The Pizitz Food Hall, 1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 222-3207

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Kathleen Mullen

We ordered the \\\"lumpia\\\" to give it a try because you don't see turkey in lumpia every day. We wanted to like it but it was not lumpia. It was more akin to a spring roll that has been anglicized. They were not made with lumpia wrappers and the meat was still frozen in the middle. 2 pieces for 7 dollars of disappointment. Will not be back.

Aakash Basnet

The server was gone for a while. I had to wait there for more than 10 minutes. They had momos but it was only turkey. It cost 10$ but the server gave only 5 pieces. The most expensive but the worst momo I have ever had.

Jessica E.

This Alabama tomato vinaigrette is something I could literally drink out of a bottle. Texture of the dumplings could not be better. This is a true little gem of a place and one of my favorites.

Joel Park

Lemongrass chicken banh mi sandwich \\u003d ?

Rebecca Hammond

My first time eating pork belly. I definitely would eat here again. The pork belly was delicious. So savory. Served on a toasted bun with marinated fried Pork belly, cucumbers, jalapeños, shredded carrot and soy sauce. The service was awesome, so personal and friendly. Mikeal made me feel like we were long lost friends!!

Sullivan H.

Came here one weekend for lunch. I believe they are only open for lunchtime during the present because of the pandemic. They bring another culture of food to the Pizitz that was not previously represented. They operate in a fast casual manner. The staff were all very nice. I had attempted to order a Bahn Mi but unfortunately they were out of bread. So I decided to try their namesake, the momos. I got a double order of the pork momos which was pretty pricey (around $14). The momos themselves were good but not great. In my opinion, the dumplings could have been bound together more because they were falling apart all over my plate. I also wanted more from the filling because I really only picked up on pork. The broth was probably my favorite part. It was savory and acidic at the same time with a strong tomato flavor. Overall they have unique cuisine but could work on delivery and pricing.

Mike Z.

mo:mo should change its name to no:no and be done with it.First, they're never open anymore. I don't know if this is the Pizitz Food Hall's doing, (wouldn't surprise me in the least with their track record), or their own whims of operating hours. Basically you better get there right at 11am and not arrive a minute past 1pm or else you missed your window to get food these day.Second, the staff just looks at you and speaks in grunts and nods. Good luck feeling like a valued customer. Third, the food is food so much in the sense that it is technically edible and depending on what you order almost the correct temperature.

Tim Winans

Pretty meh for me. Had the vegetarian dumplings. They were drowned in red sauce and pretty mushy. Went here to try and satisfy my craving for some dumplings and left disappointed. Hard to find steamed dumplings in Birmingham for a decent price so gave this place a shot. I’d pass next time especially if you’re in Pizitz, they have plenty of other options.

Joshua Pickett

Food was good but service was lacking. The person taking the order did not explain how the orders come up. She left before I could ask how long or if they call numbers. I waited a long time, then went back to counter. The only person there was the cook, I assume. After much confusion, I finally got my lukewarm food

Brandi Baker

The Eggplant banh mi is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!! And the Lumpia sooo YUMMMM! Sorry no other reviews bc I ALWAYS choose Mo:Mo: and ALWAYS order the same menu items bc it is ALWAYS phenomenal!

Kurt Pollack

Phenomenal bahn mi and lumpia. I asked for a recommendation and the clerk suggested the lemongrass chicken, so I went for it. The bread was perfect; flaky and crispy on the outside and pillowy on the inside; the meat was well seasoned and juicy, and the fresh vegetables and other toppings paired perfectly. The lumpia were extremely hot and fresh and didn't drop any grease. Highly recommended.

Collins Batchelor

Great spring rolls, pork momos and grilled pork belly.

Alexis B.

We had - you guess it - momo when we stopped by mo:mo: for lunch today. We had just finished a 5+ mile hike and were starving, so we decided to go to Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham so we could try a few things from a few different stalls! We started at mo:mo: because we thought a few momo would really hit the spot as a quick snack before we figured out what else we wanted to try from the Hall. And they were! If you haven't heard of momo before, they're dumplings common in South Asia (most commonly associated with Nepali food in my experience). mo:mo: had several types of momo on their menu (pork, turkey, and veggie steamed momo or fried momo). We tried the turkey momo, and they were delicious. I loved that it was about one minute from when we ordered our momo to when we had completely demolished them and were throwing away our bowl. Seriously, we inhaled them. A serving is five small momo in some delicious broth/sauce, so a single serving is definitely more of a snack or appetizer than a meal. They're also a little pricey at $7 for 5 quite small dumplings. But they have a menu that has a lot of other options as well if you prefer to eat only at one stand in Pizitz. We enjoyed our quick, delicious little momo as an appetizer before the rest of our meal in Pizitz!

Garrett I.

I love this place! I like trying lots of stuff at Pizitz but I keep getting drawn back to this place over and over. Almost every time I go to Pizitz I have to go here to at least get the dumplings. I LOVE the light tomato liquid they are in...probably one of my favorite food items in Bham. The service is always super nice and quick here. I have never had a problem. I have had the banh mi on different occasions which I have really liked. The bread, meat, veggie combo on the banh mi sandwiches is just the perfect balance. Tonight I had the Chicken Bulgogi in a Korean BBQ sauce with kimchi on the side. It was so delicious! The cripsness of the the carrots on top and the tang of the kimchi went perfectly with the sticky jasmine rice and sweet/slightly spicy chicken. I will definitely be back for more!

Britney W.

I really really enjoyed this place. I went today with my husband, he's been ranting and raving about the momos and coconut soup.. so, I finally went with him. I had a chicken curry bowl with coconut soup and he had a pork belly skewer, coconut soup, pork momos with a side of rice. I usually do not like pork momos but these were surprisingly REALLY good. Everything was good, good flavor and all. I'll be back!

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