Billy Goat Concessions LLC

114 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island
(251) 861-4628

Recent Reviews

Lisa Woods

Absolutely delicious grilled chicken gyro, Cuban, and billy cheeseburger. Extremely sweet lady who appeared to be running the whole show and doing a fantastic job. So glad we chose your place for our lunch.

Tessa Ashby

Nice location, friendly staff, and yummy milkshakes. I appreciated that they could combine flavors.

Cassandra Waterbury

Amazing BBQ sandwiches, yummy milkshakes, easy ordering over the phone for quick pick up...and sweet service!!

Chris Sealy

Great food, service and staff!!! Definitely a must if you’re in the area!!! Fritos chili pie is a must!!!

Chris Tuscaloosa Sealy

Great food, service and staff!!! Fritos chili pie is a must!!!

Brock S.

After our last few visits we're lowering our ratings and expectations. Ice cream and shakes are good, but the food is inconsistent probably because of cheap ingredients more than anything else. For example, the chicken can be just horrible. In the gyro, the chicken is cut into long, perfectly square, pieces. It's as though they came out of a mold or something. I guess there's some kind of cutting machine that does this, but it looks like fake meat. Worse yet, large sections of it are what I call "zombie chicken". It's just tough and completely inedible. Between the odd appearance and the tough texture, it's just horrible. Maybe microwaving has something to do with it. Regardless, it needs to be fixed. I hope they address this because it is a nice option on the island for riding a bike to and eating casually outdoors by the water. I guess we'll stick to ice cream and skip the food for a while, though.

Nikki A.

This is a great little place located by the Ferry launch. We were out riding bikes and stopped by for sandwiches and drinks. We both had the brisket sandwich special on Texas toast, chips and a drink. It was a very nice brisket with pickles, onions, and a tangy sauce. My husband and I both agree the brisket was good enough to stand alone and the sauce wasn't needed. We enjoyed it very much sitting in the sun on the short pier next to the shop watching the Ferry come and go. Watching the birds and having a great time. After we shared a chocolate shake that was just delicious to top off a fantastic little beach lunch!!!!


Came early for ferry line, hoping for ice cream, but this place was closed. We watched about 15 people go to door and turn away - disappointed. Was disappointing since the other ice cream places were closed, as well.

lee davis

Very convenient, super friendly and surprisingly clean bathrooms!

Merri Merri

Great people and great food!

Melinda Van Auken

They were closing in about45 min so they started shutting everything down, including the chocolate ice cream machine we were coming for. Lady in front of us wanted nachos, but they already turned that off. 3 small cups of vanilla ice cream and bottle of water was $15, crazy high!

Gregory M

While you are waiting for the ferry, try this place out. Get you an ice cream or a drink.. We enjoy it.

Brittney M.

Grabbed a couple cones while waiting for the farry! Pretty good! Decent prices.


Great food

Donna Wood

Fabulous Coffees, sandwiches, shakes, okay, everything!!

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