1576 Montgomery Hwy, Hoover
(205) 979-6262

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Sarah C

Literally just drove away after placing my order because 1 the staff is not knowledgeable and 2 they’re rude. My husband is placing the order which is pretty simple and is rudely interrupted “sir what is you trying to get?!?” To which we had to explain the sandwich to her that is smack dab in the middle of the menu as well as on their website. See photo for the blatant advertisement of this sandwich that she acted like didn’t exist.I got basically the same thing at Bojangles down the street and they were super friendly!!

Ginger “Gin” Murphy

Haven't had a Krystal burger in forever so I drove all the way here to not only be able to go inside, but was in the 2nd drive thru line for 45 minutes before I even moved up one space. There was a bunch of door dash people in line as well who was very angry. Business at 12:15 p.m (lunch rush) should not be a 45 minute wait in a fast food drive thru line. Its understandable that lunch rush is crowded but you guys and gals need better management. This was RIDICULOUS, especially for those who works all day and only has a 30 minute lunch. Got to do better folks!!!! ???? "please" ?

Jennifer Oden

Just went to this Krystal’s and the new manager Nina is sooooo very sweet & helpful. Her staff is very professional and friendly. Best Krystal’s I’ve been to in a long time and I go to many Krystal’s for my Roadie Rootbeers. I will definitely come back every chance I get. Great customer service and so friendly.


new manager very personable and knowledgable service fast,food still good

Dana Boykin

Today we had Nina Sims helping us today. This woman deserves every amazing thing that is coming to her. She was so so kind and helpful and she offered the BEST service. I cant believe it's only her third day because she acts like she has been doing this her whole life. I'm sending all the blessings to this incredibly woman.

Brian Howard

I will blame this on management... The service is terrible. I was in line for almost 30 minutes! They need to be properly managed, because the place will eventually go out of business. The drive thru worker asked how could he help me, then never came back to the microphone. I usually don't leave reviews if the service is bad, but this is on a whole different level of unprofessionalism. This really defeats the purpose of "fast" food. I recommend driving the extra 10 minutes to the nearest Krystals.

Ju Mc

Extremely slow experience in which 4 people walked put prior to their order being taken. I should have taken the advice of the guy in front of me saying that this place is fine... if you have an hour to wait...Nearly 15 mins after ordering (and paying) did we receive our food. If we hadn't already payed I'd have left.I will give them another try later as I'm a Krystal fan but it won't be soon.

John Sargent

Went thru the drive through and placed order. They had to prepare one of my orders which they did and I did not have to wait long for it. My only complaint is that Krystal is no longer a reasonably priced fast food place. They, like everyone else, have gotten so expensive.

Steve Johnson

Worst Krystal in America? Possibly. You can plan on a 30-45min drive through experience. Then, will your order be hot & correct? Probably not. What's even more aggravating is the "owner response" to all these negative reviews. Hey "Owner", your excuses and apologies mean nothing. Either fix it or close it. How you've managed to keep going this long is a mystery to the universe.

Brandy S.

The owner of this location has really let it turn into a dump. The outside looks rough. The parking lot is in bad shape. The menu is missing parts and pieces and signage. The doors to the menu are left open and swinging in the wind. The girl at the drive through was on her cellphone so he didn't bother to speak to me. I hope the owner and management can get improvements in place quickly or this place will shut down.

Kim None

Worst restaurant to order food from in Hoover. Always a 30+ minute wait.... Employees are rude and fuss about everything... There is absolutely zero reason for a fast food establishment to take longer to make your food than a nicer restaurant ???. Either close the store down completely or hire better employees!

Courtney Page

I’m not sure how this place is not shut down. They are always slow, but today the credit card machine is not working.So I order a door dash, and pay online. I am now waiting 30 minutes past when it should have been ready. They did not start making the order until I got to the store, which was the time it was suppose to be ready. Not sure why it’s taking so long when almost everyone is leaving when they can’t pay with a credit card.UpdateTo have waited so long, why am I eating cold cheeseburgers, with no mustard on them?

Richard Adams

I ordered 24 cheese Krystal’s without onions or mustard. I looked at the box when I got it, I could see the onions piling out of every burger on top. I walked back in to ask the girl if they have onions on them. She walked by the counter twice making eye contact each time without talking to me, then walked to the far side of the counter and leaned against it texting on her phone. I asked, “Do these have onions?” She stated, “Yeah. They cooked in onions” and looked back down to continue texting. Card machine was down, receipt printer was out of paper. I had to wait until they got cold so I could scrape the onions off 24 burgers. Great customer service.

Ryan Thibodeaux

One of the worst drive through experiences. You always wait 15-30 minutes for any meal.(If the system is up)Employees can care less about work and fulfilling any duties related to their job. They sit on their phones in the lobby and socialize among themselves.

odenville saint Clair county saints basketball

Waited 45 minutes for a 12 sackful and 4 chick's. Then I had cheese them and didn't want cheese. So I didn't want to wait another hour so just took the cheese off. Definitely not worth the the $35. Especially when a sake pull of 12 is only $11????? Trying to figure out what was so expensive me having to wait so long. Much have charged me by the hour

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