Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

3555 Roosevelt Blvd, Birmingham
(205) 655-4313

Recent Reviews

Mary Hampton

It was to cold, make sure you take a coat. The food was cold, make sure they give you what you order.

Diane Vasquez

Great and plentiful food. Our Server Jaz was especially attentive, friendly and prompt. The whole experience was a winner.

Jada B.

My family and I visited OG for my daughter's birthday and the service was just amazing. Our waiter Shunna was the best she helped make my baby day even more special. The entire staff seemed to be happy and upbeat it was really positive inside the restaurant. We stopped eating at Olive Garden a year ago due to it being so far out. But with the staff they have there I definitely don't mind traveling. And of course the food was absolutely delicious .

jordan moore

My husband and I went there for dinner, and were seated quickly. It was early in the evening so there were a lot of open tables and booths. They sat us at a booth next to a extra long table that was set, we didn’t think anything of it until a party of about 20 people came and sat at the table before we had even gotten our meals. There was hardly enough space between us and the large party for our waitress to walk and every time anyone in the party stood up their behinds were in our faces. Our waitress was sweet and apologetic, but none of the other staff members noticed our extreme discomfort or offers to move us. It definitely ruined our dinner and made it difficult to enjoy.

Steve Miller

My wife and I decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch. We had hoped to get there to enjoy the advertised lunch specials. We were told that lunch ended at 3pm. We were 15 minutes late. However. Our server directed us the dinner doubles which ended at 5pm. She saved us money and we were delighted with the menu. We ate things that we otherwise would have not chosen. It was a delicious lunch/dinner for us. Plus, with my wife watching her figure the calorie count fit her perfectly. She was happy and you know what "they" say "HAPPY WIFE - HAPPY LIFE". BRAVISSIMO OG.

Anna Copeland

It was nice and pleasant. The waitress was nice and Sweet and very professional. My husband and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to the cooks.


Party of 5, we were seated immediately on a Friday evening. Waitress was very attentive and the food was delicious. As always...I ate too much

Derrick Lovett

The food was pretty good at this location. It was served hot and just as I ordered it. The service was very good. The staff was attentive and made sure I was completely happy with my dinning experience. I do not normally visit Olive Gardens but with this experience I will definitely be back.

Randy Hall

Great food. Fantastic service from Amber! We had a 17 person party and she handled it without an issue. Great personality as well.

Traci Glass

Great place to eat. Good food, friendly service and family friendly. I love this place.

angela jones

I went in on Thursday and asked for a table for two. The hostess did not ask my name but told me it would be a few minutes. A out three or four other couples came in after me and they got seated. Even people who came in with groups of 4 and six. They were waiting on the rest of their party yet they got seated. I got angry and asked the hostess her name and she told me Macie. I then left feeling as though I was being discriminated against because I am black, needless to say, all the people that were seated before me were all white. I will never come back to this establishment and I will tell my friends not to as well.

Alan Farwell

We are Olive Garden fans. This location, however was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. We walked in and were taken to a table. We asked for a booth. They were right across the aisle. Hostess said they didn't have any one working that row. Next couple that came on was seated in the section we asked about. Took 10 minutes, literally 10 minutes to take our drink order.. Right after they brought the drinks, I went up front and expressed my dissatisfaction being seated at a table. Both my wife and I have back issues. This hostess was not the one who seated us and just looked at me. So I TOLD her we are sitting at the booth across from where we were seated. I got the soup with my meal. When I asked for another bowl, I was told it would be a little bit, that they had to WARM some more up. Brought my next bowl right in front of the entree. Had to keep waving the server down when we needed refills. Very lackluster environment. The server was polite when he was addressing us, just had to get his attention to get him to come to the table. The tea was old and cloudy. If I hadn't looked over the bill well, I would had been out over $7. They charged me for a desert that wasn't suppose to be charged.(birthday pie). I'll go back to Decatur. This one really let us down.

Robert Price

I went in a bit late so was not crowded at all. Service was great and the waitress was very professional and kind. Food was really good.

Mike B

Rating 3 stars is generous. Food is blah, service was ok.. it's the bread sticks.. best part of the experience

Elizabeth Glassley

Excellent service and food was quite good. Much better than anytime I have been in last 5 years. Spaghetti Carbonara and Angel hair Alfredo with grilled chicken very good. Salad was good as usual and bread sticks fine. We had the handcrafted strawberry passion fruit limenata and was very tasty and refreshing-highly recommend.

Suzie M.

We went in around 2:30 in the afternoon and the place was almost vacant. The hostess did not know how to seat anyone and had people lined up waiting to be seated when the restaurant was practically empty. I had a client with me and I found this to be very embarrassing. After standing around for 20 minutes we left and went somewhere else where we were treated royally. I will not be back.

Shari Weatherly

Service was awesome. Was with a big group and she didn't miss a beat. Ana rocked😊

Shiwanda C.

I ordered to go and the service was awful! The food was OK. There was no one to greet me when I walked in, I had to wait a while before I got any service

Kim hammonds

Personable to the extreme that my face got stuck in a continuous, infectious smile. That is some good training or some plain good people. I saw and felt Gods grin.

John King

The Trussville Olive Garden is number 1 in my book. I had gone to the Hoover location the week prior, and it was like night and day. The customer service and attention to detail at Trussville is outstanding. The management is always walking around, engaging with customers, ensuring that everything is handled. Our waitress was awesome, talking with us, and going above and beyond during our dinner.

Jennifer Seales

As always, Awesome food, Awesome service, Awesome atmosphere. We never fail to have a wonderful dining experience at Olive Garden. Love it!

Adrienne Davis

Food is wonderful. Staff if friendly. Only reason I didn't give 5 stars I'd because it's too pricey.

Lawrence Williams

The food was good even though it wasn't quite what I was expecting based on what the menu pic implied. The service was very quick and the waitress was attentive and personable. Despite the relatively high prices my family and l will return soon.

gale stubbs

Sweet server and nice atmosphere. I love going. And food is delicious too. 💜

heather swiney

I showed up up not love before closing and asked for Togo order and they were nice enough to do it for me. Thank you very friendly about it also. Food was good but other olive gardens have put the Togo order together better.

Andy W

Ate here for a family birthday celebration. I love how clean the restaurant is and how friendly the staff is. I dont just love the food because i'm not into this type of Italian. However I will testify that it is fresh and well prepared.

Cynthia Hagadorn

I enjoyed my meal very much. We had 8 people did not have to wait long for a table. Waitress was very good.

Misty Williams

We went on a slow day and an early dinner but had to wait over 20 minutes to be seated even after checking the app to try to be added to the list that stated no wait time. Once seated, everything went smoothly. Our server was fantastic and because of her, it gets a 4 star rating.

Hayli Pico

Halea is such an amazing server. She always made sure I got what I needed, and was so sweet. She’s one of the best servers I’ve had. 10/10 I would definitely recommend this place to anybody.

Jim A.

Eat lunch here, normally you can count on them for a decent meal, but it really wasn't that great. The music was very loud, and asked three times to lower it but they made no attempt to do so. Ordered the crispy fried Shimp as an appetizer, it came out soggy with no crispy to it. We had soup and salad, the salad was good as well as the hot bread the ñoquis soup was to thick not much soup to it. The server was nice.

Tuan L.

Took my family for dinner and service was awesome an food was very on point I would recommend this place if u wanna enjoy a good night out Eulise was very polite and she has a great customer service !!!!

Sadie W.

My family and I came here in New Years Eve afternoon. The restaurant wasn't packed at all, so we were seated as soon as we walked in. Our waitress took a long time to come and great us and take our drink order. To be hinders or waitress took long for everything. We were seated at 4:45 pm and it wasn't until 5:15 pm. That she came and took or drink order. After she took our drink order and our food order we automatically thought she would bring breadsticks and salad. Nope she didn't. We watched as others around us who were seated after us get there salads and breadsticks and even entrees before us. She then came and asked did we want salad and breadsticks....ummmmm.....yes we do! My nephew ordered the shrimp Alfredo, I ordered the create your down pasta (angel hair, meat sauce, Italians sausage. I added peppers and mushrooms), I ordered spaghetti and chicken fingers for my daughter (generous portion for a kids meal) and my sister ordered the chicken gardinia . Our food was ok, but with two bites my sister didn't like her meal and told the waitress she didn't want it or anything else. The waitress insisted my sister get something different so she opted for the chicken Alfredo which she thought would be out quick. WRONG again! We were finished with our meals way before my sister got hers. My sister didn't think it would take long to make this dish, which is why she ordered it. My sister ended up boxing the chicken Alfredo because she was disappointed and ready to go by this time. I haven't been to Olive Garden in a couple of years and now I see why

Danielle P.

Who doesn't enjoy Italian food?! Yes, Olive Garden is a chain, but each location is unique and I come to this one often. I had the tour of Italy and a frozen cocktail. We had mozzarella cheese sticks for an appetizer. Our waiter was nice, even though she appeared more excited to assists the men next to us. Nevertheless, good visit.

Rachelle M.

Probably one of my favorite Italian restaurants. I'm always trying something different or new when I come. So today I wanted to try the chicken Alfredo. I love the flavor the chicken had. My food came out pretty quicksand it was hot and perfect the way I like it. The waiter came and checked on us several occasions and made sure that I had everything that I ordered. For them to have had several parties going on, I was seated very quickly and served quickly as well. I ordered an appetizer and it came out hot. I have tried the Sangria before but I was not too happy. I was tasting more of the wine and liquor versus a blend of everything together. Besides the drink not being the best part, the services and the food were good.

Jane E.

The service was awful. They didn't respect our time. The server was like it was not her fault that we were waiting. She didn't know we had to go so soon?? Are you freaking serous?? We waited 40minutes for our food!!! It does not matter if you know or not. You have to respect customer's time. She brought the manager when we wanted to leave. They said we had to pay for what we ate which could been $25 for two drink and the soups come with the entires. They didn't apologize and tried to charge us a lot for the portion. I'm still upset the way they treated us. The manager said you pretty much wanted the free food. No!! F... way,, we don't want the free food. Please learn how to talk to people respectfully!!! We will never go back to this place.

Cindy R

Ate dinner after traveling all day. The food did not disappoint. Did have to discuss situation with manager regarding hostess' lack of attention and disregard for people. Manager dealt with issue. Server, Brook, was great! Will return

Jay B

Walked in and was seated right away even on a busy Sunday. Server was very pleasant and attentive. Foid came out fast. Salad was fresh, shrimp appetizer was very good, shrimp and chicken carbonara was excellent and plentiful.

Lee Y.

Service was outstanding. Just got the salad. It was good as always. They're understaffed so you might have to wait for a table.

Gabrielle J.

Absolutely awful! Honestly my food was fresh only because they messed up my order and had to remake it. My family's food was awful and cold. We sat outside for 20-30 minutes waiting to be seated and then sat over an hour for our food. Still here. It's 9:30. They tried to charge us for EVERY refill and we're waiting for them to come back to fix it. My family and I are beyond pissed and ready to go home. No one has been helpful and we are tempted to just leave without paying.

Emmett Reeves

Clean, delicious, friendly and efficient!