Nola Ice-Broad St Peaux Boys at the Pizitz Food Hall

1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 502-7502

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Kaylyn Kenniebrew

Food is great and mouthwatering. However , I called literally 7x in a row ,got an answer and in the midst of me ordering , a woman in her early 30s perhaps answered and proceeded talking to another person about her wedding while I was on hold & hungry. I hung up and gave a call back again 5x and no answer. As you can tell , I really wanted this food. I will describe my feelings as disappointed and upset. Professionalism is very much a 2/10 and that 2 was only given because someone gave me a free ranch last time.Update: She apologized and they gave me extra shrimp and it was fried and seasoned to my liking. Please Try lol. I was upset because I was craving it

carol browning

Awful place to eat. Owner has bad attitude. Very disrespectful. The food not good, pork chop fried in old grease. Cashier never greeted us. Blowing under breath because you asked for your order to go. Very expensive for poor food quality. I truly understand now why the line was so short and the tip jar was empty.Baby girl time to give it up. You not for customers or you need to adjust your attitude for public service. I will never ever support this business again a d defer all my friends. To bad I could nor give a zero

Brittany Sherman

Red beans, delicious! Pork chops, divine! Gumbo, delectable! Catfish and Shrimp, seasoned just right! Salads and wraps, the perfect marriage! Snowballs, a cool tasty treat!

Clay Maxwell

Closes at 7 pm. Tried to order a po boy at 6:15. Guy behind counter said sorry. I’ve already cleaned the grill. Last time I waited 45 minutes for order. The food was decent last time. I’m done with this place and it’s lazy rude employee who wants to leave early.Is anyone managing this joint?

Faith Givan

I wanted to take my mom out for dinner before a show and our original plan didn't work out so we tried this place. I'll start by saying the female associate that was working between 4-5 pm on July 23rd did not have a pleasant disposition at all. I wanted catfish, but was told they didn't have any because it was in the basement. I ordered 2 shrimp baskets with okra and fries and I paid extra for two extra sauces. I didn't mind waiting for the food because I understand labor shortages and that there were orders ahead of mine. I knew for certain when I got my food it would be fresh out the grease and delicious! Unfortunately, not. Even before I sat down with my food I noticed they had filled my sauce containers only half way and when I asked to have them filled up there was an intense staring experience (think O'Dell and PDiddy) before they begrudgingly complied. My shrimp breading was coming off and the shrimp was rubbery and flavorless, my fries were cold, and while I was excited about it being whole fried okra... even that was somehow watery and rubbery. My mom threw out half of her food. I know all businesses are having staffing struggles, but if you're going to have a business at least be nice to the customers and if you take a long time, at least present a quality product because if you don't, it'll still end up coming back to bite you. I was very disappointed with the food and the service and with so many other options in that one location I wish me and my $47 had gone somewhere else.

Ibre Durham

Ordered shrimp and catfish peaux boy on door dash and didn’t get the bread at all. Paid extra for ranch fries and got regular fries! Only came with one small piece of fish and three shrimps, false advertisement! On top of it all shrimp and catfish was salty and tasted terrible!! I’ll never eat here again!

Carolyn Maddox

DO NNNOOOTTT EAT HERE!!! Don’t do it!!! Save your money and go to the grocery store!!!!I spent $26 and got one over cooked catfish filet and 4 very salty fried shrimp and three very green fried green tomatoes!!!My WORST culinary experience in my life!!!!!

Rainman Johnson

The food was tasty but I was VERY disappointed in the price and portion size. I ordered the shrimp and catfish box double portion. Included was 2 small catfish fillets, 4 shrimp, a child size portion of cajun fries and a small sauce dish of red beans and rice for which they charged me an extra $1. It was supposed to come with hush puppies but they said they were out. Out of hush puppies? Total bill was $25 for this snack. I won't be going back.

Gilberto Herrera

The best catfish and snow balls in Alabama. The staff is extremely pleasant and the food is always fresh. Highly recommend

Thomas Gallo

First time trying this place and I couldn’t have been more disappointed. I ordered the grilled shrimp parkway with Cajun fries and dirty rice. The cashier said it usually takes 10-15 mins so I expected a wait. Over 30 mins later I walked up there and they hadn’t even started my order yet..there was only 1 person in line in front of me and I watched them send out orders to people who ordered after me. She saw me standing there and said they’d get mine out soon. I watched her put my fries and dirty rice in the take out box long before she started on the shrimp. 10 mins later, mine was ready. The fries were cold, the rice was clearly one of those bags you pop in the microwave and had zero taste. I ate a couple of the shrimp out of the poboy and threw the rest away. If I could give zero stars I would. Below is a picture of what I threw away.

Rhonda Caillouette

I ordered a sno ball shaved ice. It tasted so sour and threw it away. I am from New Orleans, LA and this is not a sno ball. I am not sure why it tasted like that , but it was not good. It was a waste of money, sorry to say. Thanks.

Jeff Richardson

Visited on 4/30/22 for the 1st time. The food was a solid 3 stars but my 2 stars is due to their poor customer service and misleading menu/portions/dashed expectations. No one spoke to me for almost 10 mins as I waited patiently, no one in front of me, at the counter to order just a few feet away from them as they were working on orders. That should have been my cue to visit another spot but I was willing to give them a chance b/c my friend made the recommendation. Secondly, their menu is misleading on the meal I chose. I ordered the catfish/shrimp box which says it comes with "2 catfish filets." That was the deciding factor for me to spend 18.50 on that meal b/c I love catfish. Guess what...I got the meal and there was only 1. A guy in my group ordered the exact same meal as me, paid the same price and he got 2 filets AND more shrimp and fries (the fries btw were not fresh like the shrimp and catfish were). So I went back to the counter and told them this and they told me that the "2 catfish filets" is a typo on all their menus and that you only get 2 if you order the "double" for $5 more. But it doesn't state that anywhere on the menu. It does give the option of a "single" order or a "double" order but the menu doesn't clarify what that means. It does clearly state that the meal comes w/2 filets so that's what I was expecting and didn't get that which led me to a very disappointing experience. Hopefully they will fix the "typo" so other excited catfish lovers like me won't have their hearts broken and their appetites left wanting.

Abbey Deffenbaugh

Ordered the tigers blood and pina colada flavor shaved ice. It was so sour I could not eat it. It tasted like lemon juice. Had 2 others try and they both agreed that it was inedible. I inquired and was not offered a replacement. $6.60 in the trash

Nicole Herzog

I gave a 20% tip when I ordered our two sandwiches and wish I hadn't. It was very busy for an event that night 3/18/22. And I gave the two kids who showed up to work every understanding. They were slammed. But after waiting to order for 20 minutes and over 45 minutes for our order.They called our name, then recanted, pulled out the ticket and gave it to someone else. When we asked about the food long after patiently waiting she said 'so you want me to remake it?' No! We never got it. Then they turned out the lights, gave us half dressed sandwiches and no side that we ordered. Only positive was the fries were hot...but I didn't have enough time to eat them because the show was about to start. Way too much time and money for way too little. We weren't the only ones. Had plenty of time to chat with those around me.EDIT: No changes have been made to my original review in which, despite the food & service, I feel like I kept fairly light. After considering your reply to my honest review, here are some things for you to consider:1. My review was completely independant of any other commentary or review of your food and service. You assume correctly that the private conversation you had with a previous customer is indeed my husband. You should also consider that the review he gave you was done privately. You brought it to the public light. Frankly, I don't know what transpired previously. I never read the private messages. He did say that you called him racist.2. Because contrary to your assumption that a previous review was by him, it was not.3. Any response that an owner gives to a review isn't for the reviewer. It is for all the potential customers reading the reviews.4. We all know any negative review is hard to take. There are three choices when presented with the situation. You can ignore it. You can get defensive (like you did). Or you can consider what can you do to change, improve or fix the situation. Successful, well adjusted people consider how deserved the criticism is make positive adjustments where they can.5. The food and service that was provided to us on 3/18/22 was lousy. The wait time at a sandwich counter was over an hour. The fried shrimp & fried green tomatoes on my sandwich were cold. I had to return to the counter to ask for dressing. There was a pitiful amount of lettuce and no sauce. The fries were hot. So, yes, I can tell the difference between hot and cold fried food. Out of shear hunger and no delight, I ate the shrimp and tomatoes and threw away everything else. We ordered a side of dirty rice. We could see the shelf full of Tony Chachere's Dirty Rice mix. We understood what we were getting. We were given no side and offered no substitution. When I went to the counter to ask for our side, two containers were produced, the sides of a serving container were scrapped for an excessively long time until it was declared "We're out". I had to ask for a substitution & requested collards & "Cajun Corn". The collards were soggy and sugary sweet. Zero zip. It was uneditable. The "Cajun Corn" was clearly not seasoned, Cajun or otherwise. One bite and I was back in my 5th grade midwestern lunch room eating hot lunch. Your food is under par. Your service was slow and your response was ridiculous.6. Finally, any response or review of your restaurant which elicits swearing speaks more about the restaurant & you rather than the reviewer. You seem to sling back 'wahhh, you swore at me' Perhaps he did. I did not. But the meal and service certainly did deserve swearing. It was over-priced and under-served. Terrible. This is a YOU problem not a review problem.

Tamalpais Chiefs

You guys really upset me and my family with Garbage food and terrible attitude and service. He does not like Garbage Street Deli anymore and won’t come within spitting distance. You should feel ashamed I’m very disappointed in bad bad stuff. I was just trying to Lyle Lovett and you Lyle b Hatin’

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Nola Ice-Broad St Peaux Boys at the Pizitz Food Hall

1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham, AL 35203
(205) 502-7502