Urban Cookhouse

250 Summit Blvd #102, Birmingham
(205) 969-6700

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Lee Draper

I like the concept from the farm to the grill to the table, went with a pepper patch salad and went with the marinated lime steak the food was great very tasty and enjoyable good proportion. Staff friendly and professional I hadn’t been in a cookhouse before so it was overall a great experience and look forward to going back.Also took a strawberry lemonade made very well was concerned that it would be to sweet but it wasn’t tasted great.

Jasmine Russell White

The BBQ chicken sandwich was delicious just needed more sauce so you won’t choke on the bread. The salad was fresh and fulfilling. Overall, It gave me a more sophisticated McAlister‘s vibe, which I feel like is not what the name of the restaurant insinuated.


My family and I order take out from this location quite often and it’s always very delicious and our food is well done. The kids menu is great it’s got quite a few options to choose from. My toddlers have tried every kids meal and have loved it every time! They get excited to get their goldfish and fruits as their sides? And daughter loves to sneak my orange roll away from my meal (it is her favorite!) The people working here are super nice as well!

Chip C.

My former work place catered in Urban Cookhouse all the time. It was always great food, but sometimes I could get burnt out on their food - we catered it in ALL THE TIME. After all these years, I finally decided to come give their brick and mortar store a try. The store itself is very clean, and the employees were friendly. I got the pork along with two sides of cheddar pasta. I forgot just how cheesy the pasta was! I needed to use some of the BBQ sauce to cut through the cheesiness. But then I didn't have enough BBQ to keep the pork from being too dry. It was a hard choice to make. I would probably try something different next time. My wife and child liked their food.

Joshua Brown

I don’t eat here often, but my family had a good experience today. The food tasted great overall (the cream of broccoli soup is excellent, fwiw). The staff here was really accommodating to our needs (e.g. “can I take your plate for you?”, “is there anything we can get for you?”, etc.), which is a nice touch to any restaurant.If you’re eating here during the blazing summer months, arrive early and get a seat as far away from the doors as possible. Otherwise, you’ll be enjoying your meal in mildly hot temperature due to everyone coming in and out.

Kim T.

It's been awhile since I've been to Urban Cookhouse (used to go to the one downtown all the time); however, the food is still amazing. I love their lime-steak and rice! Also you can't leave without having their orange roll! Rolls are SUPER addicting. While I didn't get it this time, but save room for their skillet cookie (must have). It's made to order so make sure give them some time to make. But I promise you it's worth the wait.

Carter B.

The only place in the shopping center to get a healthy meal on the cheap. I make out even better than Panera and surely get more nutrition.

Stephanie Griffin

The location in Montgomery shut down August of 2021 so I was excited to get my urban cookhouse fix while in Birmingham. Unfortunately I didn't get the awesome food I was use to from the Montgomery location. My veggie quesidilla +steak had barely any steak, yet was full of mushrooms and onions. They did not give me the salsa that comes with order and my Arnold Palmer was mixed with unsweetened tea. My order was curbside pickup.

April Smith

If you have never been to an Urban Cookhouse, it is the type of restaurant where you order at the counter and they bring the food to you. Sometimes places like this are considered fast food. Urban Cookhouse isn’t. The food here is delightful. They have a light and healthy menu and surprisingly good service too. I recommend this place to anyone wanting a quick meal that is light and delicious.

keyonna adkins

I ordered the grilled chicken special. My experience was good overall. There wasn't a long wait time to order. My food came right out surprisingly. Chicken was tender. The salad was very fresh. The hot cheese pasta was good once I added some salt & pepper. My favorite part was the warm orange roll.

Jennifer Ethridge

My daughter and I stopped in and were impressed with the service, decor, and food. I had the chicken sandwich and a side of collards. It was great! Collards were on the spicy side!

Dent G.

Great food, great portions. Food was very fresh and you could really taste it in the food. Had the Urban Cowboy and you could tell it was cooked on an actual grill. Corn bisque was great also. Facilities were clean and you can tell staff works hard to keep it that way.

Mary T.

Food was just okay. Mac and cheese was mushy. The staff was friendly. They were quick to fill the ice machine when it ran out of ice.

Deanna D.

If you're looking for a quick and healthy lunch spot, this is a great choice! This is my first time at Urban Cookhouse and I would gladly return. Very nice staff, lots of seating, and tasty food. The average cost per person is anywhere from $10-$15 per person. I really enjoyed the cookhouse wrap and orange roll. I wasn't big on the cheesy pasta, but I'm leaving happy and full! 4/5

Kay N.

Never disappoint & great customer service !!!! Food is always fresh. Only inconvenience is that they do not accept Apple Pay curbside. :(

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