Silver Kati

1821 2nd Ave N, Birmingham
(321) 266-8883

Recent Reviews

Cari Lewis

Went 2 days straight and no one was ever their to take my order I rated them a 2 cause the food look appetizing.

Ranita S.

Solid yummy Fresh food A bit bland for Indian Rice a bit undercooked for me Convenient Prices aren't bad but a bit inflated for what you get You will need to get more than one roll to get full Definitely get a samosa I'm Bengali so I know Kati rolls should be made with more flavor & buttery paratha, this is good for non Desis though . They need to give you a cup of curry to go with all that rice that serves as nothing but a filler because it is weird to eat rice with a sandwich.

Bronson Carpenter

worst indian food i’ve ever had. chicken was dry, Tikka masala and palak were just terrible.

Bron C

worst indian food i’ve ever had. chicken was dry, Tikka masala and palak were just terrible.

Dre B

The fish dishes here are great and they taste delicious. Downside this place randomly closes and there will be a sign like back in a hr etc.

Mai Love

Be warned this place does not follow their hours that they have online. I have made the mistake several times coming here to get some quick food and I stand at the counter waiting for a few minutes while the workers stare at me until I think they’re finally coming over to take my order, but instead they just tell me they’re closed. I haven’t even got to try their food, but from what I can tell from other reviews this place is pretty mid. Don’t plan your night around eating here because it’s a literal game of roulette on whether or not they’ll be open. At least it’s in the food hall so you have the ability to eat somewhere else. :/

Ryan L.

Had the samosa chaat and the Choli masala. Both were incredible! Highly recommend this spot!

Summer F.

Honestly, the food wasn't terrible, it was bland. I've never had bland Indian food before...I didn't even know that was possible, really. The people working there were sweet but I don't think I'd go back.

Sanjiv Desai

Food was very continental and bland. It is supposed to be Indian street food but didn't taste anything like it. It opens at 11am on Saturday and they didn't had half the items on their menu. I would not go there again.

Sandhiya thiagarajan

No one was there to serve. May be I was in at a wrong time. But the menu suggested we get American and Indian mixed taste up here

Steven Mann

I love this place! They have the best butter chicken you can get. Truly an underrated place that deserves way more biz . Awesome food.

SG * (SG)

The food and service was amazing! 10/10

katy channing

we got chicken tandoori on special, it was yummy but just okay, a little under-salted. the food was affordable, the people were very kind and the service was quick. ?

Sydney Aikens

many vegan and vegetarian options! people are so sweet and food is good :) i am very satisfied

Jace Rose

LOVE. THIS. PLACE. Been going to Silver Coin for years now and so glad they've got a second location for grabbing the BEST Indian food in AL. Nicest people and most delicious food (highly recommend the paneer tikka masala HOT w raita and veggie samosas)... go go go

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