Pho Pho Asian Cuisine

1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(205) 502-7581

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Elizabeth “Arlene” Newlin

I'm highly upset with the restaurant. I have gotten larger portions on a kids order. These were $10 each and the broth is not beef Pho broth. It is a joke. I don't appreciate this place trying to pass off that garbage as beef Pho. I'm not vietnamese but I have been involved closely with the Vietnamese culture for over 20 years and I honestly don't know what you call this but it's NOT true beef Pho!!!! I really miss Pho Que Hong. Pho broth is supposed to have the five spices and it's a darker color. I have never been so upset with a restaurant as I am now. I am just at a loss for words to really express my feelings. If you have ever had real Beef Pho you would understand. The broth is the entire essence of the soup. I have since found out the issue. These are Koreans trying to serve authentic Vietnamese.

glenda hurt

Service was great. Pho was very generic, vegetables were soggy, mushy and sparse.

Jay Oh

The food was so good and the cashier was rrally nice and helpful with some questions about dishes.Takoyaki and ramen were very authentic, and I would definitely visit again!!

Laura Louviere

This establishment is in a food court. The beef pho could have been better but it was served in a paper bowl and the beef could not be served on the side so it was tough.

OH Shena

Great location and great Food. Would go back!

Harvy Freitag

Delicious with large portions. We got the bibimbap and bulgogi and it rivals some of the korean restaurants we tried in Atlanta

katy channing

delicious!! we got beef pho and “crab angles”. so flavorful, quick and affordable! 10/10I’d include a photo but I already ate everything!

Lacey Tompkins

Loved the mandu and bulgogi!

Akahdrin Fireal

I lived in Korea for over 3 years. The Korean food here is subpar at best. My bibimbap was so severely lacking on vegetables. It was a large portion of rice and just a hint of greens. The veggie selection was also very cheap. The bibim sauce was almost nonexistant. The flavor of the dish was so incredibly bland due to lack of veggies and sauce. Also, zero kimchi in the restaurant...what??? For 12 dollars, it was not worth it. The mandu is the only reason it was not 1 star as that was fantastic.

Hector Murrieta

Good food & cordial service

Rick W.

Holy Cow Batman!!! Speaking only for the Korean Bulgogi meal at this restaurant, I can say, this is the most authentic tasting Korea I've had since leave Korea in the late 90s. 10/10 would definitely come here again. Spent 19months in TDC Korea, and this brought me back there. Over 20 years removed. Tiny secret Gem of !!!! BHam


Incredible food! So much flavor, the pricing is excellent, and it's very clean everytime I go. The chicken pad thai is a must have!

Philip Pacheco

We arrived at this spot for a meeting. This restaurant was recommended to us by a friend. Well, it was a winning. we were warmly welcomed by the staff and we had a fantastic feeling. The meal was fresh and delicious. We loved this place a lot and we shall absolutely come back again. Recommended.

Bennett Todd

The place offers a great range of delicious food. I enjoy eating here. Staff members are always welcoming, rates are fair and the spot is always well organised.

Emily Smith

Awesome place! I got the veggie pho and my mom got the chicken pad thai and both were incredible; big portions and some of the best pho I’ve ever had. Friendly staff, clean area, and nice atmosphere. Check them out when you’re in town!

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