368 Cox Creek Pkwy, Florence
(256) 760-4468

Recent Reviews

Laree Gillespie (Googlie)

Clean store friendly people and good customer service.Food: 5/5

Christopher Kinney

Wonderful drive through service, employees were very kind and respectful, food was great

Dale Krebs

Traditional Greek Gyro is absolutely the best! The only reason I even go.Restaurant was clean. Staff is friendly and welcoming. Self-service drink machines were fully functional. Sauces in self-service dispensing box. Definitely will return. Definitely recommend

Kisha Armstead

Went to try Greek gyro. I asked if it was lamb. It is a lamb/beef mixture. Disgusting.

Pamela D.F.

I usually always have a good experience here but not this time. I ordered the Buffalo Chicken Wrap and the wrap was pretty tough...I ate the fillings which were good...but I doubt I will order that again.

Jim Warner

Waited 10 mins in Drive thru. Ordered the 3 piece hush puppy breaded fish. I opened the box and had to laugh at the size. One McDonald’s Xbox nugget is the same size. They are nothing as advertised. The lady was nice but we won’t be back.

Kevin Hunter

Should be trained that taking the drive thru orders until cars are filled in to the window would speed things up. Was 3 minutes before each car was asked for order but only one car at window. After 10 minutes and three orders taken we went to Jack’s.

Allison Hamm

We love this Arbys.. we will never eat at the one on florence Blvd. It needs new management or to be shut down.

Jennifer Vaughn

Today was my worst experience at Arby's we love and eat there quite often but today the old lady taking or order was not listening to the customer so it was causing her messing people order up we will be back but if she is at register we will leave

Dena Wilson

Folks at the drive thru are always so nice. Food is delicious. Handy location. And this location often supports local fundraising teams by hosting car washes in the parking lot! Just an asset for the community!

Krystal Willingham

Great food that's prepared when ordered so it's not sitting around under a heat lamp. Friendly staff that's willing to help with any questions. Had a nice lunch and will totally be back.

Allison Franks

The food is good, but takes to long to get and they need to change their hours I got off work at 10 and went to get food cause it says y'all close at 12 am and y'all were already closed and not many places are open at that time

Craig Warren

There was one car ahead of us at the drive-thru waiting to place their order, we waited for 15 minutes. The person taking the orders finally got the car in front of us and when it was our turn they asked us to wait again. Meanwhile, the line of cars waiting behind us is wrapping around the building. We decided to leave before they ever offered to take our order. If the service is going to be this slow then you should probably just close the drive-thru.

Malina Grace

First they made us wait about 5 minutes at the drive thru just to order. I order the $6 hot honey bbq boneless wings with fries. Then when I get home the fries are cold, the boneless wings are buffalo and they're even cold. I thought that maybe be we had to wait 5 minutes just to order that maybe the food would be HOT! I am so sick of the employees being lazy and can't even get orders right when it dead at 10:30 pm. There is no excuse. I will call corporate because this isn't the first and I'm sure it won't be the last time. RIDICULOUS!!

Dee Bberry

Never had an experience like this at an Arby's. So disappointed-someone should remove the happy customer bell. LOLDrive-Thru•Had to wait 20 minutes for the vehicle in front of us• Had to wait 15 MORE minutes after drive-thru ••put us on hold•• to place our order• Took so long, had to use the facilities inside (while driver stayed in drive thru line):•▪︎ bathroom looked as if it hadn't been cleaned the entire shift•▪︎ no customers inside, so absolutely no reason for a 15 - 20 minute wait between taking orders

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