Los Valedores Taco Truck

301 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham
(205) 460-6517

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In the Mexican Food Truck scheme of things, this is on the higher end of the scale. Definitely fair prices for the amount of meat that is in everything (some places will charge less, but cheap out on the amount of meat). Nice selection of quality cold drinks. The sauces that come in the cups have great flavor, their food has great flavor: good quality & quantity.

Kanika Jones

Excellent every time! Hot, fresh and delicious. I drive out of my way just for their tacos and gorditas!


Honestly the best taco truck ever and the taste surpasses other ones

Levell Taylor

The tacos are amazing. A little better than amazing.. Spanish people standing in line waiting so ya know it real. I almost didn't get a picture after the first bite.

Justin Chain

Great tacos. Evening crew seems a little friendlier than day time crew plus the day shift will never give salsa habanero but night will. Mike and day crew always acts like he doesn’t know what salsa I’m taking about and hands the red and green over. Tacos are only beaten by the king aka dos hermanos

Nolan Brasher

Very quick service and amazing food. Very authentic. One of my new favorite spots in birmingham!

Diane D.

Awesome tacos and gorditas! We were in town for a week and ate there 4 times it was that good! We've lived in Mexico and on the border for years and this is the real deal. Also the best food value we found in the area.

Ty B.

I tend to go here quite a few weekends out of the month. I most recently went on Thursday. I got three chicken tacos and three steak tacos. I always ask for no onions but add jalapeños. The jalapeños help to add even more spice to the sauces they give you. The meat on the taco is seasoned very well. So much so that the taco doesn't need the sauce. I like to use the sauce just for the extra kick. During Covid they have been wearing masks and making sure to sanitize the surroundings of the food truck such as drinks (people get their own from the cooler). Also, many people wait in their car and listen for their order.

Carrie Beth C.

I have not had the pleasure of dining at many food trucks, even though Birmingham has one around every corner. I went to Los Valedores Taco Truck on Green Springs through a friend's suggestion, which is not a far drive from my apartment, thankfully, since it smelled so delicious! Many customers were there, but everyone waited in their cars and just listened for their order to be called. Most everyone wore a face mask and followed COVID protocols. I enjoyed a fantastic chicken quesadilla along with one chorizo taco. I highly suggest eating here for the homemade tortillas alone that came with the tacos. Everything was well priced and had significant portions, all of it being excellent, high-quality, authentic Hispanic food. Sustainability was poor, but this is understandable since it's a food truck. I can not say enough about the superb food at Los Valedores and will be back again soon!

John R.

I stopped by this restaurant Saturday afternoon with my Aunt and we were both blown away by the quality of the food. I ordered the tacos from here and the flavor in the meats is nothing short of incredible. The most stand out aspect of this establishment without a doubt is the sauces that are served with each order. Each has a lovely, complex flavor and greatly enhances any food that they are on. The prices were also extremely reasonable for how much food you get in an order. The only change that I would like to see implemented here is for more sustainable packaging to be used as currently, all orders are given out in Styrofoam containers.

Nanishka S.

I'm so glad that I was able to find this food truck while in Birmingham! I had been trying to find a good taco truck and came along this particular one on Green Springs. I ordered Tacos Al Pastor and they were as delicious as they smelled. There were a few other customers but as soon as everyone ordered they headed to their cars to wait for their food. Everyone who was there, including employees, were wearing a mask. My order was packed in a styrofoam box along with a plastic bag. Even though sustainability was not the best, I really enjoyed my visit to this food truck. I know I will be back for more delicious tacos!

Claire D.

This taco truck was really good. I rarely get food from food trucks so finding one was a bit difficult this week. I got a quesadilla with meat in it and it was delicious. Everything felt homemade and I watched them make it while I waited. My food was in a Styrofoam box. Everything being outside, it was easay to follow COVID guidelines. Everyone was wearing a mask and gloves-I felt comfortable here. My friend had chorizo andhe said it was some of the best he had ever!

Rishika B.

This food truck was such an amazing find! Me and my friends went to try it out this morning and the food and flavors are really amazing. I would recommend the tacos and tostado ceviche. They give hot sauce and tomatillo salsa on the side that really adds to the flavors! The food felt very authentic, and even though it was kinda busy, all of the patrons were maintaining social distancing. The workers all wore masks and were super friendly as well. My only complaint is sustainability wise they used a lot of styrofoam so maybe the could use a more recyclable or biodegradable option. All in all a really amazing place to get some good Mexican food!

Aaron R.

I've visited this taco truck on many occasions, and they do not disappoint! They have very traditional meats like chorizo, lingua (beef tongue), carnitas, and pollo (chicken). I often get tacos or a quesadilla filled with different meats and cheese. The sauces are also made in-house and are extremely delicious. The packaging is efficient, with most food being packed into a styrofoam box. Lastly, they follow great COVID-19 guidelines with the entire establishment being outdoors, and they constantly wear a mask. Overall I would rate this restaurant a solid 5 out of 5 stars.

Lauren L.

These were the best tacos I have ever had. This is a taco truck, so I obviously had a to-go order. All of the employees were wearing masks, but I went back and there were a few who were not wearing one. If all of them were wearing one I would have given them 5 stars. I only ordered tacos and three filled me up completely. The price ($2.50) is pretty good for the amount you get and they give you two types. The next time I went I got two quesadillas and they were filled with meat, so you get what you paid for. Even though there were several people waiting on food, I got my order super fast. I will definitely go back because they are close to UAB campus. If the box is not stained with grease it can be recycled.

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