Los Valedores Taco Truck

301 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham
(205) 460-6517

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Will B.

We were craving tacos for a while now. And we wanted to try a new place. We came to this side of town anticipating trying a different place. But when they were closed, we stumbled upon Los Valedores. So we gave it a shot.The ordering process was very easy. Covid safe and really only to-go available. We ordered 7 different tacos and two quesadillas. We usually eat these type of meals while we are there. But with distancing and being with two 3-year-olds, we decided to take it home.When we got home, it was really tough to tell the tacos apart. But we were certain that our order was not correct. Many of the tacos were definitely the same meat and we only ordered two that were the same. But nonetheless, they were are still delicious. My normal favorite, lengua, was probably the least favorite of what I ate that night. The kids got a quesadilla. And it was just ok. But the tacos made up for it.A good meal all around with friendly people. I will definitely check them out again.

Jada Cox

So good! I really enjoyed my tacos and the green and red sauce was a great touch! Quick service !

Lauren N.

Y'all. I love some tacos. Especially real tacos. And when I want them I go here. Service is quick and friendly. I love the menu because there is something for everyone. I personally like the chorizo tacos and el pastor. These tacos are a great size and have amazing deep flavors. I always pair with a grapefruit Jarrito. Go check them out off Greensprings!

Jada C.

These tacos are so good! Very flavorful and fun to eat. I got marinated pork tacos and chicken tacos with mozzarella cheese. My fiancé enjoyed his as well without the cheese! The green and red sauces were so yummy! A must try if you're in the mood for street tacos.

Kilian Stingle

Great food. Torta is amazing. Highly recommend.

Benjamin C.

I got two tacos here (campechano and cabeza), and they were fantastic! I've eaten a lot of street-style tacos around Birmingham lately, and the ones here have been some of my favorite. They were not only juicy, but they had good portions too. Also, I am a huge fan of the double tortillas. The tortillas definitely stood out. They were very warm and soft, though I couldn't tell if they were completely corn or a corn + wheat mixture.

B Olsen

Been coming here for years but there’s been numerous mistakes with the last few times I came, I spend over $30 so I expect to have good food. Won’t be back.

Matt Limbaugh

Yummy food and good prices. Wished they offered flour tortillas rather than corn tortillas only.

Walter S.

I have not touched the lips of god before, but if these tacos were Our Lord and Savior's lips I'd violate his face. I've had tacos from the four corners of God's great earth but I've never -- I assure you-- NEVER tasted such delicious cow tongue tacos. Not to mention, their other offal options are to die three times over for. The way that they sprinkle the cilantro and onion makes me salivate like a dog in heat, and believe me I've handled a few dogs in the throes of sexual passion. Keep up the good work, gents. I'll keep coming and cumming for these tacos.

Cody Todd

Really good tacos, Tacos asada with the green sauce highly recommended

morrys cabrera

Im from Texas and this is what you call real authentic street Tacos

Sarah A

Best tacos in town! This is our weekly go to for authentic Mexican food. The al pastor tacos and chorizo quesadillas are amazing. My toddler, the absolute food critic, loves their cheese quesadilla and will accept no others from different restaurants. Service is always quick and friendly. Have recommended this place to so many people now! What are you reading this for?! Go get some tacos.

Louii Rdgz

Best authentic taco truck all types of meat my fav tacos de lengua.best green sause....5stars!!!!!!!!

Brittany Gonzalez

I went today and ordered some tacos! They were absolutely delicious! They had a great flavor and was full with meat and toppings! Their salsa paired perfectly with the tacos! I will be back and I would recommend them if you’re looking for an affordable and delicious meal!


double layered corn tortillas with meat, raw onion and cilantro by default. Very generous helpings. $2/each. Very fair price I thought. Chorizo definitely has a kick to it. The pork tacos have a lot of sauce on them too. Chicken and beef have literally nothing on them. Not even salt. But it's easy to flavor it up exactly like you want with the included guacamole, red sauce (chipoltley sauce I guess?) and fresh lime. All in all, very good and the plain chicken & beef tacos are kind of perfect , if you're trying to feed a picky child.

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