Village Tavern

101 Summit Blvd, Birmingham
(205) 970-1640

Recent Reviews

Jade Skye

I would love to put 5 stars. The food was fantastic. Calamari was perfect and so was the Glazed Salmon. I will be back just because I'm assuming the service isn't always that bad. However, I have to say the service at the bar was terrible. I won't name them specifically but they forgot our order at least 5 times. And I'm pretty sure the manager ended up putting it in. The bartender forgot other guests' orders as well. The drinks weren't that good bc they were so distracted. We did not even get all of our order. All I can say is go but maybe don't sit at the bar?

Ramona C

Good service. Good food. Lovely decor. No reservation needed during lunch. Bar staff was very good too. We all enjoyed our experience.

Faith A

It was really good! We got the spring rolls which were great and the steaks and sides were very good. Good portions and good atmosphere. It’s a little pricey but I would say worth it, especially the food. Would recommend.

The Marcus R.

5/5 mainly because I have been here so many times and cannot remember a bad meal or bad service. Main issue can be parking because good food is busy and other places near there are good too. From the trout to the pimento burger (to die for) you cannot go wrong with any menu item here. A stable place with high consistency for any meal or event. Probably one of the best burger and fries in Bama. Seriously. If I were to complain......the fireplace can get hot if seated next to it. That's about all I can remember to complain about. Quality food with competent management and professional staff. 5/5 easily.

Christopher Garza

This place is Called the Village Tavern and is pricey but well worth it. It was delicious and there was a lot to choose from. The drinks were pretty great too. I was very happy with my experience here as they had prime rib and the chicken was cooked perfectly. ?Food: 5/5

William D.

I never really think to come here, but the restaurant is very nice, clean, and dimly lit. The waiting staff was very attentive, friendly, and willing to help you make a good choice for lunch/dinner. I saw that most of their fish dishes were salmon, including their fish tacos. Honestly I think that's an odd choice of fish for fish tacos. I mentioned that to our server and she said it's because they no longer serve Tilapia. I noticed they had Fish and chips with Cod and I substituted the salmon for the cod on the tacos, which ended up being delicious.

Mariah C.

This place is always good. Even though it's a chain, it's a comfortable pretty place with great fish (try the Trout Hemingway -it's divine). If you want something less fancy, salads are fresh and dressings are great, soups are fresh and homemade and burgers are delicious and BIG. The French onion soup is a standout - way too messy unless you've known your date a looooong time and y'all are very comfortable with each other.

Justin Lisenby

Everything is good here. My favorite chicken sandwich anywhere.


My husband and I were on a road trip and we saw this place on TripAdvisor and decided to give it a try. I ordered grilled chicken teriyaki and my husband ordered grill meatloaf with mashed potatoes. As an appetizer, we ordered house made chips with ranch dressing. The food portions were large and the food was good. The service was attentive, but the place was busy and therefore noisy. Anyone with a hearing problem may have issue here. The menu was a bit pricy, but the food was good.

Sina Skates

Service was fine. Food was good. I've been here before, but it's not my favorite place because it's dark. Half of the restaurant is built into a hill. I will say this... the desserts are awesome. So yummy and homemade. We took 3 desserts to go and it was so wonderful how they packed everything up with instructions on how to prepare the warm desserts. My favorite item that we ate for this late lunch was the fettuccine Alfredo with grilled chicken.

Bri B.

My my my my my Village Tavern I will come here time and time again. Their steak topped with crab meat... omg perfection! Spinach dip and crab dip (I think) were delicious! Server was so nice and I love the ambience.

Angela D.

We had a great experience at Village Tavern. Our waiter Courtney was attentive and very pleasant . We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Jake H.

As an Elite member i have to give my honest and unbiased opinion about this business. We came from Texas well known for good Steakhouse and i can say that they have decent quality steakhouse as well but i notice 3 things that make me give only 4 start. First we came at 4:35pm sunday the tables are still empty and the host make us wait for 30 minutes. Once we got our tables i notice the lights are to dark to even read the menu some may find this not a big deal for couple date night. Lastly our Server Isaac mess up our order i ask for Ribeye Medium rate and i receive the medium. I only found out after my wife cut her steak and notice the bloody steak she got which suppose to be mine. I can say this are just small things i can still say they can improve this things as good quality steakhouse.

Cat R.

I am a fairly frequent customer of Village Tavern and I've never had a bad meal there until yesterday. Our server was polite and charming but his charm was better than his service. The menu no longer offers a brunch breakfast plate with eggs, bacon, bread and grits. Two in our party of three ordered the items à la cart. Then we had to contend with all these small dishes on the table. I requested a plate but it never came. Most importantly, there were several things wrong with the food. The grits were very lumpy, My English muffin was cold when served so I asked that it be warmed. It must have been 10 minutes before he brought it back and I suppose it was left in the microwave the whole time because It was so tough I couldn't eat it. My eggs were already cold and they were even colder by the time he brought a new muffin out. The bacon was limp and not very good. I'm not sure what was going on because this is not my usual experience. But one bad experience can last awhile!

Yasmin Y.

There are times when you wish you could reclaim time lost in your life. Today was one of them. I dropped in with my bestest of friends today for brunch. Granted this was not our first choice but it was the quickest to maneuver. The food experience was awful. All- shrimp and grits, French toast - was cold and not prepared as specified. We made the server aware and he quickly retrieved the shrimp and grits but he returned later with our same dishes (I could tell because one plate had jus and one didn't as previously noted; you could also see where we had taken a bite of grits to taste). I think they nuked them in the microwave. The plate was a little warmer. VERY Disappointing. I understand everyone is short on staff but quality should remain priority. Some shining stars- the fruit was perfect temp; our server was attentive and apologetic but also rushed.

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