Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

2239 Bessemer Rd, Birmingham
(205) 781-1785

Recent Reviews

Joshua Towery

wow this place is the wrost place to stop at. the customer service is horrible.

Tammi McClain

Service was the worst I didn't get everything I payed than when I return to get my money back it was a problem I will never eat there again

Rachel M.

There food is disgusting that chicken is damn hard like bite on curb stone and tall bird light skin manager always wears hair in bird nest bee hives and flake ass Bob Marley he dark skin with droopy looking eyes them mom fucking be complaining about shit with u standing right there that shit all that he be up there complaining the chicken he cooked I say bitch you don't want be there leave go smoke some crack they up there complaining Tuesday special I wish make that shit out an parking space I had mine way I do them like the Dinosaur make them extinct Complainant motherfucker black folks is the worst motherfucker on the earth to deal with if u want some bad bad service go to black folk establishment black folk is only good one thing stand in front your business saying they the owner the only thing they do for me is suck mine dick they nasty the food is awful and the only thing get out that shit is fucking stomach pump they give u that old shit and they be loading up on fresh food take it home eat at Popeye in five points west and u too be sorry

Jeff Marks

Had to follow the crowd and try the chicken sandwich.. freshly prepared, it was alright but rather bland.. little heavy on the mayo ?...will try the spicy. Restaurant is clean and open lobby to the public. Requesting to pay with card for coin issues, no probs... Staff and management are friendly, engaging with customer care. Chicken, biscuits, and everything else is fantastic.

Niknik Austin

They really need to be more professional but the food was fresh

Mr Savage

The GM has a very bad attitude towards the workers and the customers and has ran a lot of customers away because of that you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar I think she is the problem. An should go to the the Bessemer store Arkadelphia Greensprings or somewhere else even Tuscaloosa where I hear she's from

Tia Motley

The food was hot, fresh with fast and friendly service!

Anne Jones

My grandson loves the classic chicken sandwich!

Melissa Sanders

The chicken was hot and the one piece they got correct was good but I ordered 3 thighs and a breast. They gave me 3 breasts and a thigh. I don't eat white meat. So the other person I was splitting with got the pieces they wanted. I could only eat one. Plus the breast wasn't as seasoned as the thigh. When I called to get the order replaced or to contact the manager they would never answer.

Donna Lee

I brought a box a chicken one box was fresh the other box of chicken was old broke open a piece of chicken it was black inside. Please look at the photos I posted on their site

Latrice Latricia

Under great management right now, but they don’t have everything they need to effectively do their jobs. I had to go ahead and cancel orders because they were out of everything.


My food was hot but the order was wrong and they left out my biscuits. The line was too long to go back and get them

Diona Mcconis

Flies everywhere, rude employees especially the transgender smh it's very sad. Needs new management asap!

Boobie Redricks

The service was slow but customer service was great

Barry Bailey


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