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Erin Lisa Butler Simmons

Food was good, but they really RIP you off with the drinks. They put so much ice in my cup it was packed almost solid with ice, so much ice that I could not put a straw in it. Only about a mouthful of actual beverage in entire cup. My date had to bring my cup back and ask them to remove the ice and add some actual soda. No fountain in dining room or I would have made my own.

Darlene M.

good food but you had better check your order before you leave. we are usually missing something.

Keith Cantrell

Sister in law found a fly in her water, service was very rude, messed up her order. As someone who used to work in fast food, I know it can be hard. But it's not rocket science. Hopefully the health department surprises them real soon.

Bill Palis

Ordered a big bacon and a cheeseburger at the drive through June 30, 2022 just after 2 PM. Food came out quick and hot.

Ashley Graves

Told me they were out of chicken tenders and gravy then proceeded to tell me they couldn't sell me coffee that is on their menu one seriously upset coustomer

Jessica Perez

This place treats their new hires terribly. The way my daughter was treated was completely unacceptable. Jorden the shift leader should be fired!!! Treated my daughter like trash. Terrible establishment!!!

Jennifer R. Wall

Went to this location with my husband on his lunch break. While we were standing in line waiting for our order what I can only assume was the manager, a blond woman in plain clothes came in, walked up to the counter and loudly scolded the whole crew who were busy filling lunch orders for not line bussing cars outside. It was extremely unprofessional and embarrassing to her crew who were working and showing great customer service before she walked in. She was loud and obnoxious speaking to the crew, on her phone and allowing her child to climb all over the seats in the dining room. My husband has gone to this location in the past when they had a worker outside taking orders rather than using the drive thru and he asked for a menu and was told they didn’t have one. He left. What is the point of having someone outside taking orders if the customer can’t even look at a menu to order? We will go to another location from now on. Very unprofessional and disappointing.

Sarah Lee Linville Creasy

Rude morning employee taking orders. only during weekdays. Weekend employees are great. Guess it's time to start getting breakfast somewhere else, during the week.

Nina Coats

Gave me half of someone else order but I didn't know that till I got to where I was going. No plastic ware to eat with so had to throw my side order away. Tried to give me the wrong drink at the window. I know they are short staffed but the person at the window could double check to make sure everything is right before she/he hands it out.


Service was poor. Food was nothing to brag about. Burger over cooked,bacon couldn't eat was to chewy,chicken and biscuits was extremely dry. 1st burger was not fixed correctly and milkshakes were more of a milk consistency than shake. Highly disappointed w what was our 1st Jacks experience and will most likely be our last.

Konstance Peake

Something else needs to be done concerning the drive thru because what they're doing is not working. Having a person stand out to take orders is slowing service down.

fnaf girl

They're good but on night shift Ive gotten 3 chicken sandwiches raw, on different days..

She got Game

DRIVE THROUGH EMPLOYEE, CLOTHING WAS FULL A CAT HAIR! Food WAS COLD AND OLD, green beans where soaking in coleslaw juice, MY TRASH CAN ENJOYED THAT MEAL. Will not be back anytime soon .. NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!!!!!!! ZERO STAR IF I COULD

James McCullough

Stopped in to pick up some food to go and there was some Disney music playing in the back! Everyone was kind and seemed to be moving with a sense of urgency to keep the lines moving. I also noticed the employees were communicating with each other on what they needed. And, as always with Jack's, the food was spot on! Made my brief time there pretty enjoyable!

Amber Alexander

I don't really like Jacks. Their breakfast is is good, especially the biscuits and gravy! But my favorite is their ice. It's that good crunchy ice. You can order a bag for cheap!

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