Firehouse Subs Florence Mall

365 Cox Creek Pkwy, Florence
(256) 284-7740

Recent Reviews

Daniel Tubbs

Placed order at 415, to be ready at 6. When I arrived at 6, the order was just being started. The food in my car from another restaurant was getting colder bc I wasn't able to pick it up and go as intended. The girl sloppily made all 3 sandwiches. 2/3 we're wrong. There were no special instructions or requests. Just basic, super simple sandwiches. Steven Hawkins probably could have made a faster sandwich, in his current state...If this was a one time thing, whatever. But it's not. These people are always, ALWAYS slow. They never have an overwhelming number of tickets on the board, but that doesn't seem to matter. If I ever become paralyzed, and brain dead, and can't do what I do for a living currently... I'll come over and make those sandwiches faster for you guys. Jesus


I worked at a sandwich place for about 7 years and sorry I don't care how busy you are, I shouldn't have to wait 25 minutes or more for 3 sandwiches it is always like this here, what is the issue?

Nikki Jumper

Always a success. Leadership is very impressive and the sandwich is always neat.

Molly MacKay

I’ve never seen slower service. I placed an order online. It took me at least 15 minutes to get to the store and once I got there I waited another 15 minutes. I watched the girl making my food and it was as if she was moving as slow as humanly possible.

Will Wiggins

Welcome to firehouse, where it takes 21 minutes to make ONE sandwich. Out of the few times I've been here, I've not once had a good experience

Rusty Shackelford

The worst tasting pickle slice tainted half of the already small sub, making it inedible and the other half wasnt more than decent. No line but a 12 minute wait?

Jason Vandiver

Been in Florence this week and stopped here twice. #1 Ordered two large sandwiches, but received 1 small and 1 large. #2 2/26/22 Our order took so long we could have eaten at Outback quicker. We had to cancel our plans for the afternoon. Many others were waiting as well. The food was excellent both times and the service was friendly. I don't think I will be back to this one.

Will King

Extremely slow service. Took 30 minutes to get sandwich after order was taken

Todd Scarborough

Waited 37 minutes for a sandwich to then find out that they apparently lost my ticket. I then requested a refund and left. When employees are more interested in chatting with friends and co workers than doing their job a manager needs to be held accountable.

Judy Stokes Lofton

They rock employees are very friendly and subs are very good

Mary Reed

Food was fresh, staff very pleasant, and food came out in timely manner even though it was rush lunch hour.

A.H. Wright

The employees were friendly...they practice social distancing and food was hot and fresh. We will be returning

Siege Salie

Always love some firehouse. Glad we have one in florence now.

Katina Perkins

Had to wait long time. Plus had no potato soup. The sandwich was okay.

anthony givens

Its seems that traditionally good quality food at places like this, and all of the other fast food places seems to have disappeared.

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