5405 US-280, Birmingham
(205) 995-1408

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Mary Crist

Peppermint mocha was a lot more mocha than peppermint. Very disappointed when I was treating myself for good test results.

Tripp Hobbs

Nothing makes me more angry than when a company has hours online and then randomly decide to “close early”. (Aka they weren’t busy and wanted to go home). So so so unprofessional. Be careful going here (and surely don’t go out of your way like we did) as you cannot rely on them to be open until their actual closing time.

Lorna Crosley

I am new to the area and I have to say that this was one of the most friendly Starbucks that I have ever been to. All the baristas seemed to be having a good time working with each other. They made an attempt to get to know their customers as was evidenced by them calling greetings by name to various customers as they walked in the door. I have a complicated order and it was executed to perfection. Very impressed with this Starbucks. Keep up the great work, team!

Michele Cahoon

Fast and friendly service! Fresh fresh coffee and blueberry muffin!!

Justin Douglas

Quinn made my coffee perfectly! I love mocha cookie crumble! I will be back!!

Lilly Montenegro

I love this Starbucks, but the past couple of times I’ve ordered an iced coffee with cream, it has come out like this. It doesn’t really taste like there’s any coffee in it at all and just makes it not enjoyable.

Elizabeth Cooper

Always friendly service with great coffee and food. Shelley always makes my day a little brighter.

Ju Mc

The team here had a great demeanor, was quick with the order, and even recognized/offered/provided for a special event.

Marcia N.

Although it's pretty quick service I find their coffee not very strong. There's too much to choose from! I'd rather go local. I like the vibe much better at Panera across the street in Lee Branch. The team is friendlier and you can get a subscription. Of course the coffee is not comparable but the vibe to me is very important.

Jessica Black

The food and drinks are great, but the sole purpose of my business with this location is to see Zach. That man’s jokes are guaranteed to lift the crippling weight of depression from anyone’s shoulders. Please give this man a raise.Zach, thanks for making me laugh when I needed it. 11/10 will be returning.

Bettie Gray

Wonderful espresso and green tea breakfast served all day service is good

Nathan Winslow

I hate doing this but I very much dislike their newly renovated store. There is only room for 4 people to sit.The new renovation drastically cut down on the number of available seating. It's almost like they don't want us to linger.With the new layout, tables are lined up end to end. So unless you want to be shoulder to shoulder with the person next to you, hearing every word of your conversation, then you best sit outside or take your drink to go.Times are changing and I guess I'll just have to start making my coffee at home more often.

Austin J.

I like the egg bites and hot chocolate that they have. Also always get order correct but for online orders I wish you could put a time frame when to pickup order. So other than that a four star.

Andrew Brown

I’ve visited this location 3-4 times per week for the last 15 months. I’m pretty much over the inconsistency. Either they are closed or the drive thru is closed or something is wrong… just shut it down. What a joke

Sean Miller

A lot of anime geeks work here. Definitely a great vibe. ??

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