Overtime Grill and Bar

100 Frankfurt Circle Suite FG, Birmingham
(205) 202-5674

Recent Reviews

Ron Bohannon

Wanted to watch some March Madness while traveling and found this place on Google. Staff was super friendly and hustling. Nice selection of beers and a decent menu. We had the beef nachos, and they hit the spot. Plenty of TVs to watch games.

Me Smith

Overtime is amazing place to eat amazing food and drinks. The vibes are amazing. Come on in and enjoy yourself and bring the kids also. Wait wait and tell’em Gabii send you ?✨

Destiny Collins

The burger is S tier on my burger tier list just saying. Also, the bartenders are very sweet and made a welcoming environment. Im usually terrified to sit out and eat but they made me feel welcome even the regulars wanted to get to know me ✨

Michelle Gainer

Honestly, unfortunately, I wouldn’t even leave a one-star but Google left me no choice. My husband and myself are very disappointed with both the service as well as our overall experience. I ordered the chicken Philly tots but I’m assuming because the lady who took our order didn’t write anything down, my order wasn’t brought out correctly. My husband ordered a beer and that too, wasn’t correct. The cherry on the cake was when my husband asked for something simple as another ranch cup to go with his wings. The dark haired employee behind the bar concentrated all of her attention to bar ordered and it literally took over 10 minutes for his ranch, which wasn’t even handed to him by the “bartender/server”, she tossed it over to another patron sitting in a barstool for my husband to retrieve. We felt not only dismissed as paying customers but treated as if we were a burden the entire time. We will not be returning to this establishment and will not recommend it to other friends or family, solely based on how we were treated. The only smile which was obviously insincere/fake was when we were given our tab. My husband worked in the service industry for years and generally is more than generous with what he leaves for tips. The employees missed an opportunity on being the recipient of the same.

Della M

Worst experience ever!I understand that good help is hard to find, however if you look at the one star ratings for this place for the last ten months, you will notice a common theme.I've worked in customer service for twenty plus years, and would never think to throw money at a customer. Especially when they were asking questions regarding the black and white online menu.If you are planning a nice lunch or dinner out, please spend your money elsewhere. It seems this establishment only welcomes friends and regulars, NO ONE ELSE IS WELCOMED!______________________________________________________________PLEASE LOOK AT WHAT IS SUPPOSE TO BE THE OWNERS REPLY!You are unprofessional and tone deaf to the real issue. Look at your one star reviews sir. Myself and other patrons notice the common theme. Your response of pettiness speak volumes.

Ken Jackson

By far Overtime has the best sports Bar food! The atmosphere is great and the waitstaff are nice and attentive. The owners got to know me and my family so it’s has been a nice place to come and grab a bite to eat.

Emily Rada

Easy spot to watch the game or play some trivia and a patio out back with heaters when it’s cold out- they are often out of things on the menus and the bartenders never know what’s on draft. I also always think it’s really shady when restaurants intentionally do not list prices on their beer menu, especially when servers are not well informed on what is currently in their stock and what the cost is…

Taylor Riley

Stopped through traveling back to Memphis & I was super impressed. Everyone was so friendly! The vibes were great and the food was even better. 10/10 recommend!

Juliet Reed

Great place for drinks, food and sports!! Nice crowd and great service.

Joseph “Trent” Vines

Cool place to hang out good food but a bit pricey and some of the stash l staff are less than friendly too

Mary Whiteport

Best experience as an out-of-towner ever! Workers are super friendly, regulars are nice and polite, even when drunk (lol) food was delicious and drinks were even better! Florida tea shot is a must have for all sweet drink lovers!


The service was good. Had the hamburger steak. It was fine just a tad salty for taste.

Angelia Bowdre

So I passed by overtime Grill and Bar quite often as I travel up and down Lakeshore Parkway. I've been wanting to give it a try for a while but of course because of it's location, oftentimes I forget to do so; however, a guy friend of mine invited me to meet him there and I took him up on the opportunity. ?It is a friendly and quaint neighborhood bar! The food was really good ?? as I had the chili cheese fries. The wonderful bartender talked me into trying a drink called wait for it. "Liquid Marijuana"!!?? Yep! It was sooo good! By the time I got ready to leave around 9:40ish, the live entertainment was getting started. It's good to know that there is a bar in the neighborhood that I can frequent and also service great food!?? I definitely will be frequenting thenm more often and got sure find out if there is a schedule for the live band. ???If you been passing by Overtime Bar and Grill for a while and haven't tried them, stop by for lunch or dinner or to listen to live band, please stop in you will be glad you did!??

Jenny Panner

Let me start by saying the fried pickles were awesome. I got the long horn burger which was dripping with a wattery grease. There is supposed to be BBQ sauce on it and there was like a dolip. When I asked got more it was a whole different sauce. Needless to say I didn't finish even half of it. Wasn't worth the $14.00 it was.

Syderia Houston

One of worker ask me, Im ready to order and handle me menu to me. Never came to me to my table to get my order. I waiting over 30 minutes. They was so busy attent to the customer service at the bar and close to the bar. They have 2 women keep coming behind the bar and request drink. So, I really dont know they are co worker or what but they was make they own drink or just grab they own drink to take to their table So, I just left. I will never come back here again

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