Village Tavern

101 Summit Blvd, Birmingham
(205) 970-1640

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George Constantino

Met a large group of friends here for dinner and the place was hopping with the happy hour crowd. Since we had some time before others arrived we joined the crowd and ordered the spring rolls and cocktails. The server was Johnny on the despot and the rolls (excellent) and our drinks quickly appeared.As friends gathered we moved to the dining area. I was pleased that they had an ample space for all 20 of us and our server quickly set up water, drinks, and appetizers as we waited for the last of our friends to arrive.We ordered a variety of steaks,, salads, sandwiches, and all were well made, hot, tasty, and more than most could finish. I left with a great lunch for on the road the next day.Don’t know when we’ll be back to Birmingham but I do know we’ll eat here again if we do

Brian J

This was my first time having dinner here and it was simply amazing! I elected to have the prime rib and it was cooked and seasoned to perfection! For sides I had mashed potatoes and the mac and cheese. The mashed potatoes definitely get an A++ and the mac and cheese was just okay for me, definitely could have used more cheese.Had a couple old fashions from the bar and they were both phenomenal and I can't leave this review without giving props to our fabulous server Courtney (sp). One of the best customer service experiences I have had at a restaurant in quite some time. The server in conjunction with the food definitely secured me coming back in the future when I'm in Birmingham.

Willie McGee

Quick lunch on Saturday - sat in the bar to make sure it was quick. Wedge salad and halibut/spinach were outstanding. When the only customer in the bar area, how long should you set with a glass of water before asking someone to please take your order? Is is customary to watch the wait staff (2 or 3) nibble and pack up their lunch whilst waiting too long on yours? At best, it felt rather rude...

Cody Robinson

Absolutely wonderful food, Great staff and Great service. I had the Irish kerrygold pimento cheese BLT and it was absolutely amazing!


First thing I will say our waitress was amazing. This has nothing to do with her service. I had ordered a grilled chicken and bacon cheese sandwich. I asked for pepper jack because it is my favorite. When it came to the table, I opened the sandwich to dress it with my condiments only to find out they put Swiss, and not pepper jack. I decided to taste it first to see if I would like it with swiss cheese, and when I did not like it the waitress took it back to get it fixed. Right after the waitress took back my sandwich my mother cut into her Chicken Teriyaki, and saw that it was dangerously pink in the middle. We apologized to the waitress, and she took it back to get it fixed. The manager then brought out my new chicken sandwich, and my mother's chicken teriyaki. I tried eating the chicken sandwich but the chicken was bland. It tasted like it had no seasoning on it. My mother's chicken teriyaki was cooked, but she wasn't hungry after seeing the undercooked chicken. We did not expect any discounts, but for the fact that we had to wait extra time because of their mistake the manager should have offered something. I have worked in the restaurant business for 16 years and I know this is normally what you do; even if it is a 10 percent discount. I would give the food a 2/10. My mother comes here often, and she even feels like the quality of food is decreasing at this location.

sabuj banerjee

Great food, atmosphere and staff. Busy but not too much wait. They have a huge list of cocktails, wines, drinks. One of the best mojitos and martini places in birmingham. The crab dip is a must !!!

Pamela Marshall

Went in to put my name on the waiting list. I tried taking a seat and almost hurt my wrist, back, and ankle trying to catch myself from hitting the floor because the benchs in the waiting area are broken, while the hostesses laughed and knew they were broken and then proceeded to tell the spring in the other can be seen. I asked why is there not a sign up saying broken or why haven't they removed them from the area. The wait wasn't as long as they stated. Our waiter/server was Courtney and he was Amazing with suggestions on everything from appetizers, drinks all the way to desserts! We has an issue with a server (wore all black) that state he couldn't bring the Lavash that goes with the awesome Spinach dip out and we should ask our waiter/server (Courtney), which really shocked us. The wait took a while being that Courtney had other tables and was getting drinks. In great taste and customer service Courtney much oblidged and got us fresh and warm lavash. The food was amazing! I hope management will move those benchs before an elderly person or anyone else sits there an seriously hurts themselves.

Christine Strange

The staff was attentive and knowledgeable about the menu. There was 4 in our group. We all had salads and the server was savvy enough to manage the timing so we all enjoyed our course, and had a pause before the entree. All of our meals were delicious. Two had perfectly cooked prime rib, my husband had chicken marsala and our friend the meatloaf. We all enjoyed our meals as well as the service.

Serenta Chaney

The Village Tavern has to have the friendliest staff ever! My niece works at this restaurant and I couldn't believe how well the employees get along with each other. You could feel the love and unity in the place. Customers were actually waiting patiently outside to dine in. The employees never stopped serving! They aim to please! My niece Torre ? loves working at the Tavern. Cortney was our server and he was quite exceptional, friendly, professional and honest He gave us service with a ?! The spinach was good! Yummy mango tea. Please try the delicious Key Lime Pie! Yummy Shrimp! The Village Tavern has a great atmosphere and there was service with a ?. Thanks to Torre who invited us to dine at the Tavern in the midst of a family crisis. Salute to the Village Tavern:Good management! An outstanding staff! Good food! Well organized! Great atmosphere and even the customers were nice! Hats off to the Tavern!Love you Torre & Wanza! Thank you very much for a pleasant dining experience!Auntie ? loves you Torre!

Lee Moore

It's a themed chain. Very popular, but you can generally have a conversation without sign language being necessary. I've had some misses- once I was served basically raw meat, and some seafood past it's prime but it's generally ok. Prices are VERY reasonable, staff usually is very good too. This is clearly a business run by folks that know how to train and plan. We often have brunch there after church, and it's absolutely fine and consistent. They take reservations, and that's something you should do if headed there-like I said it's very popular.


The food and wine is very good! Waitress was very good. However, I didn’t understand the bill and asked to speak to the manager and she would not come to our table and speak with us. It’s a shame that the manager wouldn’t take a few minutes to speak with us.

Dana Stringer

So good. Filet was tender and cooked perfectly. Service was timely and very friendly! Filet tips and grits are pictured.

Thomas Williams

Very nice place, wonderful relaxed atmosphere but still sophisticated. Service was wonderful as well as the food.

Renae “Naededo” Patterson

Haven't been in years and decided to grab lunch. The lunch and service were both spectacular!! Will definitely not wait so long for a return visit.

Marquita Walker

Food was good but OMG the warm butter cake dessert is the best. Prices are reasonable compared to other restaurants. The spinach dip is very good but the bowl is super small, not really enough to serve more than 2 people. The waiter was okay but not as intentional as some, we can to keep asking for things.

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