Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

3555 Roosevelt Blvd, Birmingham
(205) 655-4313

Recent Reviews

Lori Ahlin

We curbside picked dinner up last week at this location in Trussville. We were delighted when a young man named Jay came over to assist us. He had on a mask and gloves with the social distance precautions. He was friendly and very helpful figuring out how to order what we wanted. I will revisit this location again because of staff like Jay, that makes you want to come back again. The food was delicious and the bread sticks were hot. Thank you so much for making our day better!

Virgina Silor

I took hubby here for his birthday & it was a great choice. He loves spaghetti and meatballs so that's what he ordered. I wanted a meatless dish so I ordered the eggplant parmesan. Both were very good & the portions were generous enough to take home for another meal. I love the fact that at Olive Garden you can choose either soup or salad. My husband never eats salad so it's nice to have soup as an alternative for no additional charge unlike other places where you pay extra for soup. Plus he had four different soups to choose from. It's great that he had something to eat while I ate my salad. We went for an early meal, before the "after five" crowds came, and we were seated immediately. The service was also very good thanks to our busy, but attentive server, Hannah. She went the extra mile & brought hubby his choice of a free dessert for his birthday and even wrote happy birthday on his plate with chocolate sauce! What a nice personal touch. They also had several $5 specialty cocktails to select from which we ordered to toast the occasion. This is a wonderful place to go for a birthday dinner, or any dinner. There was another group celebrating a big family birthday next to our table, and they looked like they were having a good time as well. We plan to go back soon. The prices are very reasonable & I love starting my meal with those delicious breadsticks and their famous salad (or soup!)

eunice spitzley

The Olive Garden has specials that we usually get. This time if you order an entree you could get an extra entree to go for $5.00. We love their fresh salad and bread sticks that come with the entree. The staff and waiters were all courteous and nice and served us in an efficient manner.

Aliasha Kennedy

Every time we come here it's horrible! The service is slow and the food isn't that good any more. Only reason we gave it another shot was because we were given a gift card for this restaurant. My husband ordered the never ending pasta bowl and had to wait 20 minutes before his second bowl was brought to him. At that point he just got a to go box and brought it home. Not to mention we had to wait 15 minutes to be seated... No big deal... But when the girl took us to our table it wasn't cleaned; she then took us to another table and that one wasn't cleaned either... Finally after the third table we were seated. As we looked around we noticed A LOT of tables that weren't cleaned and in the hour and half we were there no one cleaned them.

Sharon Underwood

As always, Olive Garden delivers a great atmosphere, friendly service & good food. The only disappointment I can think of, is the prices. One of the great things that made Olive Garden stand out from all the other restaurants was that you could get a great meal without having to take out a small loan. Unfortunately, that can no longer be said. Other than the prices going up, this was a great experience.

Joe Gunnels

Worst Olive Garden I have ever been to. I have been to Olive Garden's all over this country. I can normally rely on them for a decent if not good meal while I am traveling. Unfortunately this one, which is the closest to my home, is the worst by far. I went in on 2-13-20 at 12:30 by myself. Agreed to sir at the bar. Ordered a coffee. 5 minutes later the bar tender ask someone else to make me a coffee. Another 15 minutes go by haven't see the bartender. The lady seated next to me had to flag down a waitress to get her coke refill that she asked for when I ordered my coffee. At 30 minutes seating there waiting for my coffee and someone to take my order the bartender comes out carrying a try of food. Again ask that someone make a cup of coffee for me. At this point I have been seated for approximately 30 minutes and basically ignored. I canceled my order and left. Worst ran Olive Garden I have ever been to. So disappointing as I really enjoy the soup, but if you can't get it you can't enjoy it.

Jennifer K.

Came to this location on 2/15 for a late Valentines dinner. We checked in online with the app. There were a lot of people waiting to be seated. We waited less than 5 minutes and were taken to our seats. Ordered the never ending pasta. Food was served very quick. Refills were quick. This was probably the best visit ever to a Olive Garden. Our server was awesome!!!! We had a great visit to this location

Josh Martin

Didn't eat here for a while because they took my favorite dish off the menu. But they have brought the Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo back and my steak was cooked a perfect medium rare. Service was good!

Landon James

Our server was awesome. Her name was Naraei. She was so detailed and seemed worried she would mess up but we assured her she was doing great. The manager on duty I was not impressed with. He was tall and stern looking and seemed irritated at the servers and later as we were walking out he was being domineering to the hosts up front. Didn’t seem like a great boss. Part of having good service is having a smooth team that can work together. It’s not worth it if the boss can’t respect the people making their restaurant worth coming to. Just a thought

Giovani Mathews

The place offers a fantastic variety of delicious food. I enjoy eating here. Staff members are always super friendly, prices are convenient and the place is always well organised.

Tea Jay

Once we finally got our food, it was absolutely delicious... But it was a long night dealing with the woes of a brand-new new server. A Note to management ... when you have a brand new server on the floor and it's a very busy night, you need to make a point to go around to her tables and check on things. Her getting positive feedback when she's doing great and coaching when she's not is going to help you train her to be the best that she can be. Also, please keep a stash of ink pens at every register and counter you have around the place so that customers don't need to pull one out of their purse to give to the server. Servers should also be empowered to reduce the price of a ticket or offer a dessert on the house when half of the order is Incorrect and your guests are having to eat in shifts.

Jj H.

Worst Olive Garden I ever been too. This was in my draft. I guess it was too short to post. But I stand by this.

Joshua White

I sent my friends to this place with my highest recommendations. I go their often. This recommendation is always successful. The dishes they serve are appetizing and the crew is welcoming and cooperative. always when we go to this place we enjoy a gorgeous time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Nameless Faceless

Nice employees. Decent prices and selection. Clean bathrooms. Our waitress was clearly ill and kept coughing and sneezing while serving our food...

Melissa Davis

Always good to have an attentive server. Bria was so kind. Plenty of those great, warm bread sticks. I really enjoyed the seafood pasta. Great Italian margarita just the way I like it-on the rocks, no sugar. Took my leftover salad home. Bria forgot to put a fork in the bag. Well, I had enough to eat anyway. Ate dinner after traveling all day. The food did not disappoint. Did have to discuss situation with manager regarding hostess' lack of attention and disregard for people. Manager dealt with issue. Server, Brook, was great! Will return

Dennis Brooks

Everyone enjoyed the fare it was excellent and t he server was very professional. Can't wait to visit again. Wonderful !

Coe Allen

Slow service but understandable due to busy Christmas season; waitress was polite but food was expensive considering what was ordered. My husband's food should have been $9.99 but was charged more than advertised. I was charged $4.49 for salad although I only had one serving and opted for an appetizer as a meal. Waitress confirmed I should not have been charged for the salad. No mints at payment but hostess rudely gave us 1 each. Too busy to speak with a manager over prices. $60 lunch just seemed excessive. Price included 20% tip.

Jeff Richards

Initially food came out cool, told waitress, manager brought a new plate out with apologies and removed it from my bill. Outstanding! That's the way service should be, I'll be back!

David LaBlue

My family and I have been dinning here for years and its always good. I always try to eat my weight in salad. Great for family diners.

Gabe P.

A friend and I decided to come here on a random Friday night after work. There was a little bit of a wait for a table but not a wait in the bar area. We opted to wait for a table in the regular dining area to come available. The wait wasn't too extreme. I don't frequent Olive Garden often but apparently this location is a favorite- the place was packed! Our server was very nice , attentive. She also was accommodating to certain requests we had. We didn't order much food but I did have the stuffed mushrooms and their traditional salad they bring out to the tables. I thoroughly enjoyed the salad! It was the perfect ratio of lettuce, toppings and salad dressing!!! I felt like the stuffed mushrooms should have been cooked a little longer but I still enjoyed them. My friend had soup; she was pleased. For me not to have been to an Olive Garden in a really long time , this was a pleasant dining experience. The service was great! (Main reason for the 4 star review) Sorry no food pics.

Anise M.

I would love to give a higher rating for this visit but the service was substandard. We visited for lunch on Tuesday Nov. 26 and our server was Ashley C. She was bubbly and exuberant when we first arrived. She quickly brought our beverages and took our meal order. One diner decided to try the cheese ravioli and commented that she usually orders fettuccine alfredo, so Ashley quicked suggested she try the ravioli with alfredo sauce. She failed to mention that there is an upcharge of $2.29 to substitute alfredo. The other diner mentioned a coupon that had been emailed offering any lunch-sized favorite for $7.99 (coupon code 04) and ordered spaghetti and meatballs with meat sauce. Ashley soon returned with the salad and breadsticks and then disappeared. We needed drink refills but she was nowhere to be found. About 10 minutes later a different server delivered our entrees, and suddenly Ashley shows back up. We asked for drink refills and more salad which she promptly delivered. When we finished our meals we were pushed for time so we decided to use the electronic check-out at the table. As we completed this process Ashley then came by the table and offered drinks to go. We told her we were in a hurry so she brought the drinks quickly. She then offered chocolate mints which we accepted....and again disappeared. We waited almost 5 minutes for her to return but we never saw her again. Upon examining the emailed receipt I noticed the upcharge for the alfredo sauce, and the $2.00 discount for the coupon was not applied. Unfortunately I had (1) already closed out the ticket, and (2) added a generous tip. I have to say our food was better in this trip than it has been in the past, but the service put a damper on the whole experience. The manager passed by our table several times but he seemed to be trying to track down his servers rather than check on customers. We will go back, and hopefully the service will have improved by our next visit.

Tammy Lackey

Food was very good. Plenty of bread and salad to go with meal. Service was prompt and polite.

Debra Sue W.

Horrible service!! We waited for nearly an hour for soup and salad. Five of us split a bowl of salad and we asked twice for a refill. Only one of the soups arrived and we finally had to ask for a manager to get the rest of our order.

Matthew Hackney

I loved this place! The food was impeccable and the service was marvelous. Everyone there was so kind and courteous.

Kristi Pruitt

I didn't know this existed, but during the week you can get 1 of 5 entrees that includes salad or soup for $8.99. I believe the time frame is from 3pm until 5pm. This was fantastic. I got the eggplant parmesan with spaghetti. With 4 slices of eggplant, I was able to have enough to take home to eat the next day. Quality, quantity and value for your money is excellent.Go and Enjoy!!!!

Tracy Robichaud

We had an awesome lunch yesterday and our waitress Ashley she was great! We didn’t have to wait long at all and it was lunch time to.This is by far our favorite Olive Garden it is always clean and the employees are all so nice and friendly we would recommend it to anyone!!


Service is often less than spectacular. Usually a long wait, and getting seated is only half the battle. Inconsistent portions and sauce to noodle ratio. We only go for never ending pasta, because its the only time you can get $14 worth of food there. Still, olive garden is solid.

Melissa Brister

Food was delicious and fresh. Our. server ,Shawna B, was great! Very attentive

Diane Vasquez

Great and plentiful food. Our Server Jaz was especially attentive, friendly and prompt. The whole experience was a winner.

Mary Hampton

It was to cold, make sure you take a coat. The food was cold, make sure they give you what you order.

Jada B.

My family and I visited OG for my daughter's birthday and the service was just amazing. Our waiter Shunna was the best she helped make my baby day even more special. The entire staff seemed to be happy and upbeat it was really positive inside the restaurant. We stopped eating at Olive Garden a year ago due to it being so far out. But with the staff they have there I definitely don't mind traveling. And of course the food was absolutely delicious .

jordan moore

My husband and I went there for dinner, and were seated quickly. It was early in the evening so there were a lot of open tables and booths. They sat us at a booth next to a extra long table that was set, we didn’t think anything of it until a party of about 20 people came and sat at the table before we had even gotten our meals. There was hardly enough space between us and the large party for our waitress to walk and every time anyone in the party stood up their behinds were in our faces. Our waitress was sweet and apologetic, but none of the other staff members noticed our extreme discomfort or offers to move us. It definitely ruined our dinner and made it difficult to enjoy.

Steve Miller

My wife and I decided to go to Olive Garden for lunch. We had hoped to get there to enjoy the advertised lunch specials. We were told that lunch ended at 3pm. We were 15 minutes late. However. Our server directed us the dinner doubles which ended at 5pm. She saved us money and we were delighted with the menu. We ate things that we otherwise would have not chosen. It was a delicious lunch/dinner for us. Plus, with my wife watching her figure the calorie count fit her perfectly. She was happy and you know what "they" say "HAPPY WIFE - HAPPY LIFE". BRAVISSIMO OG.

Anna Copeland

It was nice and pleasant. The waitress was nice and Sweet and very professional. My husband and I enjoyed it very much. Thanks to the cooks.


Party of 5, we were seated immediately on a Friday evening. Waitress was very attentive and the food was delicious. As always...I ate too much

Derrick Lovett

The food was pretty good at this location. It was served hot and just as I ordered it. The service was very good. The staff was attentive and made sure I was completely happy with my dinning experience. I do not normally visit Olive Gardens but with this experience I will definitely be back.

Randy Hall

Great food. Fantastic service from Amber! We had a 17 person party and she handled it without an issue. Great personality as well.

Traci Glass

Great place to eat. Good food, friendly service and family friendly. I love this place.

angela jones

I went in on Thursday and asked for a table for two. The hostess did not ask my name but told me it would be a few minutes. A out three or four other couples came in after me and they got seated. Even people who came in with groups of 4 and six. They were waiting on the rest of their party yet they got seated. I got angry and asked the hostess her name and she told me Macie. I then left feeling as though I was being discriminated against because I am black, needless to say, all the people that were seated before me were all white. I will never come back to this establishment and I will tell my friends not to as well.

Alan Farwell

We are Olive Garden fans. This location, however was a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT. We walked in and were taken to a table. We asked for a booth. They were right across the aisle. Hostess said they didn't have any one working that row. Next couple that came on was seated in the section we asked about. Took 10 minutes, literally 10 minutes to take our drink order.. Right after they brought the drinks, I went up front and expressed my dissatisfaction being seated at a table. Both my wife and I have back issues. This hostess was not the one who seated us and just looked at me. So I TOLD her we are sitting at the booth across from where we were seated. I got the soup with my meal. When I asked for another bowl, I was told it would be a little bit, that they had to WARM some more up. Brought my next bowl right in front of the entree. Had to keep waving the server down when we needed refills. Very lackluster environment. The server was polite when he was addressing us, just had to get his attention to get him to come to the table. The tea was old and cloudy. If I hadn't looked over the bill well, I would had been out over $7. They charged me for a desert that wasn't suppose to be charged.(birthday pie). I'll go back to Decatur. This one really let us down.