Tropical Smoothie Cafe

1350 Inverness Cors, Birmingham
(205) 834-8309

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nicole isom

This is the slowest tropical smoothie I have ever went too! Please do not stop heading to work. Absolutely one older man behind the counter! Keeping you on hold standing there.I would never go here again.


My son introduced us to this little niche restaurant and while it does seem very... 'millennial' for lack of a better term with its look and young teens working behind the counter. Shock and amaze, their service (which could a tad better) was good and the food was simply great! We even had an online order issue once and they did fix it at their own expense for another location, so another time we did get food at that other location another day. Their food is healthy with an interesting menu. There is something for everyone here even with the small menu! And the smoothies are the real treasure here! Always come back. With the ever increasing prices in fast food, if you're going to spend $8 on yourself for a lunch try Tropical Smoothie Cafe. You won't regret it!

John Wiggins

There is a really nice staff here.I’ve eaten here twice in the past week and the food/smoothies were really good

Jakiya Threatt

On August 21, 2022 my boyfriend and I attended Tropical Smoothie Cafe where we experienced racism and unwelcoming gestures from the manager. We ordered a smoothie from inside the restaurant around 5:45 pm and decided to sit down as we wait. There were other customers inside that were loud and rowdy who also brought in food from another restaurant but nothing was said to them. We were the only African American customers inside the restaurant at the time. After we got our smoothie I went to use the restroom and my boyfriend sat in the dining area to wait on me. While my boyfriend was waiting on me, the manager walked up to him and stated how “they were about to close and that they were short staffed.” He basically asked us to leave shortly after the other group of customers willingly left, this was around 6:00 pm. As we walked out, new customers proceeded to walk in and they continued to take their orders. The website also states that they close at 8:00 pm. They made us feel very uncomfortable and unwelcome. I will NEVER go back to the Tropical Cafe Smoothie on Inverness Corners, Alabama.

Sara Meherg

Very friendly and fast!!!

sherman grant

Great smoothies and food, if only the sides weren't so plain basic. I get the jetty punch and santa fe quesadilla ?.

Brooke Robinson

Very busy at 1:20pm on a Friday. Waited almost 25 min for two smoothies. I’m sure it was partly staffing issues, partly lunchtime rush. Smoothies were alright…not huge on flavor/kinda flat. Expected a wow flavor but they were just ok. We didn’t order any food but it looked really good.

Harley W.

We were in the area for a tux fitting for my husband and ran across this place. The store constantly had people coming in and going through the drive through so we figured that was a good sign. Very neat, food was delicious and smoothies were even better. Would definitely eat here again. I gave 4 stars as it was very hot and uncomfortable inside. It's the beginning of June and 90 degrees outside. I'm not sure if the A/C was currently inoperable at the time or if they just kept it on a higher temp.

Desiree Mellish

I’ve been an infrequent customer here for years, but usually eat here 1-3x per week in recent months. This location is consistently clean, the employees are nice, and the food and smoothies are high quality and accurate (I have NEVER had my order made wrong!). My daughters love this place too and often will choose this place when given the chance to choose where we are going for lunch or dinner.I love that they let you customize absolutely anything. You can swap out white chocolate instead of regular chocolate in a smoothie, or essentially build your own wrap like my daughter did tonight with her chicken+lettuce+mozzarella wrap. (It’s technically the Buffalo Chicken Wrap - one of my favorites - but without the ranch, tomatoes, or Buffalo sauce.)Our favorite smoothie is the Peanut Butter Cup, but collectively my family also recommends the Island Green, Avocolada, and Beach Bum (white chocolate instead of regular).My favorite food items are the Chicken Pesto Flatbread, the Buffalo Chicken Wrap with sauces on the side, and the Chicken Caprese Sandwich.If you come here, even between lunch and dinner peak times, don’t be in a hurry. It does take a while but that’s because nothing is pre-made. It’s all made when you order it. The team works diligently and does a great job.

Brianna Harris

The service here is unmatched. They do everything to make sure the customer has a positive experience. The food is great too! I highly recommend this location.

James Schwarz

Friendly staff and quick service. The smoothies and wraps were great tasting too. Recommend you go try them out you won't be disappointed.

Jerel Pettway

Strawberry Quencher is they #1 drink and it’s the best man especially when it’s real cold and freshly made make sure you ask for the Strawberry Quencher!!! You won’t regret it!

Jamiya H.

The owners of this tropical smoothie was involved in an assault! F**** Disgusting!

Gina M.

I love going here and getting a smoothie and seeing such smiling faces from the owners! So nice! Smoothie's are fresh and only the best ingredients and the food is really good as well!

Kenneth Hailey

I came during lunch hour. Mike was hustling on the register. It was busy, but he and the staff keep the line moving. My order was unique because the item was no longer on the menu. Mike let me know that they no longer had that item on the menu but did they have it on the register (their system is being updated). However, he talked to the staff in the back to see if they could accommodate me... And they did!!! ?? Truly made my day, as I was doing a food run for coworkers as well. Always love their smoothies as well as wraps. Stellar service!! 6 out of 5 stars!

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