2408 Center Point Pkwy, Center Point
(659) 238-0579

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Tiffany Crouch

Service was great when they first opened...we waited more than 30 minutes on our most recent visit.Food: 3/5

Jason Camp

Update 3/9 I have now tried 6 times, once system down. Just now 11pm at night they had 5 cars ahead of me waiting and it would be a 20 minute wait. If a overstaffed store cant handle 5 cars at a time this location is doomed.I have tried for three days in a row to place a order.The first time long line and lady comes out system is down will be 15-20 mins.The next try two cars in front of me 10 mins later at speaker after 4 mins and no respone I left.Tonight I get to speaker grill is down and will be 15-20 mins.The first couple weeks service was great, the last few times i actually got food the wait was horrible.

Zan J

For this to be a new business in the area, you should watch who you hire to work and run your establishment. The momentum was good when you first opened, however I guess since the higher ups have left and gone back to their locations the employees do ad hey please. It is 2:15pm and when I walk up to order I'm told that the window is closed at this time when there is only 3 cars in drive thru and they've been waiting for their orders to be taken. I didn't get in line, I left and went someplace else. Know that we have choices and don't have to choose your establishment so it's best to hire good people that want to work and represent your company.

Store 4544

I thought a Krystal restaurant bring open in Centerpoint was a great idea because I love eating but I highly suggest you get a customer service class for your team. I come to the drive-thru today and purchase (4) 3 egg breakfast with chz grits. 2 of the cups of grits were spilled in the bag. The drive-thru through attendant ask me to move because her drive-thru time was running. Then went to ask me do I want her to give me a bag because the grits spilled. Poor service! Yall need to figure out a better way for your grits put them in a paper bag instead of tossing them in a plastic bag.


I have been to this Krystal twice. The first time the line at the drive-thru was backed up all the way around the building and not moving. The second time we managed to pull up to the drive-thru and order. We waited in line for over 30 minutes. A lot of cars pulled off. They are losing a lot of business.

George Daniel

Cold food, order incorrect, and they must be using a different recipe than Krystals use. This is ridiculous for a brand new location. I want my money back. 1-22-23 @9pm

Erica Patterson

Chilli cheese fries


Don’t waste your time. I just went through the drive thru and I had a very SIMPLE order. 8 cheese Krystal’s, plain and 3 medium fries. Only 4 Krystal’s had cheese. A couple of them were all smashed looking and everything was luke warm at best. Meat looked barely cooked. Plenty of employees standing around, so staffing was not the issue. I won’t be back.

Leila Johnson

Friendly service, fresh and hot food! Delicious!

Mrs.Tijuanna Cook

How can you give out cold food already, this your 2nd day open, and the food is cold, JUST WOW! I WON'T BE BACK!!CENTERPOINT PKWY 35215


Parking Lot Greeter was very friendly & courteous.. Cust Serv person taking the orders outside was also very polite.. My order was hot and CORRECT.. New location great attitudes on the opening day..

Sharon Bey

If you go to Krystal's on a Saturday night, you will get wonderful customer service, hot food and cold drinks. Rosie went above and beyond. Thank you so very much!!!

Corbin Media LLC

Excellent service, funny staff, a delightful experienceFood: 5/5

Renita Rice

Good morning, just grabbed a breakfast ( sausage,egg and cheese ) combo. Food was very hot and the service was fast and friendly. Will be returning as long as they keep it up ☺️

Laverne Steele

Fries cold & 4 cheeseburgers cold. Purchased today at around 4:00 pm

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