My hubby ordered regular hot dogs. We need to support our oldest and dedicated downtown shops.

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